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TV anime "Prandala", which will be broadcast from 1/8, will be broadcast in 24 episodes!


It has been announced that the TV anime "Prandala", which will be broadcast sequentially from January 8, 2020, will be broadcast in 2 cool, 24 episodes.

"Prandala", serialized in Monthly Shonen Ace, is a heroic action fantasy drawn by Sora Minazuki, the original creator of "Sora no Otoshimono". While hiding his identity with the mask he met in Alcia, an unprecedented post-war world called the `` War of Abandonment, '' he loves naughty things, he is a young man who hits a sword for weak people, A healthy and dedicated girl, Hina, travels in search of the "Legendary Shooting Down King", relying on her will. The story of the world's mysteries being revealed little by little as a result of their encounter.

The director of the animation is Hiroyuki Kobe of "I can not be so cute", "I will be a twin tail." GEEKTOYS of "RErideD-Derrida of Engraving-" is responsible for the production of the animation.
⇒ The heroic action fantasy "Prandala" drawn by Sora Minazuki of "Sora no Otoshimono" will be made into a TV animation!
⇒ 2020 Winter Anime

This work, which began broadcasting on January 8, 2020, has been decided to be broadcast in 24 episodes, 2 cools.

In addition, Blu-ray information and store privilege information have been released, and the first volume jacket illustration drawn by the original Suzu Minazuki has been released.

And to commemorate the start of broadcasting of TV anime, it has been decided that a free distribution of original Cairo will be held at AKIHABARA Gamers head office from 14:00 on Sunday, January 12, 2020.
The participation is free on the day, so please come and visit us.

[Event information]

■ Free distribution of original Cairo

Schedule: Sunday, January 12, 2020 14:00-
Distribution place: AKIHABARA Gamers Main Store 1F Store
distribution: "Dara to stick on your body!

* Participation is free of charge.
* Distribution time may vary depending on the situation on the day.
※ It will be finished as soon as the distribution is gone. Please note.
* Please cooperate to act promptly according to the staff's instructions on the day.
* Events may be canceled without prior notice due to unforeseen circumstances.
* For details, please check directly with the store.

[Product Information]
■ Prandala Blu-ray BOX Volume 1

BD + CD 2 discs
Part number: KAXA-7891
Price: 18,000 yen (excluding tax)
Release date: Wednesday, March 25, 2020
Content: Episode 1 to Episode 6
<First production bonus>
(1) Original, Su Minazuki Draw down three-sided back BOX
(2) Anime draw down Digipack
(3) Original booklet drawn by
Suzu Minazuki comics Special booklet (4) Drama CD "Schmelman-sensei's Ichimoto Mukabashiba" Part 1
<Every time bonus>
PV / CM collection

* The illustrations are from before the design.


[Radio information]
■ Official Web radio "Pranda Radio"

・ Personality (* titles omitted): Yoshiki Nakajima (Richteau-Bach) Rina Motoizumi (Hina)

・ Distribution date: Updated every other Tuesday at Internet Radio Station <
Onsen > ・ Email address: plunderer@onsen.ag
・ Internet Radio Station < Onsen >: http://www.onsen.ag/plunderer

<Onsen> twitter: onsenradio Hashtag: #Onsen


[Synopsis & Cut]
■ Episode 1 "Legendary Shootdown King"
Screenplay / Masuzuki Suzuki Direction / Hiroyuki Tsuchiya Storyboard / Ikuo Morimoto Total Drawing Director / Yoshiaki Tsubata Akira Koshiishi / Drawing Director / Kazuya Miyoshi Nanako Natsuda Ozawa En Kazuyuki Iikai Keisuke Katayama


A girl, Hina, has been traveling the world for five years, relying on her mother's will.
In search of the hero "Legendary Shootdown King" who ended the war "Disposal War" 300 years ago, she fatefully meets a masked youth, Lichtau-Bach in a certain city.
Then, a soldier, Davi, who claims to be the King of Shotdown, appears and takes Hina to the military.


[Work information]
■ TV animation "Prandala"

<Broadcast time>
Start broadcasting on January 8, 2020

<Broadcast information>
TOKYO MX ... Wednesday, January 8 every Wednesday 25: 5-
TV Aichi ... Wednesday, January 8 every Wednesday
26:35 KBS Kyoto ... Wednesday , January 8 ) Every Wednesday 25:
05-Sun TV ... Wednesday, January 8 every Wednesday 25:30-
BS11 ... Every Thursday, January 9 23:00-
AT-X ... January 10 (Fri) Every Friday from 23:00
* Repeat broadcast: Every Monday from 15:00 / Every Thursday from 7:00
* Broadcast start dates and broadcast times are subject to change.

<Distribution Information> From the
Wednesday, January 8 at the d Anime Store, distributed every Wednesday from 23:00

Written by: Minazuki Suu (Monthly Shonen Ace Series)
Director: Yoko Kobe
Deputy Director: Yasuhito Nishikata
Series Composition: Masanori Suzuki
Character Design: Yuki Katsura, Yuki Fukuchi, Yuki Fukuda
Action / Effect Supervisor: Satoshi Sakai Masaharu Tomoda
Design Works: Yoshiaki Tsuhata, Hiroshi Numata
Art Director: Kenta Tsuboi (Kusanagi)
Color Design: Hitomi Ikeda
Director of Photography: Keisuke Nozawa (Graphica)
Special Effects / 2D Works: Noriko Mashiko
Editing: Masato Yoshitake (Graphica)
Acoustic Director: Ebina Yasunori
Sound Effect: Hiromune Kurahashi
Sound Production: HALF H ・ P STUDIO
Music: Junichi Matsumoto
Music Production: Nippon Columbia
Animation Production: GEEKTOYS Production: Prandala
Production Committee

Rihito = Bach: Nakajima Yoshiki
Hina: Hon'izumi Rina
Ryin = Mei: Ari Ozawa
Pele: Ichikawa Ao
Jail = Murdoch: Yuichiro Umehara
Nana: Shizuka Ito
Sonohara Mizuhana: Aoi Yūki

An unprecedented post-war world called Alcia, called the "War of the Wastes".
There is a world of weak meat erosion, where the strong take away the "numbers" that indicate their existence from the weak.
In such a world, the two meet.
Lichto, a young man who hides his identity with a mask but loves naughty things and uses a sword for the weak.
A healthy and dedicated girl, Hina, travels in search of the "Legendary King of Death", relying on her mother's will.
The mystery of the world where "numbers" control everything is gradually revealed by the encounter of the two-

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