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TV Anime "Asteroid in Love", Episode 2 "Milky Way on the River" Synopsis Released!


From the new Kirara-based TV anime "Ai Kosuru Asteroid (Asteroid)", which started broadcasting on January 3, 2020, the synopsis and preceding cut of the second episode "Kawahara no Milky Way" has been released. In addition, the special mini anime "KiraKira extra number" has been decided to be released weekly for a limited time, and the first edition has been released.

"Asteroids in Love (Asteroids)" is a four-frame cartoon by Quro, serialized in the comic time Kirara Carat (Hobunsha). A story about high school club activities and the circle activities of geoscience girls belonging to the geology department where the astronomy club and the Geological Society of Japan merged. It has become popular as a work depicting warm-hearted everyday life of high school girls who are engaged in earth sciences such as astronomy and geology.
The animation director is Daisuke Hiramaki, the series composition is Yuka Yamada, the character design is Jun Yamazaki, and the animation production is in charge of the animation studio.
⇒ Key animation & cast release of TV anime "Asteroid in Love"! Comments arrive!

This time, the synopsis and precedent cut of the second episode "Kawara no Milky Way" has been released from the new Kirara-based TV anime "Ai Kosuru Asteroid (Asteroid)" which started broadcasting on January 3, 2020.

Also, a special mini-anime "KiraKira extra number" will be released on YouTube for a limited time for a limited time, and the first part of it will be introduced. In the first memorable event, Ao will tell you about "Variable Star Mira" with the same name as Mira. It will be open for a limited time, so be sure to check it out as soon as possible.

[Synopsis & Preceding Cut]
■ 02. “Kawahara no Milky Way”
Screenplay: Yamada Yuka / Storyboard: Fukuda Michio / Director: Fujita Kafumi / Total Animation Director: Mai Matsuura / Animation Director: Takeshi Nori, Keimon Oda , Hirohiko Sukekawa, Daichi Nakajima, Jun Yamazaki


Today's barbecue is a welcome party for new members in Kawara!
After enjoying a lot of day with stone hunting and starry sky observation party, we created a newsletter "KiRA KiRA". While each of them decides on a theme, it is difficult to write articles.
Although he managed to put it together, his sister said, "I can't feel the miracle."
At that time, Aura was asked to insert an illustration for the article ...

[Distribution information]

■ Limited-time mini animation "KiraKira special issue!"


* Limited release

[Work information]
■ "Asteroids in love" (Aisteroids)

<Start date of broadcasting>  AT-X being
broadcasted from January 3, 2020 (Fri)
…… Every Friday 20: 30 ~
※ Repeat broadcast Every week (Sun) 24:30 / Every week (Mon) 12: 30 / Every Wednesday
28:30 TOKYO MX …… Every Friday 22: 30 ~
※ First broadcast only January 3 (Fri) 23:00-
Sun TV …… Every Friday 24:00-
KBS Kyoto …… Every Friday 24:00 ~
TV Aichi …… Every Friday 27: 05 ~
※ First broadcast only: Friday, January 10 27: 05 ~ Episode 1 and Episode 2 Broadcasting
BS11… Every Friday 23: 00 ~

Original work: Quro ( manga time Kirara Carat / Houbunsha)
Director: TairaMaki Daisuke
series configuration: Yuka Yamada
Character design: Jun Yamazaki
Prop design: Takuya Miyahara
Chief animation Director: Atsushi Yamazaki, Mai Matsuura, MadokaYoshi Sugita
art Director: Nakamura Norick (studio of Ya)
color design: Yuka Ito
Director of photography: Seiichi Sugiura
eDIT: Tsubone Kentaro (REAL-T)
acoustic Director: Takatera Takeshi
Music: Takuro Iga
music production Flying Dog
Animation Production: Video workshop
production: HoshiSaki high school land undergraduate


Konohata Mira: Takayanagi Chiba
Manaka Ao: Yamaguchi Ai
Inose Mai: Sashiide Mari Asakurai Scenery
: Higashiyama Nao
Mari Morino: Uesaka Sumire

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