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The first episode and precedent cut have arrived from the TV anime "Jihashi Shonen Hanako-kun", which airs on 1/9!


From the TV anime "Jihashi Shonen Hanako-kun", which will be aired on January 9, 2020, the synopsis of Episode 1 and the preceding cut have arrived.

"Jibun Shonen Hanako-kun" is a TV animation based on a popular comic serialized by Aidairo in "Monthly G Fantasy" ( Square Enix) . The director is Masaomi Ando, ​​the series composition and script is Yasuhiro Nakanishi, the character design is Mayuka Ito, and the animation production is Lerche.

⇒ OP & ED theme of TV anime "Jihashi Shonen Hanako" is decided! Announcement of 2nd PV and additional cast


Episode 1 Synopsis

Kamome Gakuen Senior High School freshman Nene Yahiro hears a gossip sent to the school. “Hanako Toilet,” who grants wishes in exchange for important things. Nene, who has a desire to come true, calls Hanako at the girls' toilet in the old school building. But what appeared was a boy's ghost ...! ?


Scene cut

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