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Speaking of gambler anime characters? 20th edition 3rd place “Kochikame” both, 2nd place “Gintama” silver, 1st place…


January 8 is a “game day”.

This is an anniversary born from the idiom "Ichika Hika", meaning luck left to heaven. There is a theory that the origin of "Ichi or Eight" is "Hanbata", and one is said to take the upper part of "Ding" and Eight is "Han".

[Photo] A

number of characters who gamble will also appear in visual animations of top ranked works . There are various ways of drawing, such as keeping calm at any time, demonstrating natural talent only when gambling, or getting rid of a sentence on the tone. Who among these gambler characters is the most memorable to fans?

So anime! Anime! Then, we conducted a reader survey entitled " What is a gambler anime character? "
Responses were received from 111 people during the questionnaire period from December 18 to December 25.
The ratio of men and women is about 40% for men and about 60% for women. As for the age group, about 50% were younger than 19 years old and about 30% were in their 20s, mainly young people.

■ "Bet Kegurui" Yumeko Snake is the 2nd consecutive year!
First place is Yumeko Snake of "Kakegurui". With a support rating of about 14 percent, it was the second highest last year.

"I have never seen a gambling character like Yumeko-chan. I want you to play a pachinko or lottery!" And "I feel comfortable watching the gambling from my heart", especially when I am enthusiastic about gambling The expressive expression is also attractive. "The school itself encourages gambling," commented on the specialty of the private Momokao Gakuen.

Second place is Gintoki Sakata of "Gintama" . The approval rating was about 11%, up from third place last year.

"I always have the image of losing a slingshot and gambling and becoming a single pair of pants," said the lover of gambling, but not very strong. It seems that the gambler's personality is reflected in the battle, "Because it fights in a big way, such as launching a surprise attack alone or boldly fighting in a situation where there are a lot of people."

The third place is Kankichi Ryotsu of "This is Kameari Park in front of Katsushika-ku." The approval rating was about 6%, which was the same as last year.

"If you say gambling, they're both dazzled by gambling and come up with something that no ordinary person can think of." Or "I'm obsessed with pachinko and horse racing because I'm usually out of work, and I'm just earning money in the side business." The gambler's temperament on my head is noticeable. " Both of them, who have a gambling life unlike civil servants, are now in third place.

■ Introducing other comments !!
"Osomatsu-san" Matsuno Osomatsu says, "I love pachinko horse racing and I go there if I have time. Even if I lose, I can look cool without going crazy."

The Akagi, "The Legend of Fighting Legend Akagi-A Genius Who Flied Down in the Darkness-" is definitely the strongest man among all the characters in Nobuyuki Fukumoto's gambling works.

"Nightmare before Christmas" Uggy Boogie said, "Because it is a rare gambler character in Disney works."
Detective Conan " Kogoro Mohri said, "If you have time, you will be racing and angry at Ran-chan."Mori Ran also voted for the parent and child, "Because Mahjong is surprisingly good."

Female characters such as Yumeko at the top and Celestia Ludenberg of "Danganronpa" also received votes. Please check the overall ranking on the next page.

■ Ranking Top 5
[Speaking of gambler anime characters? 2020 Edition]
1st place Yumeko Jaboku "Bet Kegurui"
2nd place Gintoki Sakata "Gintama"
3rd place Kankichi Ryotsu "This is Kameari Park in front of Katsushika Ward"
4th place Tsunade "NARUTO
" -Division Rap Battle- "

(Response period: December 18, 2019-December 25, 2019)

■ Overall ranking
[Speaking of gambler anime characters? 2020 Edition]
1st place Yumeko Jaboku "Bet Kegurui"
2nd place Gintoki Sakata "Gintama"
3rd place Kankichi Ryotsu "This is Kameari Park in front of Katsushika Ward"
4th place Tsunade "NARUTO
" -Division Rap Battle- "
6th place Uggy Boogie" Nightmare Before Christmas "
7th place Akagi (Shigeru Akagi)" Fighting legend Akagi-Genius who flew down in the darkness "
7th place Matsuno Osomatsu" Osomatsu-san "
7th place Kogoro Mouri "Detective Conan"
10th Celestia Ludenberg "Danganronpa The High School Student of Hope and Despair" The Animation
11th Sky "No Game No Life"
11th Toa Togakuchi "ONE OUTS"
11th Rank Mori Ran "Detective Conan"
11th Ryu " Mahjong Flying Dragon Crying Dragon

(Response period: December 18-December 25, 2019)

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