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Let's decide the best anime in 2019! Voting of the Akiba Souken Anime Award 2019 has started!


Starting today, Tuesday, January 7, 2020, the Akiba SOKENDAI Official Voting Project, “Let's decide the best anime of the year!

This project is to decide the best anime of the year by your vote from the anime aired during 2019 . A total of 20 works were entered , including a total of 16 works ranked in the top four in the anime popularity polls in winter, spring, summer, and autumn 2019, and four recommended frames from the editorial department of Akiba Research Institute .

Until the last time, the target was "From the fall animation of the previous year to the summer animation of that year (eg, Autumn animation of 2017-Summer animation of 2018)", but from this time "Winter of that year" From the anime to the fall anime (eg, winter to fall 2019) ". As the title suggests, the plan is to determine the best anime of the year.

So first, let's look at all the works that we have entered!

■ Winter 2019 anime popularity vote
1st place: Kemrikusa 8560 votes
2nd place: Kaguya wants to tell-Genius's love brain game- 5351 votes
3rd place: Kemono Friends 2 4674 votes
4th place: Even daddy wants 3186 Vote

■ Spring 2019 anime popularity vote
1st place: Attack on Titan Season 3 Part.2 12723 votes
2nd place: RobiHachi 5019 votes
3rd place: August Cinderella Nine 2143 votes
4th place: Destruction blade 1508 votes

■ 2019 summer anime popular vote
1st place: Takagi-san, the best skiller 2 19235 votes
2nd place: Re: Stage! Dream Days ♪ 16465 votes
3rd place: High school girl wasteful 3620 votes
4th place: Magic trick senior 3593 votes
■ Autumn 2019 Anime Popularity Voting
1st place: No book choice to become a librarian's librarian. You can't choose the means. 6539 votes
2nd place: Rifle Is Beautiful 3439 votes
3rd place: Empire! Beast Road 3066 votes
4 place: Nurupeta 2855 votes

■ Akiba Research Institute Editorial recommendation frame
high score Girl II (2019 autumn anime)
Sword Art Online Ali Shea internalization War Of Underworld (2019 autumn anime)
PSYCHO-PASS psychopaths 3  (2019 autumn anime)
Shoku戟of Soma Kaminosara (2019 autumn Anime)

One of the most promising candidates is the “Devil Blade” , which is gaining popularity . At the time of the spring anime popularity vote, the broadcast was still in the middle of the middle, and the result settled in fourth place. However, as the story progressed, popular characters appeared one after another, and the popularity began to fire in earnest due to unpredictable developments. After that, it was decided to make a stage or an animated movie, and LiSA singing the theme song " Guren Hana" of this work has participated in a red and white song battle, and the topic is endless. Expectations are high about how many votes will be collected at the Akiba Souken Anime Awards 2019.


Also, from a winter anime about a year ago, a completely original animation "Kemrikusa", which was directed by Tatsuki, was entered as a notable title. Director Tsuki, who had been away from the production of "Kemono Friends," attracted the attention of fans as to what kind of animation he would make and became a hot topic. "The psychological depiction of the character is really delicate," and "I can get over the fascinating world view." In addition, "Kaguya-sama wants to tell you-love brains of geniuses", which came in second place in the same winter animation, also attracted a great deal of attention, such as being made into a live-action movie after being made into a TV animation.

Also note the four sequels of the popular series that were entered as editorial recommendation slots . The reason for the recommendation is that both of them are originally popular series, and that they are also highly produced as independent anime works such as drawing and directing. Also, looking at the entire entry , sequels from popular series, such as the romantic comedy "Takagi-san 2 who is a good teacher" and the dark fantasy "Attack on Titan Season 3 Part.2" , are still very popular. “Re: Stage! Dream Days ♪” , which played a good game with “Takagi-san” in summer anime, should also be noted as a dark horse.

In fact, what kind of result is it? ... I'd like you to vote for what you think "This anime was really interesting in 2019!" You can vote up to 7 votes per person, so you can put all 7 votes in recommended works, or you can put 1 vote in each favorite work. The voting deadline is until January 21, 2020, so don't forget!

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