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30th anniversary of publication! "Slayers" collaboration cafe will be held in Akihabara and Nihonbashi, Osaka from January 15, 2020! Comment from Dr. Kamisaka!


At Animate Cafe, a collaboration with popular anime and game works, it has been decided that a collaboration cafe for "Slayers" will be held at Good Smile x Animate Cafe Akihabara / Nihonbashi, Osaka from January 15, 2020.

With a total of more than 20 million copies published in all series and spread to various media such as manga, animation and theater, this work still loved around the world celebrates its 30th anniversary in January 2020. The "Slayers" series showed various fantasy worlds together with Lina and Gaurii. In the memorable year of the 30th anniversary, it has also been decided that a "Slayers 30th Anniversary Commemorative Event" will be held as a project to look back on the stories so far .
⇒ "Slayers" 30th anniversary project started! March 29, 2020 (Sun), Megumi Hayashibara, Yasunori Matsumoto, Mori Kawamura's SP event will be held!

This time, “Kaffa Ryukoshi-tei (Doramatate)”, based on the concept of “producing an animate cafe by utilizing the knowledge of gourmets that the main characters Lina met during the trip,” was Good Smile x Animate Cafe Akihabara. It was decided to be held in Osaka Nihonbashi. The event is open from January 15, 2020 to February 17, 2020, and admission is free for all dates.

The collaborative menu includes "Retribution menus of black dragon (black dragon tribute cabbage and pork sliced ​​miso stir-fried rice bowl)" and "Nigitake pot" such as reproduction menus appearing in the work, characters and magic spells as motifs Many drinks are prepared.

In addition, when you roll the dice and see [1, 2, 3] eyes, there is also a challenge menu where you will receive a random “rough illustration sheet drawn by Mr. Arai Mizumi”, and a menu limited to lunch time and dinner time Do not miss it because there is.

In addition, the cafe sells many original goods that are only available at this collaboration cafe.
"BIG Acrylic Stand" and "Cork Coaster Set" using newly drawn illustrations, "Trading Acrylic Stand Keychain" using newly drawn illustrations, etc. will be prepared.

We hope that you enjoy the world view of your work and the time with your favorite characters at the collaboration cafe that has become a unique color of “Slayers”.

Finally, a comment has arrived from the author, Kazumi Kamisaka. 

[Comment from Kazumi Kamisaka]

<Looking back on the 30th anniversary>
30 years.
Even though I made my debut in my twenties, I suddenly passed the age of that anime character or this manga character. If the age is the age, it is no wonder that only one hair at the top of the head. Can that be called stupid hair? I feel grateful for the speed of the passing of time, and the time it takes to keep going.

<Comment to celebrate the collaboration cafe>

Thank you for holding the collaboration cafe and congratulations.
There are many fictitious ingredients that I wrote as I came up with Tekuto, and those who thought about how to interpret and reproduce them would have been worried.
I am looking forward to what they have become.
We pray for the success of the cafe ~

[Collaboration menu introduction]
(Excerpt) ■ "Black Dragon Dragon Tribute Cabbage and Pork Meat Fried Miso Stir-Fried Bowl" Price: 980 yen

■ "Pizza pie of White Mail" (limited to lunchtime [12: 00-15: 30])
-Price: 980 yen

■ "Lamb meat lamb with Shiogama herb" (Dinner time [16: 00-21: 00] limited)

Price: 1,320 yen

■ "Giga Slave" (Challenge menu)-Price
: 650 yen


When you order a collaboration menu, you will receive a random one of 15 original coasters using newly drawn illustrations.

■ Coaster (15 kinds / hand over at random)

[Original goods]

■ BIG acrylic stand key holder (6 types)
・ Price: 1,600 yen each


■ Cork coaster set (all 2 types)
and price 1,200 yen each


■ Trading Acrylic Stand Key Ring (7 Types)
・ Price: 700 yen


[Holding information]
■ "Slayers" cafe "Kafu Ryuetsutei"

・ Holding period: January 15, 2020-February 17, 2020
・ Holding store: Good Smile x Animate Cafe Akihabara, Nihonbashi
, Osaka ・Admission: Free admission for all dates

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