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The world's strongest in common occupations (Japanese anime)


Original light novel by Ryo Shirame, serialized on WEB novel posting site "Become a novelist". It is a popular work that has been booked and comicized in "Overlap Bunko" (Overlap), and all related books are reprinted. The director is Toshikaji of "Machine girl does not hurt" "Queen's Blade", character design is Tomoka Kojima of "I could not become a brave and decided to get a job." .

Start time:Summer 2019On-air date:July 8, 2019-October 7, 2019
Production company:Aslead / WHITE FOXGenre:Fantasy

Voice actor: Fukamachi Hisari , Kuwahara Yuki , Takahashi Minami , Hikasa Yoko , Onishi Saori , Hanari Yumiri , Kakuma Ai

staff: Director: Tonji Yoshimo, Series composition / Screenplay: Katsuichi Sato ... View all

Hajime Nagumo, the bullied child, is summoned to another world with her classmates. Contrary to his classmates, who show cheat abilities for combat, Hajime has a modest ability called a forge. Hajime, who is the weakest in another world, has been pushed down into the abyss of the labyrinth by the malice of a certain classmate-!? Fulfills the fateful encounter with vampire Yue. "I protect Yue, Yue protects me. That's the strongest. Let's defeat all and cross the world." The "strongest" different world fantasy by the abyss and the deepest vampire, the opening! -And boys exceed "the strongest."

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