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Which anime character was born in December to celebrate your birthday? / "When Higurashi is out" "Animation New Project" Start: January 6 Article Summary


A summary of articles that look back on yesterday's news in a little time.

A summary of articles that look back on yesterday's news in a little time.

Anime! Anime! Then, we conducted a reader survey entitled "What is the anime character born in December that celebrated his birthday?" Announce the results.

The launch of the new anime project for "Higurashi no Circa" has been announced. In this new work, Akio Watanabe of the "Story" series will be in charge of character design, Passione of "High school girl waste" will be in charge of animation production, and Infinite will be producing.

Anime! Anime! Then, with the feeling of congratulating Taku Yashiro on his birthday, we conducted a reader survey entitled "What is your favorite character you played?" Announce the results.

Announced the main staff and main cast information and two key visuals of the anime "Gal and Dinosaur" (starting broadcasting in April 2020). The main staff members are Kotaro Sudo, Jun Aoki, Gin, Kamikaze Animation, and the same staff as the anime "Pop Team Epic".

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Which anime character was born in December to celebrate your birthday? "Uta Puri" Masato Hijirikawa, "Geass" The top that suppressed Lelouch is ...

"When Higurashi is out" "Animation New Project" Starts & PV release! "<Story> Series" Akio Watanabe is in charge of character design

Taku Yatsushiro's birthday! What is your favorite character? The top three are exclusively idol characters!
https://animeanime.jp/article/2020/01/06/50742.html The

“Pop Team Epic” staff is on display !? Animation “Gal and Dinosaur” main staff & cast announcement
https://animeanime.jp/article/2020/ 01/06 / 50744.html

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"FGO" starting from Reiwa! Which lucky bag summon should I draw? Introducing recommended points and points of concern [Special Feature]

"Sister is the one" decided to be animated as OVA! "I love mom" illustration, Iida Petit. "Impressive siblings love" drawn by

Lab, Push Martial Arts ... What are the highlights of winter 2020 anime? Preliminary lesson at PV Ikki watching event "Continuation"!

"Dragon Ball GT" Great Monkey Baby & Super Saiyan 4 Son Goku is a set figure
https://animeanime.jp/article/2020/01/ 06 / 50751.htmlAnimation

"Magireko" "Wishes and Signboards" Audience "Crayed ..." Episode 1 Response

"FGO" in 2019 Which servant was the most happy to be implemented? “Swimsuit Okita” or “Usa Ear Astrufo” or ... [Questionnaire]

“Pokemon” "Large set! Game Freak New Year's card is too cute

P.A.WORKS original animation "Sunny and incredible!" Natsuki Hanae and other cast announcements! To the April 2020 broadcast

Which work was loved most by fans in 2019? `` Anime fan prize '' voting acceptance started TAAF2020

WFLE concludes capital and business alliance with cluster Strengthening avatar collaboration with virtual live distribution application
https: / /animeanime.jp/article/2020/01/06/50759.html

Utawaremono false mask" "Two White Emperors" Steam version will be released! Both works are “first PC compatible”

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Speaking of anime characters that are good at singing? The questionnaire deadline is January 13 [Proud of the throat]

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