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The “Gym Challenge” of “Pokemon Sword Shield” has hot elements everywhere! What points did your readers enjoy? 【questionnaire】


Regarding the "Gym Challenge", which was a bit different from the previous series, we conducted a reader questionnaire, "Where was it fun?" This article introduces the results.

In the popular " Pokemon Sword Shield " now onsale, themechanism of the familiar "Pokemon Gym" was a bit different.

The event is called the “Gym Challenge,” a big event involving the entire Gallal region, and is a highly entertaining event that attracts a large audience. There are also opening ceremonies and tournaments for gym challengers, and it feels like a “challenge period” has been set up unlike other regions where individuals can challenge freely.

Inside, “ Jim Challenge, ” which was a bit differentfrom the previous series, conducted a reader questionnaire on the theme of“ Jim Challenge, where did you enjoy? ” In this article, I would like to introduce the comments received from the survey.

◆ The “staging that excites the battle” prepared everywhere is fun!

Most of the comments on this questionnaire were about "a number of performances that excite the battle" created by strong entertainment, such as seamlessly starting battles and background music, cheering at key points, and feeling of unity with the audience born through the battle. Was

Productions that enhance the climax, such as “changes in background music” when the last Pokemon appeared, “the dialogue of the opponent trainer,” “maximum dimax,” and “ale from the audience mixed with background music,” have been particularly well received.

■ Comments from readers

I enjoyed the game with the gym as one sport and enjoyed the realism that I was playing in the game!
From BGM to the gym leader's speech (?), The support of the audience was Dymax, and it was like a sports tournament and it was exciting and fun.
I enjoyed directing the BGM changing with the last one, which is not very common outside of BW, and the lines of the gym leader (when the weather was changed against Kibana).
The feeling that Jim's Pokemon battle is being performed as "sports" was very good. When the cheers were heard and the Pokémon was the last Pokémon of the gym leader, the audience sang, and it was very exciting. Only Spez Town's Nez didn't play Dymax, but it was very interesting and the special BGM was very cool.
After all, the gym leader game was fun. The performances that excite gym battles, such as the cool line cut-in of gym leaders, the hot battle BGM that changes according to the situation, and the cheers of fans spreading out in the stadium, were much more powerful than before. Gym leaders are also unique and everyone likes it!

◆ Mini games up to the gym leader are also fun!

One of the charms is the mini-game before reaching the gym leader. The previous series mainly consisted of mazes like the Bau Stadium, but this game has different mini-games, such as pinball and Wooloo guidance. What are the challenges of the next gym? I was really excited.

■ Comments from readers

There were many surprisingly difficult sub-elements other than the gym leader match, such as gym challenge down jing, and it was rewarding!
Different gym missions for each gym, especially the gym in Kibana, came out in a double battle after a long time, and it was good that it was not a gym where you could win with just one push.
Not only was it a confrontation with a gym trainer, but there were many fun problems that could make my head fun.
Gym challenge of aiming for a goal while spinning Saito and onion. It was fun like a mini game.
I was thrilled with the unique gym challenges of each of the gym leaders, such as the breaking of straws at Yarrow's Wool and the quiz of Poplar's!

◆ It is fun to be aware of the anime version such as audiences and tournaments!

Gym challenges and tournaments, where many people watch while fighting, created the same atmosphere as the Pokemon League in the anime version of "Pokemon".

As a result, you can feel even more fun, such as "The heart overlaps with the challenge of the protagonist / Satoshi and my heart became hot" "I felt easy to enter the world view and the Pokemon battle became a more heated battle" It looks like

■ Comments from readers

The final tournament style game was close to Anime Pokemon and was fresh.
It was best to have a tournament style like an anime. I could have more rivals.
I felt pressure to fight with a lot of spectators. But I thought strongly, "I will definitely win!" Also, it was very fun, reminiscent of the anime league!
When cheering was heard in a venue with a lot of spectators as in the case of TV animation, it felt like it was easy to get into the world view and the Pokemon battle became a more heated battle. The tension and achievement of Pokemon Battle was easier to feel! !
The battle while being watched by a large audience in a large stadium overlapped with Satoshi's gym challenge that he saw in animation when he was little, and his heart became hot. The crowd shouted at the key points and the audience singing when they heard the last one was even more burning.

◆ The unique characters of rival gym leaders are also popular!

Rival gym leaders who have colored players' gym challenges have also gained popularity with their unique characters, sometimes as standing strong enemies and sometimes as dependable companions.

It is also popular to see growing rivals close to each other, such as “Hop” who has overcome frustration, “Beat” who has become a gym leader after a great failure, and “Mary” who has succeeded his brother.

■ Comments from readers

It was good that the appearance of the gym trainers was completely different for each gym and that they had good characters. Especially the female gym trainer was cute.
Gym leader itself. Not only the individual lines but also the beautiful graphics make a difference in the movement and expression. Especially, the seventh gym leader is my favorite.
Kibana was too handsome and I just wanted to keep fighting. Anyway, the character is attractive.
After all, there were many opportunities to feel the growth of the hero and rivals. The return from a hop setback, the stripping of the Jim's right to beat the beat, and the gym leader helped to get rid of the stabbing and finish the last tournament. Hop was especially unheard of, and I immediately felt the frustration of my rivals, so I felt sorry to win in the tournament final, so I felt that my rivals were growing.
The rival's hop went smoothly in the early stages, but it was difficult to win from the middle and struggled or fell into a slump, but I was impressed by the struggle to overcome it and aim for the champion together. Also, because I got the league cards of the gym leaders, it was good to be able to fight after being able to know exactly what kind of person each character is. There were many characters full of individuality and it was fun. I really liked the onion visuals and bought a shield, but I fought more and more. Thanks for a great time.

◆ Some other comments are introduced!

The place where entertainment was higher than the existing work. Not only fighting, but also playing games.
The trainer who throws the ball at the time of Daimax and Kyodaimax moves crazy.
During the cheers at the stadium, when the Pokémons that we have grown up are challenged to the gym leader by dimaxing, the reactions of the people in the city that change depending on the progress of the challenge before and after the challenge.
The tournament can battle with various types of people unlike Shitenno.
Seeing the champion's success in the story, where the champion's presence must be overcome in the end, looks higher.
After the gym challenge, it was nice to be able to fight against a stronger gym leader in a tournament format. Also, I think it was interesting to set up gym leaders to fight each other.
I enjoyed the feeling of participating in the festival as if it were a live TV broadcast, and I was looking forward to seeing the next leader as each gym leader shines.
Until now, the gym was like starting out on its own and challenging the gym on its own ... but it was like a battle and the game was fresh and fun. I'm glad there was a fan who arrived all the time.
A challenge element since XY, a strategy for the gym leader Dymax Pokemon, a double battle. Gym battle where Daimax dares to fight in an environment where it is not possible to use it. Above all, Pokemon battle has high image quality. The animation is also great. In the past, there were times when gym leaders were absent in the past, effectively leaving behind, but this time it was nice to have a level restriction that you can not participate without this badge.
First of all, it is interesting that the concept of gym is completely different from the previous work, and every character was unique and very interesting. The fact that there were many challengers who broke down at Cub was also real and interesting. Each gym trainer was different, and the inside of the gym was also different and very good. It was interesting that there was a character who manipulated the weather like Kibana.
Challenge of big event that is different from trip. The concept was good. There were a lot of people at the venue, and I felt a romance at the dimax I did at the intense Atsu venue. I hope that this system will continue in the future.

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