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Start broadcasting "Breakers" that draws parasports with animation


"Breakers" is an anime based on para sports, starting on the 7th of NHK E-Tele "Tentere Anime" frame (6: 45-6: 54). A series that draws the appeal of various parasports with dynamic expressions unique to animation. The first competition is the wheelchair basketball of parasports. The main character, Kai, is played by a former warrior warrior Okada Yumi .

Throughout the series, Shinichiro Miki will play the voice of a heretic sports scientist, Ren Narita, who gives hints to open the door to possibilities for boys and girls . The role of Tama, Narita's assistant robot, is played by Sakiko Tamagawa.

 Narita looks at the motor skills of junior high school students and the sea with artificial legs based on information from the assistant robot Tama. Umi dreamed of becoming like a basketball brother, but gave up because of a limb disorder. Narita recommends wheelchair basketball to such a sea. The sea is overwhelmed by the play of wheelchair basketball, but it's hard to get on a test ride.

 In this work, a story is composed of 9 minutes x 4 episodes per parasport. A total of four series, "Wheelchair Basketball", "Par Athletics and High Jump", "Goalball", and "Para Swimming" are planned.

 The music band is in charge of the rock band BugLug . From 2020, which is the 10th anniversary year of the startup, the company will be newly active with a system of four people: Issei (Vo), Kazuki (Gt), Yu (Gt), and Tsubame (Ba). Vocal Holy has experience of being seriously injured in an accident. This time, in addition to the theme song "SUPER HERO", we also wrote a number of background music to color the story.

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