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Hello Kitty & My Melody and GODIVA's Valentine Gifts!


Sanrio has collaborated with Godiva Japan, a Belgian luxury chocolate brand that imports and sells Godiva, specially-designed "GODIVA & Hello Kitty" and "GODIVA & My Melody" gift sets. Sanrio Shop, department store Sanrio Corner and Sanrio Online Shop only, will be released on January 8, 2020 (Wednesday).

The collaboration with GODIVA as Sanrio Shop Original started in 2013, and Hello Kitty is the ninth time and My Melody is the sixth time this time. Every year, the costumes are changed, and this year, a doll with a princess and a Hello Kitty My Melody with a tiara and a mascot holder will appear.

The stuffed toy whose pupil color is slightly adjusted to the chocolate color and the sole of the mascot holder have the year of “2020” on them, and the neck with a ribbon with a logo on it.
It is a special gift set for Valentine's Day that combines Godiva Chocolate, which has been loved as a leading brand of luxury chocolate around the world for over 90 years, and plush toys and mascot holders of this collaboration-limited design.

As a valentine gift that you can give to anyone and as a reward to yourself, this gift that combines deliciousness and cuteness for the first Valentine in Reiwa!


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