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"Chico scolds you! ] Ichiban Kuji first appearance! Lineup of 40cm big size plush toys and blankets


Ichiyokado, a Seven-Eleven store, is the latest in the lottery-free character lottery, featuring a lineup of “stuffed toys” and “blankets” and other items. The store will be released sequentially from February 1, 2020 (Saturday).

This product is a very popular program on NHK "Chiko scolded! Ichiban Kuji featuring "]. A generous lineup of original theme drawing items by the character drafter Kenichi Oshika.

 The A prize is a stuffed Chico-chan wearing a cape. The B prize is a stuffed animal of Kyoe in a hat and muffler. Both are original costumes and are about 40cm in big size. The C prize is a blanket that uses illustrations drawn and drawn with the theme of playing in the snow.

 In addition, cute illustrations of Chico, such as glasses, mini towels, and stationery sets, are packed. The last one prize, which you will always receive when you draw the last lottery ticket, is a Chico-chan stuffed toy with a different expression and color from the A prize.

■ A prize: Large stuffed animal (Chico-chan / 1 type) Approx. 40cm

■ Prize B: Large stuffed animal (Kyoe-chan / 1 type) Approx. 40cm

■ Prize C: Blanket (1 type) Approx. 90cm

■ D prize: selectable glass (4 types) about 8cm

■ E prize: Selectable embroidery mini towels (5 types in total), about 20cm

■ F prize: Selectable stationery (all 4 types)
ring notebook ... B6 size, clear file ... A5 size 2 pieces set

■ Last one prize: Big stuffed animal (Chico last one ver.) About 40cm

■ Double chance campaign: Big stuffed toy (Chico-chan last one ver.)

30 pieces in total

* Prizes and packages have the same specifications as the Last One Prize.

■ Ichiban Kuji "Chico-chan scolds you! "
Price: 680 yen once (including tax)
number of types: all 6 grade all 16 species + last one Prize
sales channels: Seven - Eleven stores, Ito-Yokado store
sales start date: sequentially will be released on February 1, 2020 (Saturday)


* Depending on the store, sales may not be available or release dates may vary. It will end as soon as it is gone.
* The image and the actual product may be different.
* The contents are subject to change without notice.
* "Ichiban Kuji", "Last One" and "Double Chance" are registered trademarks.


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