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Blu-ray & DVD Obber Folo will be released on April 22, 2020 (Wednesday)!


Blu-ray & DVD of TV anime "Obber Folo", which will be broadcast on TOKYO MX from Sunday, January 5, 2020, will be released on Wednesday, April 22, 2020 Were determined.

ComicFesta's new January 2020 cool “Obber Fro ぉ” is a popular girl comic “Obber Fro ぉ – a sister's kiss that overflows when inserted” ( Original: Kaizuzu) TV animation work. This is a life-size youth romantic comedy that depicts the secret love of sisters from close friends to their childhood brother. From January 5, 2020 (Sun), a regular short animation is being broadcast on TOKYO MX.
⇒ The new "ComicFesta Animation" broadcast in January 2020 will be decided on "Ob-Flo", which has attracted attention on web advertising!

The Blu-ray & DVD of the TV anime "Oberflo" , which has finally started broadcasting , has been decided to be released on Wednesday, April 22, 2020.

The Blu-ray & DVD decided to be released this time includes the first to eighth episodes of anime depicting youth romantic comedy that began with the forbidden bathing experience of sister Ayane and Kotone and their childhood brother Kazushi. Included.

The video bonus includes a special program and a PV / Bansen spot collection of "Ober Flop" broadcasted exclusively on TOKYO MX prior to the first episode.

In addition, in addition to recording the scenes for adults that could not be broadcast on TV, the full version has a jacket specification drawn down by Mr. Kazuya Kuroda, general drawing director.

Furthermore, as a special purchase privilege at each store , if you make a reservation and purchase at Comic Festa Anime / Official Shop , you will receive a special booklet with setting materials etc.

In addition, if you purchase the full version with animate mail order limited benefits and purchase changing wallpaper and deformed can badge, Toranoana, purchase EX cut B5 illustration board, Toranoana limited edition and draw animation draw B2 tapestry, Sofmap limited edition Then, there are special store-specific purchase benefits at each store, as well as an anime-drawn tapestry, so please check them out.

[Product Information]

-Release date: Wednesday, April 22, 2020

■ OA version DVD
price: 5,800 yen (excluding tax)

<Recording content>
★ TV broadcast version: Episode 1-Episode 8
★ Bonus video
1. New animation "Ober Fropo" special program-First appearance video, brother? -
Narration: Shirakawa Kotone (cv apricot Mitsu.)
2. PV · Bansen spot Collection
Duration: 28min + Bonus
part number: WVSS-00027 / JAN code: 4580076250623

■ full version DVD (※ 18 prohibited)
Price: 6,800 yen (excluding tax )

★ full version: episode 1 - episode 8
★ Bonus
1.'m new anime "over Furoo" special number - the first out the video, your brother? -
Narration: Shirakawa Kotone (cv apricot Mitsu.)
2. PV · Bansen spot Collection
Duration: 56min + Bonus
part number: WVSS-00028 / JAN code: 4580076250630

■ full version Blu-ray (※ 18 prohibited)
Price: 7,800 yen (Tax not included)

★ Complete version: Episode 1-Episode 8
★ Bonus video
1. New anime “Obber Folo” special program-First appearance video, older brother? -
Narration: Shirakawa Kotone (cv apricot Mitsu.)
2. PV · Bansen spot Collection
Duration: 56min + Bonus
Part number: WVSS-00029 / JAN code: 4580076250647

<Purchase benefits by store>
■ Comic Festa Anime Official Shop ・ Shop
< OA / Full Version Common Purchase Bonus >
・ Animation “Obber Folo” Special Booklet

■ Animate Mail Order
< Complete Edition Purchase Bonus >
■ Changing Wallpaper (for Lock Screen / Home Screen) (Using Jake-sha)
■ Deformed Can Badge 2 (56mm) (Ayane Shirakawa / Kotone Shirakawa)
Full Version DVD Product Page: https: //www.animate- onlineshop.jp/pd/1741585/Complete
BD product page: https://www.animate-onlineshop.jp/pn/pd/1741586/

■ Toranoana
<Offer for OA / Complete purchase of complete version>
・ EX-cut B5 illustration board
<Toranoana Limited Edition Purchase Bonus>
-B2 tapestry drawn by anime
Toranoana Limited Edition DVD product page: https://ec.toranoana.jp/tora_r/ec/item/210006610474/Toranoana
Limited Edition BD product page: https: // ec .toranoana.jp / tora_r / ec / item / 210006610473 /

■ Sofmap
< Sofmap limited edition purchase privilege >
・ Anime-drawn tapestry


[Work information]

■ TV animation "Oberflo"
★ TOKYO MX Every Sunday from midnight 1:00 on January 5, 2020 to airing.
★ ComicFesta Anime ( https://anime.iowl.jp/ ) 2020 1 Distribution starts every Sunday at midnight from 5:00
a.m. on Monday 5th. * Normal version free distribution * Full version for adults is distributed exclusively for "ComicFesta Anime"
★ YouTube Comic Festa Anime Official Channel ( https://www.youtube.com/ channel / UCZQS4nqeT-7WcMfSoYhqOMg ) Even the normal version is delivered

story >
"Your brother, will you really take a bath ...?"

Forbidden bathing experience that started from a strange thing!
My sister and childhood friend, a three-man and a boy, immerse themselves in a bathtub, and suddenly overflowed ... The sister's secret love !? A life-sized youth romantic
comedy that doesn't let you say it's over!

Original work: Kaizuka
Director: Rei Ishikura
Screenplay: Kurosaki Ayo
Character design: Yoshihiro Watanabe
Total drawing director: Kazuya Kuroda, Masato Foui, Hisashi Nakamoto
Sound director: Enomoto Takahiro
Sound production: Studio mouse
animation production : Studio H? KIBOSHI
Production: Comet Sha

<Cast> * Normal / Complete version common cast
Ayane Shirakawa: Tomoe Minyasu
Kotone Shirakawa: Kyoko Mizu
Kazushi Suzuki: Tsukuda sand mud

<Theme song>
Obarubu " Lyrics: Murai Muraimu / Hinooka Rei
Composition / Arrangement: Koichi Morita
: Uzuho


[Original information]
★ Electronic digital comics are available at ComicFesta (https://comic.iowl.jp/titles/59566/volumes), mecha comics (https://sp.comics.mecha.cc/books/110350), etc. Under acclaimed delivery!
★ On sale until the first volume of comics. The latest volume 2 will be released on December 18, 2019!

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