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"Sunny and incredible!" Broadcast in April with Natsuki Hanae & Seiichiro Yamashita Aoi Yuki, Ten Amamiya, Souma Saito and others


PAWORKS's original TV anime "Tenran Maru!" Has been decided to be broadcast from April, and the cast has been announced. The two main characters will be played by Natsuki Hanae and Seiichiro Yamashita, along with Aoi Yuki, Amamiya Ten, Souma Saito, and Fumiko Orikasa.

The story takes place in an era when the 19th century is over and the 20th century is about to end. A genius but zero sociable engineer, Tennoharu Kurano, and a skillful but timid samurai Isshiki Kosame, drifted from Japan to the United States in an accident. The penniless will join a transcontinental race to return to Japan, aiming to win a tough race while competing with crazy rivals on their own steam car.

The cast is an 11-year-old indigenous American boy who travels for revenge, playing Hanae as a 19-year-old youth who is a friend whose machine is a friend, and Yamashita as a junior officer and a small rainyer of the same town as Tenharu. Yuki plays the role of Hototo, and Amamiya plays the role of Jin Charlen, the only female racer in the transcontinental race. Saito will play Al-Rion, a 19-year-old racing representative on behalf of the automobile company BNW, and Orikasa will play the role of Sofia Taylor, a gentle woman who cares for Al.

The staff will be Masakazu Hashimoto, director of the theatrical animation "Crayon Shin-chan" series.

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