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“Heya Camp △” Yumori Hanamori × Sayuri Hara × Aio Toyosaki The healing time and camping love felt by Nokuru members


Short animation "Heya Campo", which will be broadcast on TOKYO MX and others from January 6. The film recreates a relaxed everyday life with characters from "Yuru Camp", which tells many viewers the joy of camping and outdoor life. The series was performed by Yumiri Hanamori, who plays the lead role as Nadeshiko Kakamigahara, Sayuri Hara as Chiaki Ogaki, a member of the "Outdoor Activity Circle (No Kuru)" to which she belongs, and Aki Toyosaki as Aoi Inuyama. I heard about the charms of this and the highlights of this work. (Interview and text by Sumiichi Kuramine)

――The decision to produce “Heya Camp ア ニ メ” and the second stage of the TV anime were announced at the October 2018 “Secret Society Blanket Enrollment Briefing 2018 Autumn” held in October 2018. How was your feeling when you learned about the production decision?

Hara: We were first informed on the stage, but I was convinced of the success when we saw Yumiri crying. Since the original work is still continuing, I was happy to know that I could still camp with everyone at Nokuru and Rin-chan. But “Heya Camp △” was completely unexpected. In the second phase, it came with the movie version and said, "Hey Can!"

Hanamori: From the time I read the original, I thought, "What a very atmospheric work." I think that I was most healed in the recording. It was lonely that the first stage was over, but it was an event that I was impressed with the emotion that I was involved in a wonderful work. I was very happy to know that this work had reached the hearts of many people because it was announced in such a place. I am very grateful to have another time of healing, and I hope to continue to provide you with this relaxed and wonderful atmosphere. I was surprised at the “Heya Camp △” (laughs).
 The live-action drama "Yuru Camp" will start in January, when the broadcast of "Heya Camp" begins, so I'm happy if you can enjoy it together. Rin-chan, played by Haruka Fukuhara, is a pleasure for me as well. It's very unusual to be able to see different developments at the same time, so I hope that the series will be excited together.

Toyosaki: At the stage of recording the first phase, all the cast had not heard anything about the sequel, so everyone was really surprised at the announcement at the event. During the broadcast, it was informed that the viewers were enjoying the work, such as going to camps and visiting model places inspired by `` Yuru Camp '', so it was a sequel I think they were connected. As a cast, I am glad that I was able to get my thoughts, and I am very grateful.

Hanamori: “Yurucamp” is not a drama-oriented work with a sharp story, but it is also a work that specializes in camping, so I thought that it was a work that chose viewers. However, I was surprised that so many people enjoyed it and became the entrance to leisure called camping.

Toyosaki: I was surprised to hear from a friend who loves anime that it has become a popular work that has reached the top of the historical sales rankings of video packages.

Hanamori: I received a fan letter from a person who was watching with my child, and the work is loved by many generations with the content that "My daughters are playing Rin & Nadeshiko" I realized that I was very happy.

――Why do you think "Yuru Camp" is supported by many viewers?

Hanamori: Underlying the original author, Afro-sensei's strong commitment to the camp, and in creating the animation, director Kyogoku and other staff members are also particular about using location hunting and reflecting that in their drawings. I think that was. Our cast was recorded with the sole intention of being able to respond to it. As a result of digging deeply into what we find interesting, the seriousness is reflected in the work, and I think that it has been accepted by many people. We were also fortunate to be able to broadcast before the camp boom.

Toyosaki: The year 2018 when "Yuru Camp" was broadcast was the year when the unprecedented camp boom took place. Under such circumstances, the commitment of the staff members is also tremendous, and now I am not exaggerating to say that it is a "professional camper", I have repeated outdoor experiences in the field. I'm a geek in various fields, but I think geeks have a professional nature. I think that the nerds from various fields, including anime, camping, and gourmet, sympathized with the staff's commitment.

Hara: Nadeshiko has pink hair and is as innocent as it really is, but it's a work that feels real. I guess the characters who seem to be really enjoying what they are doing are enjoying themselves.

Toyosaki: By carefully stacking them, I guess it was a deeply understood work that I could practice and sympathize with.

Hanamori: Not only camping, but also rice, scenery and music, I felt a strong will to compromise. I'm stuck with even the sound effects that make the crackle of fire explode. He seems to have prepared more than three patterns of the sky at sunrise over time.

Hara: I think it's amazing that the cold of the night scene comes from the picture. The preview of the first episode, episode 1, was in a warm room, everyone was watching, but it was almost shaking (to the cold drawn).

Hanamori: It is a work that is full of love in very fine details. You can read more about that in the official guidebook “Outdoor Activity Record” (laughs).

I think you have participated in various events since the main broadcast in 2018. Do you have any particularly impressive events?

Hara: The first meal we had in September last year, together with Toyosaki-san, was the first meal! It was a very loose event, but I still felt the excitement, and I felt your love for "Yuru Camp". Yurucan's event is often called a talk event, but also includes a drama part, and is often full of variety.

――Mr. Hara participated in “OTAKON 2019” with directors Kyogoku in Washington DC in July.

Hara: In Japan, it's a work set in Yamanashi with a pinpoint focus, so is it well transmitted to overseas people? I was surprised that the local fans had a very professional perspective. In the Q & A section, you can even ask, "The sacred pilgrimage is popular, how much economic effect do you expect?" (Laughs). It was interesting to see that Japanese viewers enjoyed the game a little differently.

――Especially, you've had many opportunities to stand on stage at events, etc., especially in the lead.

Hanamori: However, I have never felt busy, so I am participating moderately with ease. Immediately after the "Yuru Camp" broadcast, in April 2018, I was invited to the "Shingen Public Festival" in Kofu City. It was a target. I was relieved and glad to see that the local people who supported and excited the work were also enjoying it. I think that the support of Yamanashi Prefecture, who has become a “model land,” is irreplaceable.
 After the event, it's fun to camp with everyone. I tried a solo camp in a live-action show, but I was able to share what was difficult by myself and share it with my friends. I think it's also attractive to share the feeling of "delicious!", So if you ever do a "camp meal", please join us. After all, I was the same noisy camper (laughs).

Toyosaki: I often appear on radios and events, but it's very impressive to visit Yamanashi personally. There are "Yuru Camp" products lined up in the service area, and posters are pasted at the entrance. I was happy only where I had visited many times. Also, I originally like camping, but when I participated in “Tokyo Weekend” (outdoor expo) in March this year, a tent of “Yuru Camp テ ン ト” was set up next to a full-fledged camp gear brand I found it. I was watching the Fujinomiya City Tourism Association talk about the development of the collaboration with Yuru Camp as a customer while eating a collaboration curry (laughs). I'm very happy that the performances are connected to what I enjoyed as a participant until now.

Please tell us about the highlights of “Heya Camp △”.

Hara: As you may have guessed, Chiaki and Aoi-chan are pulling Nadeshiko with the title "Heya Campo", but it is a work that is not in the room very much. Chiaki's exciting places often appeared on the entire surface, so I also played with full power. I hope everyone can enjoy the fun together.

Toyosaki: I think Heya Campus is something that not only those who support us from the main part but also those who are new to it can enjoy it. The story is comedy-based, but there are places where I can cry, and I'm surprised that "It's true that the day will be crying for" Hey! Also, despite being a short piece of work, it jumps out to various new places, so as a fan I am going to be busy (as a camper) in the future (laughs). Please take this opportunity to enjoy the world of Yuru Camp once again.

Hanamori: The two take out the dianthus to various places, but in fact, it's just short of coming to Yamanashi. It is a work that reminds me of such a thing. Not only the pleasure of Heya Camping, which was broadcast at the time of the TV anime Yuru Camping, but also the appeal of the main story of Yuru Camping has been condensed without jeopardizing it. The amount of information that can be conveyed is limited because it is a short animation, but it is still a content that tickles the quest for `` I want to go here '' for each episode, so together with Nadeshiko and others Please travel around the country. By the end of the broadcast, I think it will be a warmer season and it will be easier to camp, so it is recommended to go around the model land!

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