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Gal and dinosaur share room! Main cast & staff decision of "Gal and Dinosaur" to be animated in April 2020


"Gal and Dinosaur" will be animated and live-action in April 2020. The key animation, main staff and main cast have been lifted.

"Gal and Dinosaur" is a manga work serialized by Moriko Mori and Tomomi Kota in Young Magazine (Kodansha) since October 15, 2018. The story is that gals and dinosaurs share rooms over time.


There are two types of key visuals released this time. It was created by Space Cat Company, which is in charge of animation production, and Kamikaze Video.

In addition, as the main staff of the anime version, the series composition and series director will be Jun Aoki (Space Cat Company) and music will be Gin (BUSTED ROSE). In addition, the main character Gal Kaede's role is Shimabukuro Miyuri, Kaede's friend Yamada is Yuko Natsuyoshi, Kaede's part-time pie is Yuki Kudo, and Kaede's boyfriend Shota is Yamashita Seiichiro. Plays.

For the live-action version, it has been announced that Kotaro Sudo will be responsible for the series composition and HALO will be in charge of the live-action production.


[Anime Overview]
■ Gal and Dinosaur

Scheduled to be broadcast on TV and others from April 2020.

Kaede: Miyuri Shimabukuro
Yamada: Yuko Natsuyoshi
Sho Yuki Kudo : Seiichiro Yamashita

Original work: Moriko Mori / Tomimura Kota (Kodansha “Young Magazine” series )
Series composition / Series director: Jun Aoki (Space Cat Company)
Sound director: Toru Kane
Sound effect: Yasumasa Koyama
Sound production: Glow Vision
Music: Gin (BUSTED ROSE)
Music production: King Record
Producer: Riko Koarai, Yonezawa Akira
Chief Producer: Kotaro Sudo, Shin Furukawa
Animation Production: Space Cat Company, Kamikaze Video

<Live-action Staff>
Live-action Series Composition: Kotaro Sudo
Live-action Production: HALO
Production: King Records, Kodansha

Gal and Dinosaur Room Over Time share! I don't know about dinosaurs, but it'll be something. Read Tomari Agege!

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