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Kemliksa (Japanese anime)


New animation by animation production company Yao Yorozu, who worked on the popular 3DCG animation "Kemono Friends" and "Tesagure! Reboot as a TV series based on "Kemrikusa" (2010-2012), which was announced as a self-produced animation by "irodori" led by Tatsuki. In the main cast, Mikako Komatsu plays the role of "Rin" who is a central person in the story and has a strong sense of responsibility, and Arisa Kiyoto plays the role of "Ritsu" with a distinctive cat ear in a quiet sister character, Nyancha sister Tomi Yoshimi Sumi and others play the role of "Rina" of the type.

Start time:Winter 2019On-air date:January 9, 2019-March 27, 2019
Production company:YaoyorozuGenre:SF / Action

Voice actor: Mikako Komatsu , Arisa Kiyoto, Tomomi Washimi, Kenji Nojima
staff: Director: Tatsuki, Screenplay: Tatsuki, Animation Director: Yoshihisa Isa, beauty surgery Director: Yuko white water, animation producer: Fukuhara KeiTadashi Close

A story of three sisters surviving in an unpopular world surrounded by ruined buildings wrapped in red fog. The main character of the story is Rin, who has characteristic hair in her hair, her sister's character's character is always quiet with her cat ears, and her innocent mood maker, dressed in maid-style clothes. What the sisters aim for in a mysterious world ...


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