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The first laugh with a unique cosplay match! Introducing stories and male cosplayers who made “Comic Market 97” enthusiastic [2019/12 / 28-31]


Comic Market 97 (C97), the world's largest doujinshi sale event, was held for four days from December 28, 2019 and closed on the 31st.

The best part of Comiket is the cosplayers who walk around the venue. This year again, many unique cosplayers colored the venue. 

Female cosplayers tend to attract attention, but on the other hand, SNS and other topics are always talked about by elaborate neta cosplayers. Netacosplay is mainly active at the entrance and other places, and many of the Comiket visitors will meet at the entrance where they can see.

The quality of the cosplay alone is high, but the attraction of cosplay is the gathering of several people. There were also groups that consisted only of elderly girls who represented the “Ghibli” series, as well as the main characters of “Magical Girl Madoka Magica”, which consisted of little girls.

In addition, skills are required not only in the quality of cosplay, but also in the production of objects such as backgrounds and weapons. In the cosplay of “Declaration of God” made of cardboard and “Holy Grail” made of red velor fabric, the gap between cheap looks and gorgeous materials was the highlight.

The male character cosplay that has been increasing in recent years is also a trick. From "Pokemon Sword Shield" to foreign characters such as Kibana and "Fate / Zero" Kanes Elmeroy Archbolt, a wide variety of cosplays were shown.


So, here are some of the story and male cosplayers who have lived up the venue for four days at Comic Market 97.
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