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“Stapuri” The Dark Nest is the 13th Star Princess! The comment of Mie Sonozaki who plays


With the motif of "Space and Constellations" as the motif, the TV anime "Star Twinkle PreCure" is being broadcast as the 16th installment of the Pretty Cure series, which will fly out of the earth and perform a "Kira Yaba- ☆" great adventure in space. In the 46th episode “Tark Nest Advent! Star Wars Battle” broadcast on January 5th (Sun) today, not only the true figure but also the voice of the knot raider, Dark Nest, who did not even know the voice so far. Turned out to be true.

The true identity of Dark Nest was the thirteenth star princess, the princess Olivia! And it became clear that it was Mie Sonozaki who played the voice.

Mie Sonozaki, who commented, said, “(Precure Series) is always full of ehsort that pushes his back while snuggling with us while drawing dreams. "I feel like I'm going to go," says Joy, who has been involved in a series that has appeared twice as a pinpoint in the past as a regular.

"Dark Nest plays the enemy whose identity is unknown, his shape and gender are unknown, or he received a lot of direction from the director of the series director Hiroaki Miyamoto, and we talked with himself. While taking the iconic form of saying, `` I was thinking lonely and fun from the first half of the story, in one corner of the bright story, about whether to capture the “darkness” that people hold each other, '' he said, `` It was a lonely and fun work. '' Looking back on the hardships.

And the fact that the identity of the Dark Nest was a Princess of Ophipus says, `` I wonder if I have lost my words for a long time, the Princess of Hera, or why it happened, the power of imagination. As you listen to the story, do you think it's terrible at the moment, the constellation fortune-telling, the constellation of the constellation, and the inferred "Tark Nest's subordinates" or the image of a Japanese monster? I remember that I was suddenly stuck with goosebumps in this series's core theme, "Diversity", and I was even shocked. I thought about the theme throughout the series.

It is only a few episodes to leave, and as the Hikaru Star Twinkle Precure's big adventure is also heading to the climax, attention will be increasingly focused on the end of the fight against Dark Nest, which stands at the end.

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■ Dark Nest Ophiuchus Princess role of
 Ensaki MiMegumi's comments full text

long and long-lasting Pretty Cure. Is it the first time to be a part of the past as a rendezvous in the past? I'm always full of e-sorts that gently snuggle up with us while drawing dreams and push our backs And I was able to participate in this way, and I felt really happy.
The task nest is, as the name suggests, a "dark nest." He was a character who started himself after groping for himself, playing an enemy role of unknown shape and gender, or having a lot of discussions with the director of Shirezu Director Hiroaki Miyamoto. While taking the iconic form of an enemy host, it was a lonely and enjoyable task to think from the first half of the bright corner of the story about whether to capture the "darkness" of each person or person.
Do you know the "Hydraulica"?

Do you think you have heard of the 13 constellations fortune-telling? One of the constellations on the way (the ecliptic) through the sun at the starry sky as seen from Earth right now. At the time of the birth of the 12 constellation Holoskov, the constellation was off the ecliptic at the time of birth, the sun's rotation axis of the earth began to pass through the constellation Sun, and the sun appeared in a certain way like a new horoscope Well, it's a constellation that hasn't been used to the world.
In fact, at the time of the first appearance of the task nest, the shock was quickly explained that "the identity of the task nest is the Princess of the constellation H.", and I thought that the task nest was "the existence of the task nest", As you listen to the story, as you listen to the story, why did you lose your words easily, why did you lose the words, why was the Princess in the constellation, why did it happen, and if you thought that the power of the imagination was awful by using the power of imagination? In my opinion, the constellation of Virgo and the guessed inside of me, "Their subordinates of Talk Nest or why they are drawn to imitate Japanese monsters?" Now, I remember I got goose bumps. At the same time, it's a sense of responsibility, "Why did you get a role ...?"
I do not forget that feeling for a lifetime.

The fact that you are reading this comment means that Star Twinkle Cure is finally climaxing, and there are only a few more stories left.
The last battle of the cosmic furicures begins.
The unknown universe is a mass of diversity.
People are stars, and human hearts are the universe of the starry sky.
Over the past year, we want to see Hikaru who has seen many "stars" and "starry sky" until the very end.
● Star Star Twinkle PreCure program information
Every Sunday at 8:30 am Broadcasting on ABC TV and TV Asahi
Cure Star / Hikaru Hoshina: Eimi Naruse Cure Milky / Lara Hagoromo: Yoshimi Ohara Cure Soleil / Amamiya Elena: Kiyono Anno Cure Serene / Madoka Kakuya: Mikako Komatsu Cure Cosmo / Blue Cat / Mao: Sumire Kamisaka Hua: Hina Kino Prunes: Hiroyuki Yoshino
Series Director: Hiroaki Miyamoto Series Composition: Isao Murayama Character Design: Akira Takahashi Music: Yuki Hayashi / Asami Tachibana Art: Ryutaro Masuda / Iidarie Color design: Yoshiko Sakuma

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