The episode 46 "Dark Nest Advent! Star Palace Offensive!" Of the anime "Star Twinkle Precure" (abbreviation: Stapri every Sunday 8:30 am) broadcast on ABC and TV Asahi was broadcast on the 5th. It turned out that Dark Nest, Commander of Precure's enemy Not Raider, was the 13th Star Princess and the Princess of Ophipus. Also commented by Mie Sonozaki, who is known for the character voices of "Pokemon Masters" as Sirona and "Puyo Puyo" as Arles.

[Image] Pretty Cure surprised by the enemy's identity ... In the

 episode 46 of the scene cut release, Pretty Cures heading to the Star Palace, finding all the twinkle imaginations. When performing a ritual to restore peace to the universe using the power of twinkling magic and Hua, taught by the princess of the 12 constellations, a total attack of the enemy Not Raiders began, and the real figure and even the voice there Dark Nest, which was unknown until now, has appeared.

 It seemed that he had a hard time making roles. "Dark Nest is, as the name suggests, a" dark nest ". We received many directions from the series director Hiroaki Miyamoto, how to play the enemy role of unknown identity, appearance and gender. During the discussion, I started fumbling with my own character, taking an iconic form as the boss of the enemy, and in the corner of the bright story, from the first half of the series, on how to perceive the "darkness" of each person. It was a lonely and enjoyable job of thinking. "

 Regarding the character, "Everyone knows" Hevikka ". You may have heard of it in 13 constellations fortune-telling. One of the constellations: a constellation that was off the ecliptic at the time of the birth of the 12 constellation horoscope. It appeared in a period when it was a form, but it is a constellation that has not been used to the world. "

 He continued, "When I first appeared in Dark Nest, I was told that the identity of" Dark Nest is the Princess of Ophidia. " I was surprised and lost words for a while, but as I heard the story why the princess of Ophipis was so, why I thought the power of imagination was awful, in the constellation horoscope "The reason why the figures of Dark Nest's subordinates are drawn to imitate Japanese monsters", which was supposed in my mind, was suddenly described in the theme of this series, "Diversity". I remember tied up and got goose bumps, and at the same time, it was a sense of responsibility, "Why did you help me?" He conveyed the joy that could be appeared to surprise and works with the Most think ".

 "The last battle of cosmic precures begins. The unknown universe is a mass of diversity. People are stars, and human hearts are the universe of the starry sky. In the past year, many" stars "and" Please check out Hikaru who has seen the starry sky to the end. "