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"I want to be fashionable! Peanuts" holding a collaboration cafe in Suipara


Short anime and virtual YouTuber " I want to be fashionable! Peanuts-kun " will be holding a collaboration cafe with the dessert buffet chain Sweets Paradise "Peanuts-kun Cafe-The Strange Winter Familiarity-".

[I want to be fashionable! Peanuts kun] See all images and videos of the collaboration cafe held at

Suipara ] CONCEPT CAFE in Shibuya modi, Tokyo and LaLaport and Osaka Expocity, held in January, 2020 From Friday, 31st to February 16th, Sunday, February 17th, 2020 to March 15th, Sunday.

At the collaboration cafe, an original menu of mysterious characters from "I want to be fashionable! Peanuts" will appear.

In animation, in VTuber, loose character "Peanuts"

Peanuts started posting the short animation "I want to be fashionable! Peanuts" on YouTube from July 4, 2017.

Pop and surrealistic styles with topical stories and satire have attracted attention and gained popularity mainly in Harajuku JK.


Focusing on the main character, Peanuts-kun, who seeks “fashion”, he draws encounters and partings with various unique characters.

Also, after the VTuber boom emerged, he suddenly began claiming himself to be a VTuber, and in 2019 the Koga Ninja! Achieved a rare daily video posting as VTuber with " Pokopi " together with Ponpoko .

In addition, to produce a costume Yuru-Chara Grand Prix also entry in, was decorated beautifully championship.

This collaboration has been decided while the momentum has been gaining momentum as a character / icon from the Internet that has attracted the most attention.

It will be announced one after another about the collaboration menu that is of interest.

Learn more about Pokopi


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