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Tatsuki director work "Hentatsu" TV animation Sudden broadcast surprised voice


The popular anime "Kemono Friends" and "Kemrikusa", a director's work "Hentatsu", has been turned into a television anime and started broadcasting on TOKYO MX at 11:57 pm on the 4th. Broadcast time is about 1 minute 30 seconds. On TOKYO MX, the previous program "Fate / Grand Order-Absolute Demon Beast Front Babylonia-" (hereinafter FGO) was broadcasted after the end of the broadcast, and on the net, "This is a surprise!" "It's too sudden and the language isn't right."

[Video] When the anime "Hentatsu", which was broadcast

 suddenly, ended, the animation "FGO" ended, an animation seemingly directed by Tatsuki flowed, but there was no name on the program guide, and "FGO" and the next broadcast "Maggia Record Magic" There was no program title between "Shoujo Madoka Magica Gaiden".

 At the same time as this anime broadcast, Tatsuki updates his Twitter with "!?" The fans responded with "What happened?" And "!?", But learned that "Hentatsu" was aired and said "Tatsuki's animation was aired!" I missed it because it looked like an anime. "

 Director Tatsuki tweeted, "Late-night anime fan (what this is ...) irodori's customer (what this is ...) irodori (what's this ...") Thank you very much ~ #Hentatsu ", and reported that his work was turned into a TV animation, and released videos and visuals.

 "Hentatsu" is a self-produced animation by irodori, a production group in which Director Tatsuki participates. After a still image was released on January 12, 2018 on Twitter by Director Tatsuki, he posted a short animation and a still image as a hobby animation. Although the details of the story are unknown, the broadcasted anime features a girl with a demon horn and a girl with cat ears, depicting a battle scene with a mysterious enemy and enjoying tea.

 Broadcast on TOKYO MX, Gunma TV, Tochigi TV and BS11 every Saturday from 11:57 pm In addition to Tatsuki's staff, Yoshihisa Isa for drawing, Yuko Shimizu for art, Kaoru Takasugi for the demon, and Maii Kadowaki for the cat are cast.

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