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"Tama ?!" Broadcast Commemorative "Tama & Friends" x Tawa Reko Limited Collaboration Goods Released on January 10


In commemoration of the TV anime "Uchi Tama ?!-Do you know Uchi Tama?-" To be broadcast from January 2020, the original character series "Tama & Friends-Uchi Tama do not know" Limited collaboration goods of Tower Records will be released from January 10th.

"Uchi Tama ?!-Do you know our Tama?" Is a "healing animation" that anthropomorphizes the animal character of "Tama & Friends-Did You Know Our Tama?" Born in 1983. On the stage of a certain town, I draw the daily life of a curious cat Tama (CV: Souma Saito) and a friendly but anxious dog Pochi (CV: Kensho Ono).

Collaboration goods are designed with the image of "Tama & Friends during New Year holidays" and sold at all 27 Tower Records stores and online shops. Starting with a set of two A4 clear files (400 yen) depicting friends on 3-chome riding on Kagami-mochi, a towel (1500 yen), a trading acrylic key chain (10 types / 600 yen each), a trading can badge ( 10 kinds / 300 yen each), 2 stickers (400 yen), ballpoint pen (300 yen), tote bag (1400 yen), etc. The product site ( https://tower.jp/tama2020 ) is accepting reservations for each item.

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