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Japan anime "Gegege no Kitaro" Why is the poor god settled in the house? 87 episodes cut


The precedent scene cut of episode 87 "Poor God and Zashiki Doji" of the TV animation "Gegege no Kitaro" has been released. This is an episode in which two youkai who live in a house appear.

Hungry Manaima goes to his friend Aya's house, whose parents run a coffee shop. There is no customer at the coffee shop, and Mana finds a poor god sitting in the shop. He asked Kitaro to get rid of it, but the poor god claims that his presence has kept the house peaceful. However, Aya had no ear to listen and crammed out to go to the poor god.


Aya meets a mysterious child in the city after the poor god has left. The true identity and the true meaning of the Word of the Poor God ... The poor god who becomes poor when settled in the house, and Zojiki Doji who becomes rich. It is the opposite monster, but there seems to be some secret.

Episode 87 is on air January 5 (Sun).

"Gegege no Kitaro" is
on air every Sunday from 9am to 9:30 pm

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