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"In the corner of this world (and more)" Suzu Hojo


"In the corner of this world (and many more)" released in December 2019 is a work that added a new cut of more than 30 minutes to "In the corner of this world" released in 2016. This is not just long. The added episode expands what the movie is drawing and completes it as another new movie.
 The fact that the movie has been expanded means that the hero image has also been expanded.
 "In the corner of this world" in 2016 was a movie where the audience and the main character, Suzuki Hojo, "meet". Tin was born in Taisho 14 and was married to the Hojo family in Kure in 1932 to become Hojo Tin. Tin is a fictional character who lives almost 80 years ago. However, through a thorough examination of the background (space) and the careful performance (time) of chasing everyday life, the audience feels tin like a real person. And this encounter has led to the audience experiencing the everyday life during the war. In other words, the main character, Tin, serves as an interface that guides the audience's imagination throughout the war.
 And of course there is a drama for tin. Suddenly he married, his surname changed, and he began living in Kure, where no one knew, and lost his identity and had to find out who he was. There is a contrast between her sister-in-law, Tsukiko, who was determined to choose her life by her own will. In this way, their lives are illuminated by each other, and tin regains their own life. In this way, Tin was also a protagonist of self-establishment.
 So how did this tin statue be expanded "in the (and many more) corners of this world"?
 The role played by phosphorus has played a major role in this. Many of the scenes added in this work are scenes related to a woman in a red-light district, Rin, who becomes familiar with Suzu.
 Rin, who works in the Yukaku, is actually a partner of her husband, Shusaku, who tried to get married in the past. Suzu knows this and feels that he was "a substitute." But on the other hand, Tin feels like-minded Lin as a friend. That feeling is connected to the existence of "Zashiki Doji", which Suzu saw at his grandmother's house in Kusatsu when he was young. Thus, for Tin, Rin takes on the meaning of “another self,” who was so close and never touched.
 Through the presence of Rin, the character Tin came closer to the audience as a representative of "we may have been someone". It is a coincidence that you are yourself, and maybe you could have been someone else. What is called contingency. The tin of "in this and many more corners of the world" exists there as a human who may have been a phosphorus or perhaps a diameter. It also includes that the dead man might have been me.
 Instead of being a "woman establishing the ego" and "an interface between the audience and the work," the film added a new hero image that embodies "the contingency of life."

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