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One Punch Man (2nd phase) (Japanese anime)


An animation work based on the same manga (original: ONE, Yusuke Murata) serialized on the web manga site "My Neighbor Young Jump". In this work, we will have a new director, Chika Sakurai of "NARUTO". The series consists of Tomohiro Suzuki of "TIGER & BUNNY", the character design is Kubota Osamu of "From the New World", and the music is Makoto Miyazaki.

Start time:Spring 2019On-air date:April 2, 2019-July 2, 2019
Production company:JCSTAFFGenre:action

Voice actor: Makoto Furukawa , Kaito Ishikawa , Yuki Kaji , Hiroki Yasumoto , Saori Hayami , Hikari Midorikawa , Matsukaze Masaya

staff: Director: Sakurai OyaRyo, series configuration: Suzuki Satoshihiro, character over design: Kubota oath, Art Director: Shigemi Ikeda / Yukiko Maruyama, color design: Misekyo Mayumi, Director of Photography: Yoshio Okochi, editing: Masahiro Goto, acoustic Director: Iwanami Miwa, music: Makoto Miyazaki Close

Saitama, a man who started a hero as a hobby. A hero who gains invincible power through three years of special training and defeats all enemies with one shot. He started a formal hero activity at the Hero Association with Genos, who became an apprentice. With the abnormally high rate of monsters, the Hero Association is trying to take action if there is a possibility of a "earthly dangerous" disaster left by the great prophet Shiba Bawa. The gallow who longs for the monster appears there.


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