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2019 Detective Conan News Review: July-December Edition


A plan to look back on the "Detective Conan" news for 2019, and the second installment following the January-June edition introduces the news for July-December. From anime-related topics such as "Detective Conan's Fist of the Dark Blue" to achievements, collaboration events, and "Amuro-san News". If you look back on the news of "Conan" in 19, you should be ready for "Conan activity" in 20! By the way, the first new year's TV anime "Detective Conan" will start on January 4 at 6:00 pm with a new year special "Large Monster Gomera vs Kamen Yaiba" which will be broadcast continuously for 4 weeks ~ !!

July-August 4D attraction screening started, record the highest income of the “Navy Blue Fist” series

After June, which was the year of support screening, 4D attraction screening started in August as a new screening style for "Nao Blue Fist." The sensational screening allows you to enjoy the sensation of flying in the skies of Singapore with Kid, and the tension has risen from the preview image of "international boarding".

In addition to regular screenings, we continued to capture the hearts of fans by offering a variety of screening styles, and finally updated the series's highest income in the latter half of August (from "The Detectives of the Seas (Private Eye)" released in 2013) Updating the highest income in a series of works)! As of November 2007, the company had a record revenue of 9.32 billion yen.

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名 `` Detective Conan '' Movie version, `` Navy Blue Fist '' exceeds previous work Update the highest record in the series for seven consecutive years

September-November Live broadcast of cast participation and "Conan" concert

The fans who couldn't participate in the "Guts Support Screening" were delighted by the "Detective Conan Tenku Wreck (Lost Ship)" on the NTV "Friday Road SHOW!" )) 'S “Support Live Broadcast”! It was a dream project that the voice actors' reaction to the movie being broadcast was broadcast live as an auxiliary sound, and the viewers could feel as if they were participating in the support screening together with the cast. Watching a movie while enjoying the friendly atmosphere of the voice actors ... Thank you Kim Lo! By the way, on this program, "Lupin III vs. Detective Conan THE MOVIE" was also broadcast on November 22. Once again, thank you Kim Lo !!

In October, the Yomiuri TV's 60th anniversary event, "Detective Conan Special Concert 2019" will be held at Osaka Castle Hall. "BREAKERZ", who is in charge of a lot of opening and ending songs, appeared as a special guest at an event that follows the trajectory of the series through the performance of an orchestra band and screening on a huge screen.

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■ “Detective Conan” Minami Takayama's “Support Live Broadcast” Decision Appeared in the “Wreck in the Sky” Deputy Voice

■ "BREAKERZ" appearance in "Detective Conan" concert "ZARD" song announcement also decided

December Akai Family "Participation" Announced Screening "Scarlet Memory" to be held

Approximately three months after the achievement of the “Blue Fist”, the 24th movie version is finally announced. FBI detective Shuichi Akai is the main character of the latest movie "Detective Conan Scarlet Bullet" released in April 2008! Not only Akai, but also Akai's younger brother and professional chess player Hideyoshi Haneda, a high school girl detective's sister, Masazumi Sera, and a three-mother mother, a mysterious female Mary who calls her a "sister outside the realm", Akai Family ”will gather. Expect the success of the strongest family that is comparable to the Conan × Kid × Kyogoku triple tag of `` Navy Blue Fist ''!!

And as soon as Akai's special screening is decided! On February 9th, "with Sera Masazumi", on the 15th, at the special screening "Scarlet Memory-Scarlett Memory-", which selected the appearance times of the Akai family, centering on "Akai Shuichi & Okiya Subaru" "With Haibara Ai", "with Mary" on the 16th, "with Hideyoshi Haneda" on the 23rd, and "Black Impact" on the 24th. General ticket sales start on January 19th.

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■ Theatrical version "Conan" latest work "Scarlet Bullet" released on April 17, 2008 Shuichi Akai et al. "Akai Family" gathering

■ "Detective Conan" Shuichi Akai's "Akai Family" Screening Event Held Minami Takayama and Ryutaro Okiayu will be on stage

Collaboration plan of 19 years Real escape game, Conan Hotel etc.

Various collaboration events are held in various places in 19 years. At Ikebukuro Sunshine City, movie-related projects and treasure hunting games were conducted at the complex event "Detective Conan: A City in the Sky", and a large-scale tie-up event with Bandai Namcoa Amusement, "The Kaito Kid", "Emotional Link )] At the amusement facilities of about 200 stores nationwide, participants participated in a game to protect the "treasure" from the kid.

In addition, a real escape game “Escape from the Navy Blue Museum” played in 30 cities nationwide, and a special event “Kaleidoscope in Kadaido Scope of the Detective Conan Kaijin (Watatsumi)” at the theme park “Lagunasia” in Aichi and Gamagori. "Illustration Rally in the Garden" and "Riddle in Love Riddle". In addition to events, the Royal Park Hotel has planned a limited-time accommodation plan based on the theme of "Detective Conan", and has set up a collaboration room where you can spend time surrounded by oversized panels of characters.

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■ Large-scale tie-up event “Protect the Memories of Memories from Kid the Thief!”

■ Combined event "Detective Conan: The city in the sky targeted"

■ Real escape game "Escape from the Navy Blue Museum"

■ Special event "Detective Conan Kaleidoscope of the Sea God in Lagunasia"

■ Royal Park Hotel x “Conan” collaboration plan release

19 years of Amuro news

Even if more than a year has passed since the release of "Zero Enforcer", Amuro's popularity has not diminished! “Weekly Shonen Sunday” (published by Shogakukan) No. 44, depicting the story of Rei Furuya, Jinpei Matsuda, Kenji Hagiwara, Wataru Date and Wataru Morofushi, who were familiar as the “Police School Group” "Detective Conan Police School Edition Wild Police Story" series started. Also, at the launch of the fourth volume of the spin-off manga “Detective Conan Zero Daily Life (Tea Time)”, a gift fair with triple face stickers will be held. In addition, the anime hack also introduced a lot of Amuro model goods such as tote bags, shoulder wallets, mugs, and backpacks.

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■ Spin-off drawing of “Detective Conan” and “Police School Group” has started serializing

■ You can get Amuro's triple face sticker. "Zero no Nichijou" Volume 4 launch commemorative fair

"Review of Conan News for 2019" is now over! I wrote it in the January-June edition, but this time only a part of the huge news. Please fill in the missing parts in your heart and complete each "Conan News Summary". And anime fans and Conan fans, thank you again this year !!

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