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A deformation sequence of “Brave Exkaiser” that multiple transmitted lights enhance


In 2020, Sunrise's original robot animation “Brave Series” will celebrate 30 years from birth. This series is developed as a traditional royal road merchandising in which the toy company Takara (then) devised the concept of the toy, and Sunrise attractively appeals the robot that transforms and merges like an toy in an animation program. Was done.
Giant robot animations linked to toys are often ridiculed as "30-minute commercials". However, CM should be worth CM. Let's take a look at the first episode of the first movie of the brave series, "The Brave Exkaiser" (1990).

A car transforms into a robot, and the robot has a will


A Space Pirate Geister aims at the Earth in search of treasure. The space police Kaisers who follow them also infiltrated the earth, and Kaiser's captain Exkaiser united with a private car at Hoshikawa Kouta's house. From that day, the car of the Hoshikawas will be transformed into a giant robot.
As the story progresses, the types of Kaisers robots will increase, such as those that transform Shinkansen and those that transform fighters and drill tanks. However, only the Exkaiser that deforms from the car is active in the first episode. Let's take a look at the Exkaiser transformation process.

(1) The center part of the car body breaks, and the front half extends forward.
(2) The rear glass bends 180 ° and turns to the back of the vehicle.
(3) The rear wheel part splits left and right, and rotates backward.
(4) When the whole body turns around, there is a robot face.
(5) A part of the rear part of the vehicle body that has been split to the left and right in (3) extends downward, and the robot's wrist comes out.
(6) The center of the hull rotates and the lion's face appears.

It is difficult to understand in the text, but when you look at the video frame by frame, the chassis side of the car is in front of the robot. In (1), the front part of the body becomes the two legs, and in (3) and (5), the rear part of the body becomes the arm. The face of the lion appearing in (6) is located on the robot's chest.
In this scene, in order to appeal products (deformed toys) in an attractive manner, the process until the car becomes a humanoid robot must be made concrete and attractive. At the same time, as the energy creature Exkaiser plays an active role as a "willing robot," it must also be impressed that deformation is performed with mysterious energy.
The transmitted light is used for that purpose. In this transformation scene, transmitted light is heavily used between the transformations.

Does yellow light represent [function], and green light represents [will]?


First, at the moment when the car body is broken in (1), the yellow transmitted light extends radially from the broken gap. The front part of the car body becomes the robot's feet as it is, but yellow transmitted light runs right and left from the part that hits the knee. As soon as the foot is completed, the outline of the foot flashes with white transmitted light.
At the moment when the rear glass is broken in (2), the yellow transmitted light radially extends from the portion in contact with the chassis.
When the robot's head appears in step (4), a small purple lightning bolt runs over the eaves-like area above the eyes. In addition, the yellow transmitted light shines on the golden decoration of the forehead.
Immediately before the wrist comes out in step (5), yellow transmitted light extends from the hole in a radiating manner.
The moment the lion's face appears in (7), lightning of the same color scatters from the green eyes of the lion.

After the transformation into a robot is completed, the green transmitted light extends radially across the entire screen from the back of the Exkaiser in the determined pose.
Since the yellow transmitted light is often used at the moment when each part of the car is deformed, it can be said that it is [light that expresses the function] (When repeating the deformation at high speed from robot → car → robot in battle, the yellow transmitted light is also used Has been done).
The transmitted green light is the same color as the eyes of Exkaiser and the eyes of a lion on the chest. Therefore, it can be interpreted as [light expressing will].

By the way, in the first episode, the main character Kouta took care of his grandfather's camera, but the camera was targeted by the enemy and destroyed in battle. Looking at the shimmering kouta, gold light runs through the eyes of the Exkaiser, and when the golden decoration on the forehead shines with a yellow transmitted light, an orange light beam hits the camera. Then the camera is restored.
Fixing a broken mechanic is also one of the functions of the Exkaiser, so if you think that yellow transmitted light, which is a color that indicates the function, is being used, ... drama that is different from the main story, light and color Do you not see?

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