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The first episode of the main cast, post-recording report, arrives from Kirara's new anime "Asteroid in Love"


The first episode dubbing report of the main cast has arrived from the TV anime "Love Asteroid" (Koi Asteroid), which airs on January 3, 2020.

"Asteroids in Love (Asteroids)" is a four-frame cartoon by Quro, serialized in the comic time Kirara Carat (Hobunsha). A story about high school club activities and the circle activities of geoscience girls belonging to the geology department where the astronomy club and the Geological Society of Japan merged. It has become popular as a work depicting warm-hearted everyday life of high school girls who are engaged in earth sciences such as astronomy and geology.
⇒ Key animation & cast release of TV anime "Asteroid in Love"! Comments arrive!

This time, we will introduce the first episode post-record of the main cast from the TV anime "Love Asteroid", which will start broadcasting today .

[Episode 1 dubbing report] ※ titles omitted

From the top, Nao Higashiyama (as Miyoshi Sakurai), Aya Shidade (as Mai Inose), Sumire Uesaka (as Mari Morino), Chiba Takayanagi (as Mira Mirano), Ai Yamaguchi (as Ao Manaka) )

を Please tell us your impressions after the first episode

-The role of Kino Flag Mira Tomoha Takayanagi is the
first leading role, and I was the first role to talk so much, so I was quite nervous until I went to the site, but the seniors were kindness like a goddess in Kudasari to the scene in the warm air, by the time the dubbing begins at that face with confidence in the warm of heart we have. Would you like to do this with Ai Yamaguchi, the role of Ao? Do you want to do that ?! And it was the first episode that was full of excitement and expanding the dream with two people!

● The role of Ao Manaka
The first episode of Ai Yamaguchi was so nervous that I was so excited from the day before.
However, at the time of a break, Nao-san will decide on a nickname! And everyone decided on their nickname and talked a lot, so I was able to release the tension and finish the first episode happily !
There are also sweets inspired by the stars, space foods, and other sweets that you can't usually eat.

● Mai Inose Asa Azuma
is a very comfortable place, so I was able to stand in front of the microphone without being too eager.
Mr. Higashiyama takes the initiative in creating the atmosphere, and the dubbing is proceeding gently.

-The role of
Miyoshi Sakurai The cast of Nao Higashiyama and the cast who I often join together had a very friendly atmosphere!
So much comfortable that nice, and friendly atmosphere with the work, the current that everyone want a nice work I thought that whether such because there is enthusiasm in the field. This post-recording was also a fun start !

● Mari Morino auditors Sumire UESAKA
dubbing scene is very relaxed from the first episode, the cast of you now look to the character itself was happening elephant ...!
We record happily in a warm and after-school atmosphere.

Check the official website for the full text !

[Synopsis & precedence cut]
■ 01. "Promise of two people"

Screenplay: Yuka Yamada / Storyboard / Director: Daisuke Hiramaki / Drawing Director: Momoko Yano, Jun Yamazaki / Total Drawing Director: Jun Yamazaki

Spring. Konohata, who entered high school, was shocked when the astronomy club, which she had decided to enter, was gone. Mira had a dream of "discovering an asteroid" that she promised to a young person. I heard that the "Geology Faculty" was merged with the "Astronomy Department" and the "Geological Research Institute" from this year, so I joined immediately. Waiting for Mira in the clubroom were three unique seniors, and another ...

[Work information]
■ "Asteroids in love" (Aisteroids)

<Start date of broadcast>
January 3, 2020 (Friday)
 AT-X: Every Friday from 20:30
  * Repeat broadcast every week (Sunday) 24:30 / Every week (Monday) 12:30 / Every week (Wednesday) )
 28:30 TOKYO MX …… Every Friday 22: 30 ~
  ※ First broadcast only January 3 (Fri) 23: 00-
 Sun TV …… Every Friday 24:
 00- KBS Kyoto …… Every Friday 24: 00-
 TV Aichi …… Every Friday 27: 05 ~
  ※ First broadcast only: Friday, January 10 27: 05 ~ Episode 1 and Episode 2 broadcast
 BS11 …… Every Friday 23: 00 ~

 Original: Quro (Manga Time Kirara Carat / Houbunsha)
 Director: Daisuke Hiramaki
 Series composition: Yuka Yamada
 Character design: Jun Yamazaki
 Prop design: Takuya Miyahara
 Total drawing director:
 Jun Yamazaki , Mai Matsuura, Marumi Sugita
 Art director: Noriyuki Nakamura (Studio Naya)
 Color design: Ito Yuka
 Director of Photography: Seiichi Sugiura
 Editing: Kentaro Tsubone (REAL-T)
 Sound Director: Takeshi Kodera
 Music: Takuro Iga
 Music Production: Flyin Gdog
 Animation Production: Animation Studio
 Production: Hoshizaki High School, Undergraduate School


 Konohata Mira: CV. Takayanagi Chiba
 Manaka Ao: CV. Ai Yamaguchi
 Mai Inose : CV. Shidari Ami Asakurai Scenery: CV.
 Nao Higashiyama
 Mari Morino: CV. Sumire Uesaka

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