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"Saiki Kusuo's difficulties" and "Happy New Year Art" released! In addition to the familiar members such as Sasaki Kusuo, the appearance of the new character ...


The anime “Saiki Kusuo's“ Difficulty: Starting ”” has released “Happy New Year Special Art”. Familiar friends such as Saiki Kusuo, Tsumudo Riki, Kaito Shun, Teruhashi Kozumi, Yumehara Tomoyo, Kubotani Subaru, with mouse ears and mustaches from the 2020 zodiac and childhood It is drawn in.

The original work of "Saiki Kusuo no Ψ Difficulty" is a supernatural comedy by Shuichi Aso, which was serialized in "Weekly Shonen Jump". The anime series was broadcast in the 1st term in 2016, the 2nd term in 2018, and the "final version" in 2018, and "Ψstarting version" is currently being distributed on Netflix."Saiki Kusuo's" Difficulty Starting "Visual Visual [Click the image to go to the photo gallery]The high school student, Kusuo Saiki, is a psychic. Telepathy, psychokinesis, fluoroscopy, prediction, instantaneous movement, clairvoyance, whatever you want. It is the strongest ability that everyone can envy, but in fact he is the culprit of misery that causes disaster. Therefore, in public, she sealed her psychic abilities and lived quietly under the motto, regardless of the people. However, for some reason, there were always unique people (creatures) gathered around him, and disasters fell like a storm one after another. The "Happy New Year Special Art" was released, and familiar members gathered against the backdrop of a shrine torii reminiscent of a shrine visit. In addition, behind Kusuo, the appearance of new characters that will appear for the first time in "Ψ Starter" is also included. The anime "Saiki Kusuo's Ψ Difficulty" series is now available on Netflix. (C) Shuichi Aso / Shueisha PK School R

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