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"Gundam UC" Banshee Norn light-emitting model "Macross" Valkyrie DX Chogokin, etc. Collectible goods you want to buy with 2020 new year ball [Mecha]


Speaking of New Year's pleasure, it is "New Year's balls". Is the usage already decided?

Even if you don't usually shop much, many people are thinking of shopping a lot with New Year's balls for New Year holidays. If you haven't decided what to buy yet, or if you have decided to buy something, or if you're trying to save money, you may want to take a look at a little "animation! Goods Summary ".

Anime! Anime! Then, we will divide into three parts
, Gunpla & Robot Figure
, Character Figure,
and Collaboration Apparel
, and introduce 10 items that are selected each.

First of all, "Gunpla & Robot Figure" . There must be products suitable for using the New Year's Eve.

■ [RG 1/144 "Bancy Norn"] light emitting model from "Gundam UC"! Focus on gimmicks full of romance

From "Mobile Suit Gundam UC", 1/144 scale Gunpla of "Unicorn Gundam Unit 2 Banshee Norn" is now accepting reservations.
Although it is a non-movable display model, it features an attractive gimmick such as three types of light emission that combine light emission, dimming, and extinguishing are possible by the LED unit built in the main body. Comes with a dedicated display pace that contains the battery box and wiring, so you can enjoy a smarter display.

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■ [SSSS.GRIDMAN] Gridman is an action figure in about 30cm!

Gridman from "SSSS.GRIDMAN" is a three-dimensional figure as the first series of the new concept figure series "GIGAN-TECHS" of "30cm tall" by Good Smile Company.
It is a large size with a total height of about 30 cm, so the shadows fall naturally and the shaping of the modeling is visually effective. Wide range of motion, allowing dynamic posing. The head is equipped with an LED light gimmick, and it is a mechanism that turns on the eyes and forehead lamps.

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■ The action figure “Govarian” designed by Masami Ohari. Original head conforming to Go Nagai is also included

"Govarian" action figure of "Psycho Armor Govarian" designed by Masami Owari who has worked on various robot designs. It is an action figure with a total length of about 180mm that is suitable for calling it a modern version, incorporating "Obarashiness" while utilizing the original design.
In addition to a movable gimmick, various weapons, a head that fully reproduces the concept design by Mr. Owari, commonly known as “Oberian Head” is attached, and it can be exchanged with an original head conforming to Go Nagai. In addition, accessories such as Psycho Crash Right Fist, Psycho Saber, Psycho Bazooka are also available, so you can reproduce your favorite situation.

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■ [Mobile Suit Gundam 00V] Double Ozan Riser, MG1 / 100 Gunpla long-awaited resale

From "Mobile Suit Gundam 00V", Gunpla of "Double Ozan Riser" equipped with "GN Buster Sword III" is being resold at Premium Bandai.
"Double Ozan Riser" is a three-dimensional product in the master grade series, with abundant gimmicks such as Oriser and Zan unit, detachable double Gundam, as well as deformation and reproduction of the separation and combination of "GN Buster Sword III" Is installed. "GN Buster Sword III" and Zan Unit, which is a part of the riser reinforcement, are reproduced with a new model of about 300mm in total length with sharp and dense details. The battle style with "4 arms" can also be reproduced.

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■ [Demon God Hero Legend Wataru Seven Souls Ryujin Maru] Ryu Somaru Appears in Action Figure

The genie Ryusomaru of "Wataru Devil Hero Wataru Nanatama no Ryujinmaru" appears as an action figure. "NEXT EDGE STYLE [MASHIN UNIT] Ryucho Maru" is an action figure with a height of about 90mm, which is a part of the Ryujin Maru's "soul", which is one of seven "souls". . Metallic paint is applied to the gold parts such as the head and shoulders emblem, Ryu Fist. In addition, a blue sword, a blue sword, is also included as an accessory, so it is possible to take a sword-drawing pose. In addition, it has a mechanism to deploy the wings to the left and right, and it can be transformed into a flight form.

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■ "Gundam F90" is a Gunpla in the MG series! 26 mission packs can be replaced

The prototype MS MS "Gundam F90" that appears in the manga "Mobile Suit Gundam F90 Fastest Test Formula" etc. has been made into a Gunpla in the Master Grade (MG) series. "MG 1/100 Gundam F90" is a "Formula Project" developed from a new project "F90 A to Z PROJECT" that solves the mission pack of "Gundam F90" which is said to have A to Z with MG model. "Gundam F90" was developed and is three-dimensional with a completely new type.
The F90 is thoroughly reproduced with detailed color coding of parts division and molding colors and high-density detail modeling, and abundant gimmicks are prepared in each part.

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■ Gyan Krieger 1/144 Gundam's Ambition Zion Revolutionary War Record Gunpla Resale

Gunpla of "Gyan Krieger" appearing in the game "Mobile Suit Gundam Gillen's Ambition: Zion War of Independence" is being resold. The body shape of the next mainstay MS of the Principality of Zeon is pursued in detail.
The impressive large beam lance and launcher shield are included with new modeling. Clear parts are adopted for the beam part of the lance with a total length of about 190mm, and the color coding of the shield is also reproduced by part division. In addition, a movable right wrist similar to the REVIVE version "HGUC Gyan" is attached, and a wide range of actions such as striking poses can be reproduced.

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■ Pay attention to "Gundam SEED DESTINY" slash wizard! Slash Zaku Phantom for Isaac

From "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED DESTINY", "Slash Zaku Phantom" equipped with "Slash Wizard" driven by Isaac Jules has been made into a Gunpla in master grade (MG).
The "slash wizard" for melee combat has been completely remodeled with the latest MG-compliant gimmicks and details, and the large-scale melee combat arm "Falx G7 Beam Ax" has a replaceable form when stored and deployed. Can be reproduced. Also, as the MG original gimmick, the state where the left and right blades are united can be reproduced. A rotating gimmick is mounted on the gatling section, and it supports a wide variety of actions with a wide range of motion.

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■ "VF-1S Valkyrie", a movie version of "Super Macross Fortress Macross", driven by Teru Ichijo appears in DX Chogokin

From the theatrical version of "The Macross Fortress Macross: Do You Remember?" Comes a DX Chogokin series featuring the "VF-1S Valkyrie" driven by Ichijo Teru. Specifications unique to the theater version, such as markings, are studded everywhere. As a culmination of VF-1 deformed toys, smooth three-stage deformation, beautiful forms and promotion of each form of "batroid form", "ga walk form", and "fighter form" are reproduced, and various poses are possible. .

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■ Zetaplus becomes Gunpla with HG1 / 144 with "Gundam Sentinel" "test machine" image color

"Zetaplus," which features a vivid color pattern from "Gundam Sentinel," is a gunpla from the HG series with test machine image colors.
The main body is reproduced in deep orange and textured white molding colors to match the coloring of recent Gundam Sentinel items. In addition, the marking, numbering, and various identification marks that indicate that this is an operation test machine by the AEUG support organization "KARABA" can be reproduced with the attached water transfer type decal. Supports various poses with a wide range of motion. You can enjoy various action images by using the included beam rifle, beam saber, and shield, including deformation into a wave rider form by replacing parts.

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◆◆◆ All of these
are only high-quality products and you will get lost. Purchasing goods is fun even when you are in doubt, but some of them are nearing the reservation period, so purchase early. Please confirm the reservation and purchase method on the official website of each product.

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