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Desperate in Singapore, Hiroaka and Wanpi are alive and well! Shueisha booth full of original drawings [C3AFA]


Shueisha exhibited at C3AFA Singapore 2019, the largest anime event in Southeast Asia, held in Singapore for three days from November 29 to December 1.Shueisha booth at "C3AFA Singapore 2019" [Click the image to go to the photo gallery] Atthis booth, the original manga application for overseas, "MANGA Plus by SHUEISHA", will be displayed as a copy original. Many people are waiting every day to see the original drawings of popular works centered on "ONE PIECE", "Devil Blade", "My Hero Academia", "Promised Neverland" serialized in "Weekly Shonen Jump" Was completed. The company, which is the first to exhibit at an overseas event, sees Southeast Asia as a very attractive market. Even in the case of "MANGA Plus by SHUEISHA", there are many users in Southeast Asia such as Thailand and Indonesia.

Currently, with the spread of the Internet and therise ofvideo distribution sites, works that gained popularity in Japan gained popularity in Southeast Asia almost in real time. ing. For example, looking at cosplay, which is said to show popular parameters, the event was very popular with the characters of "Devil Blade". He thought that there was no big difference between the fans of the works compared to Japan and overseas, and when he opened the booth that the original painting exhibition would have the greatest impact, he was surprised by the unexpected response. The response that Japanese manga / anime culture has taken root throughout Southeast Asia, including Singapore, has been obtained.

This exhibition was a trial, but in the future we are considering holding a signing event for Japanese manga artists as well as large-scale events.

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