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"Kaguya-sama wants to tell you!" [No.1 animation of 2019 selected by the editorial department]


In 2019, there were many encounters with TV anime and theatrical version animation. Sometimes tears in sadness, sometimes chilling in coolness, sometimes jarring in the development of the story, sometimes laughing at the acting of small stories and casts scattered ... It always gives colorful emotions.
Even so, what gave me a very straight and pure “funny and fun” every week was “Kaguya-sama wants to tell you – a genius's love brain game”.

■ Love comedy “I want to tell you”

"Kaguya-sama wants to tell you-the genius's love brainstorm-" is based on a manga serialized in "Weekly Young Jump". The series has a circulation of more than 8.5 million copies and is popular, and TV anime was broadcast in the January 2019 fiscal year. In September of the same year, a live-action movie featuring Shioya Hirano (King & Prince) and Kanna Hashimoto was released and became a hot topic.

The story is set in Shuchiin Gakuen, where talents who are expected to gather in the future gather. A love comedy that depicts Kaguya Shinomiya, the vice chairman of the student council who is attracted to each other but cannot be obedient, and Kagaya Shinomiya and the chairman, Ms. Shirogane, who struggle thinking "how to confess to the other." .

It is often said that "I like you lose" ... but for Kaguya who has a high bridging, and for Shirogane, "Do not lose anything in life!" Try to elicit a "confession" from The bargaining is really interesting (laughs). I use my smart head to read two and three hands, and go idle because I read too much ... I laugh unintentionally in that exchange, but both are so hard that I feel the love of the character.
Along with the novelty of the story to "tell," he said, "I don't want to be bald because I'm ashamed of my favors ... but I want to know what the other person thinks of me!" In, I have to remember and feel empathy. The balance of "innovation and empathy" is exquisite! They are laughed by the exchange between them, but they are squeezed.

■ We take off hat to acting ability supporting "interesting"

Isn't the actor's acting an important factor in the comedy work? During high and low tension, inflection of words, and breathing ... I think that various techniques combine to make you laugh.

In this work, Aoi Koga plays a wide range from the cool side of Kamiya Shinomiya to the cute voice of the full opening of the maiden mode, and Shin Furukawa of the role of Shirogane is a slow and expressive who expresses the cool, busy white silver inside. The acting is really wonderful.
Yoshimi Ohara of the role of Chika Fujiwara has always been a wonderful accent of the story with cute acting, and Ryota Suzuki plays in the machine gun talk with Yuu Ishigami who turns on and seems to be a runaway This scene was also attracted by forgetting breathing.

And please pay attention to the feat of Jo Aoyama, the narrator of this work! The intelligibility and lively heat of sports, as well as the deep and sweet voice when describing the subtleties of romance, make the story even more exciting. There are some interesting anime works with unique narration, but I hope you enjoy this work as one of the run-ups.

■ I can attract music! Focus on theme song, ending and BGM

What was also talked about was the song "Love Dramatic feat. Rika Ihara" by Masayuki Suzuki, "The King of Love Songs," as the opening theme song for this work. It was Suzuki's first anime song, and he also performed at the first anime event "MBS Anime Histria-Heisei-" with this song. Watch the collaboration that makes Suzuki's funky and soulful singing voice addictive!

"Chika Chika Chika" by Chika Fujiwara (CV. Yoshimi Ohara), an ending video that suddenly flowed in the third episode, also made a big hit on the net. The cute singing voice, the cute dance, and the addictive lyrics that never come to your mind once you listened to it.

I also want BGM to listen. In the scene where Kaguya and Shirogane become "good feeling", there is an atmosphere that seems to create a love story in Tokyo, and there are homages that you want to hear unintentionally, so it is inevitable that you will be able to grab your heart.

■ The second broadcast is also decided! Look at the first semester also as preparation

And the long-awaited 2nd term “Kaguya-sama wants to tell you ~ The Genius's Love Brain Battle ~】 will be broadcast from April 2020. From the second term, Mino Iino (CV. Miyu Tomita), a candidate for a new student chairman with a sense of justice, and Kobachi Kobuchi (CV. Rina Hidaka) supporting such Miko will appear as new characters.

Original: Akasaka Akasaka said, "In the second phase, the number of characters has increased, and the loveless genius has become a catchphrase. Love comedy is moving again, and it ’s a good word, I ’m looking forward to it. I hope you all enjoy it together. ” Was sent.

It is expected that a brain war that will exceed the first season's enthusiastic battle will be developed ... This is a great expectation! Why don't you take a look back at the first semester during the New Year holidays also as a preparation course?

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