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Two episodes in a row! "Book lover's sword fight" Episode 13 14 Synopsis / precedence cut arrival!


Part 1 climax from this season's anime "I don't have a choice of means to become a librarian of a book lover" Synopsis and preceding cuts of episodes 13 and 14 were released. It will be a continuous broadcast.

・ AT-X January 1 (Wed): 20: 00-21: 00
・ TOKYO MX January 1 (Wed): 22: 00-23: 00
・ BS Fuji January 2 (Thu): 24:

30-25 : 30 The original is a novel by Kazuki Miyo, which has surpassed 2 million copies in the series (including e-books). "This light novel is amazing! (Published by Takarajimasha)". No. 1 topical work.

A college girl who loves books died shortly before becoming a long-cherished librarian, and reincarnated as a soldier's daughter Mine in a different world in a medieval European style. A tale of struggling to obtain a book using the knowledge of modern Japan in a strict status system.

<Episode 13 Synopsis> Chapter 13
of a Miko Apprentice " Gunter gets furious at Mine, who wants to be a shrine maiden apprentice. Apprentices of priests and shrine maiden are orphans. Moreover, he seems to have to work hard in the temple. Mine gives up trying to be an apprentice shrine maiden. Then Mine comes back to the temple and tries to refuse the apprenticeship of the shrine maiden to the temple director and the priest, Ferdinand. Then unexpected things happen.
◇ Screenplay / Yuko Ishiyama, storyboards / Takeshi Mori, director / Nakamura modern times, the total animation director / Emiko Endo, animation director / Kayoko Kumagai, Masakazu Saito, KadoTomoaki, Musket

<14 Episode Synopsis>
Chapter XIV "settlement "
Mine and parents that will be called to the temple. He heard that depending on negotiations, he could become an apprentice to a blue shrine maiden who was treated like a nobleman, and Gunter decided to protect Mine. And the day of negotiations. As soon as he saw the poor dress of Mine's parents, he changed his benign attitude. He doesn't listen to his parents and orders him to give him Mine. Gunter resolutely refuses. The temple leader peels his fangs at Gunther!
◇ Screenplay / Yuko Ishiyama, storyboards and directed / Yoshiki Kawasaki, chief animation director / Kaiya Toshihisa, animation director / Kanako Tsuji

Original: "In order to become the favorite of junior dominating senior librarian does not need to choose the means (TO Books)
Author: Mitsuki Katsuki / Illustration: Yu Shiina
/ Deputy Director Hongo Mitsuru / Yoshiki Kawasaki Series Composition / Mariko Kunizawa

Main: Yuka Iguchi / Ferdinand: Sho Hayami / Touri: Ai Nakajima / Efa: Fumiko Orikasa / Gunter: Takeshi Koyama / Lutz: Mutsuko Tamura / Benno: Takehito Koyasu / Otto: Satoshi Hino / Marc: Tomoaki Maeno / Frida: Aya Uchida

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