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2020 winter anime "What do you see this term? Announced TOP10 ranking results!]


In “d Anime Store,” the unlimited viewing service for the number of domestic anime works (*), we conducted a popularity vote for works of interest from winter 2020 anime.
* For domestic fixed-rate video distribution services. According to NTT Com Research as of March 2019.

During the voting period from December 13 (Fri) to December 20 (Fri) 19:00, the ranking result is 74,785 votes in total.

[Comprehensive ranking]
1st place: 9,232 votes
Re: Life in a different world starting from zero

2nd place: 5,569 votes and a scientific electromagnetic
gun T

3rd place: 5,537 votes
Another world Karutetto 2

4th place: 4,831 votes
Haikyuu !! TO THE TOP

5th place: 4,353 votes
I hate to hurt, so I would like to swing to defense.

6th place: 4,283 votes
room scan △

7th place: 3,807 votes
Saiki KusunokiTakeshi of Ψ flame Ψ starting ed

8th place: 3,701 votes
Magia record Magical Girl Madoka ☆ Magica Gaiden

9th place  2,630 votes
science is proving so fell in love saw.

10th place:
There is a dark destruction god next to me with 2,055 votes .

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