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# 2 "Ansta! ] Album full-length review & interview by Saori Kodama & Yohei Matsui & Seiya Kuwahara will be released for one week only


 In PASH! PLUS, from January 1 to 7, 2020, PASH! "Ensemble Stars!" Was published for the fourth consecutive issue from the October 2019 issue. ] Limited interviews with staff from the album series! Let's get over while listening to the album on the New Year 2020!

* This interview is from the PASH! November issue released in October 2019.

* Unauthorized reproduction and unauthorized use of text copies, screenshots, captures, etc. are strictly prohibited. Please do not reprint on SNS such as Twitter. I may call you as soon as you find it.

Lyricist, Saori Kodama & Lyricist, Yohei Matsui
& Producer, Seika Kuwahara

Kozuki, UNDEAD, approach the charm of Switch!

――Please tell us about the appeal of Kozuki, UNDEAD and Switch.

Matsui Kozuki is actually a new type of unit. After all, there weren't many idols in our era that were colored one color like Kozuki. I don't think it would be necessary to narrow down the presentation to just one "wa". I think it is a unit that is said to have high ability.

Kuwahara: No. You began to show your personality little by little from the position of 2. I think it has become a unit that conveys new things while protecting traditional performing arts, from a solid unit that values ​​traditional performing arts.

Kodama: Indeed, Hasumi has become round.

Matsui: I think that the unit name Kozuki was considered by Hasumi. I don't think Koro uses his name. I think that the reason that Hasumi-kun put the word "Red" was because he thought that Kozuki was the unit that Koro-kun was pulling in the soul part.

Kuwahara: Regarding music production, Kozuki had always been wondering if it would be better to stay in Japanese style. In this song, one of Kozuki's skins was peeled off, and I think I was able to show them not only "wa" but rough ones.

I think Kodama Kozuki is a cool unit when looking from a male perspective, but I think it has a different color and luster from UNDEAD when looking at a female perspective.

――How about UNDEAD?

Matsui: It's immoral and not morally good, but there are still a lot of fans. It is quite tolerant. It's cool even from a male perspective. At the live of Deadman's where Rei, Keito and Koga had assembled in the past, I feel that the bad guys got hooked.

Kuwahara: That's true. But the impression as a unit hasn't changed much. Although it is rare for four people to come together, I think that the power when they are all together is also unique to UNDEAD. It was also the easiest unit to imagine when writing songs.

Kodama: I wrote a love song with Kaoru this time, but it's like UNDEAD, which allows me to dream of love songs.

Kuwahara Until now, "Ansta! Did not make many love songs. If you're an idol, you usually have a lot of love songs. Even at UNDEAD, especially Kaoru-kun, I thought that love songs would be good, and I had them write lyrics for unrequited love. I was particularly worried about the solo, because I was likely to say "cho-zai" (laughs)

Matsui: People from Cho-Uzai seem to sing unexpectedly (laughs).

――How about Switch?

Kodama At first I thought, "Who is the tsumugi?" And everyone is closer than I thought.

Kuwahara: You're good friends. It seems that Natsume's rough handling of pinions has also come along with the board.

Matsui: But you didn't really like it at first, right?

Kodama The feelings of Natsume-kun around that are difficult. At first, I was reading the story, paying attention to where their true intentions were.

Matsui It's a unit that draws the royal road evil. I think it may already be a kind of magic that there is an orthodox hero unit called a traffic light color, but the accompanying elements are not "likely" in a sense. As I said earlier, I'm going to be confused by the behavior of the characters, but I'm hoping for the happiness of someone straight, and I think that's much more consistent.

Each song pickup


Encounter of Akaneji Takato Hasumi

Kuwahara Under the theme of "Snow Moon Flower," I had the image of "old friends and home memories that still do not fade."
Kodama: It's a memory of old friends, but I don't just think of Echi, but I'm conscious of friendship in a broad sense. The word `` hill '' appears in the lyrics because the image of singing in a place with a good vantage point came out because in the story of `` Crossroads' 'he knew that his parents' temple was on the mountain I use words.

Singing gorgeous youth flower Kanzaki Soma

Kuwahara This song is based on the theme of "Uka-kashin".
Kodama I wrote a song that I wish I could draw Sakuma singing happily and happily. I'm a little younger than my two seniors and I'm conscious of the second grade. In the lyrics, the words “swift lotus flower”, “burning manjusha flower” and “posture correct mizubasho” are also words that image each of Kozuki's three people.

Crimson Soul

Kuwahara The theme of this song was "Red Blade". I was surprised because it was an English title.
Matsui: That's the most particular. "Crimson Soul" = "Crimson Soul", but I thought that my name would be disliked to be included in the song title (laughs). By using English, I tried to keep my distance a little. This song is an image written by a lyricist. I thought that making my own song would make the English lyrics and word play parts smaller. Although he is unlikely to do it, I put in the lyrics the coolness that the lyricist would imagine when I saw him.
I guess I would have chosen a lower key if I made a song with Kurobera Koro's personal part, but I wanted his idol-like sparkle and sang it with the highest possible key.


Valentine Eve's Nightmare

Matsui: This time, the theme of the entire album is "Present", but there is my story that I imagined that UNDEAD would be immoral in giving thanks. “Chocolat,” which appears in the lyrics, is based on the dark rouge worn by UNDEAD fans. UNDEAD members eat chocolates given by fans for Valentine's Day, with chocolate on their lips. The lips have the same color. Kiss it and get it back ... what am I saying (laughs). So, I immerse yourself in such immoral acts and this time the fingers with chocolate will also be dyed black ... UNDEAD fans will usually have many people with dark colored nails, so I thought it would be interesting to write lyrics . What is the "punched fangs"? ... It depends on the degree of immorality of the listener, so please enjoy it by imagination (laughs).

Bloody Moon Vampire Sakuma Zero

Kuwahara The theme is "vampire invitation". Zero's special skill is jazz dance and he himself plays the piano, so I think that the song that the fans wanted was completed.
There was a word "one night only fairy tale" in the material that I received, so I imagined a love song of one night only lovers sexy like a zero. The lyrics include the names of other members, such as "Kaoru" and "Fang", but this was unintentional and became so naturally as I was writing.

Feather Heartache Kaoru Hakaze

Kuwahara The theme is "I want to look back on my unrequited loved ones every day. Kaoru has always been equally friendly to any woman, but this song gives a glimpse of Kaoru's passion.
Kodama It is a love song that says "I don't want to push" while saying "I can't use my hand outstretched." I sang a song of naked love so far, and it seems like I said "I didn't sing about me" (laughs). I think that because there is an outward mask, even if you sing the real intention, you can make it into fiction. Although it is zero, I am particular about using the word "Lady" instead of "Girl".

RIOT WOLF Koga Ogami

Kuwahara: While the theme was "Listen to my song!", The main theme was "Wolf Rock".
Kodama I was very happy to use it in the first episode of anime. Once again, I thought that having a solo song would not increase the depth. Hopefully, the songs and lyrics sneak up in a straight line, and their genuine and aesthetic oozes out. As an aside, Professor Okawa's four-frame “Ansan Buku Stars! I was very happy to pick up these lyrics in (laughs).

Saql Faith Adonis Otokari 

Kuwahara The theme is "One bird in the wilderness." For the first time in this song I used the sitar, an Arabic instrument, but in Japan there are few people who can play sitar, so recording was difficult.
Matsui The title can be read as "Sacrifice" = sacrifice, and it is also a coined word combining "Saqr (Arabic for hawk)" and "Circle (yen)". Since English is read from the left and Arabic is read from the right, the image that forms a circle and thus symbolizes peace is included.


Emerald Planet

Kuwahara: The theme of "Three Magicians" and the first song on the album will be a self-introduction song.
Kodama Because it is a self-introduction song, if you put the names and colors of three people generously, you want to put "Switch" with rust, and if you connect the initials of the rust English word and read it, it will be "Switch" You. "Temptation Magic" was also a self-introduction song, but it was created for those who later became fans.

I “Witch” You A Happy Halloween!

Kuwahara The theme is “Magical Halloween,” with the image of “Halloween” live.
Matsui: I think that the main character of Halloween is children, so the main character is Sora-kun, and the lyrics express the glitter of Halloween through children's eyes. For adults, the word `` Trick or Treat '' is the theory that `` I will mischief if I do not give you sweets '', but it is a magical word that children can get sweets, so the world of Switch which is a `` magic wizard unit '' I think it really fits the view. Even with the same Halloween theme, it's the exact opposite of 2wink.

Secret Gravity Natsume

Kuwahara The theme is "Tenki no Mischief." I wanted to create an image that could be honest in a song, but I could be honest and messed up with the people I care about.
This song is different from Kadori Kodama's love song, and is a devil-like love song that plays with the other party. If an ordinary boy does this ... I hate it a little (laughs). But I think his attraction is that I can forgive Natsume-kun. Be careful not to get into his magic (laughs).

Bluebird Humming ♪ Aoba Tsumugi

Kuwahara The theme is "Happy & Unlucky."
Matsui: He is a person who has no malice towards his partner, but malice is something he attacks. Isn't it small even if it is small? I put a message saying how to take the Unlucky in a positive way. I was at a loss to change the ending to "masuda", but I wanted to make it look like I was reading a picture book of "Blue Birds of Happiness", so I used polite words.


Kuwahara The theme is “bit pop fantasy”. I ordered that the world of the game and the stage of the idol be mixed.
It is a song that vividly emphasizes the colorful and sparkling world view of Sora-Matsui. If anything, I valued the word paste more than the lyrics. His distinctive way of speaking "Na ~" was impressive, so the lyrics were rhymed so that the ending was "Na ~". By the way, the word "player" includes both "player" and "prayer".

Eccentric Party Night !!

Kuwahara The theme is "Eccentric Party". It's not an old five strange people, but an image of them now gathering together.
Kodama It's harder to think about the singing of the five people than the lyrics. I was sang at the beginning with Reu as the center, but as a result I was wondering who would come second ... and as a result I had Mune sing. It's a fictional stage and it's a very happy lyrics, but I'm feeling that I don't want this time to end so that the pain can't be wiped out.

Interview / Sentence: Sachi Suzuki (c) Happy Elements KK 

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