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# 3 "Ansta! ] Album full-length review & interview by Saori Kodama & Yohei Matsui & Seiya Kuwahara will be released for one week only


 In PASH! PLUS, from January 1 to 7, 2020, PASH! "Ensemble Stars!" Was published for the fourth consecutive issue from the October 2019 issue. ] Limited interviews with staff from the album series! Let's get over while listening to the album on the New Year 2020!

* This interview is from the December issue of PASH! Released in November 2019.

* Unauthorized reproduction and unauthorized use of text copies, screenshots, captures, etc. are strictly prohibited. Please do not reprint on SNS such as Twitter. I may call you as soon as you find it.

Lyricist, Saori Kodama & Lyricist, Yohei Matsui
& Producer, Seika Kuwahara

MaM can do things that can not be done as mottle

――What are the attraction of MaM, Valkyrie and fine?

Kuwahara: He appears in various places in line with the catchphrase "Smile-blooming festival man". There are places that make me think. I'm looking forward to seeing how he gets involved with everyone.

Matsui I spotted "Ansta! I feel the most human and sympathetic. For other characters other than the spots, the inside of the heart and the face on the front are somewhere in communication, but the spots seem to be the most different between the back of the heart and the exposed part. On the contrary, I wonder if it is connected to the unit of MaM. Maybe it's easy for spots to become MaM. I think that MaM can do something that can not be done as a fleck.

――How about Valkyrie?

Matsui: The teacher of the handicraft club (Mune Saimiya), so if you compare it to clothes, the old Valkyrie teacher said to Mizuna that "Please keep this figure while maintaining your body perfectly!" Now, I guess we have started making clothes with a little play so that we can keep up with our movements.

Kuwanohara: Nazuna disappeared, so I wonder if the balance between the teacher and Mika has been maintained. I think each other makes up for each other's missing parts, and it's an exquisite relationship. It's difficult to say, but I think the unit is more complete now. It may be because of these two that they can try various things without stiffening.

Matsui Nazuna made a perfect world view because of the material. Is it unfortunate for that? I think that because I was a teacher who wanted perfection, I had expected some unexpected situation. Despite the failure, that was why I was upset. The fear of failure is amazing. We've had a lot of failures and we're finally feeling like this.
Kodama: They're still teens. In the anime, the scene of three people was drawn, and my heart hurt when I didn't return to "I was close."

Kuwahara: You were surprisingly warm. The teacher is quite kind.

Matsui: So they both liked the teacher. Nazuna just looked for his own way.

――How about fine?

Kodama When I wrote "Neo Sanctuary", I didn't know Echi-san yet. Then I knew what he had done, but also that there was his justice there.

Matsui: I felt that the music needed to have the power to make sure that they did what they did, and I was afraid as a creator.

Kuwahara: First, when I asked Happy Elements what kind of unit was fine, he said, "I am a king. The king is Leo." When I heard that he was a king, there was a dignified atmosphere, but from the image of an angel, such as the feather logo wings and pure white costumes, I imagined that the music was surprisingly light and unexpected. Fine is also an interesting unit that traces the evolution of their thoughts in the past and now.

It is a big change that Hidetoshi Matsui has come to feel the joy of "people" in his joy. But personally, I feel that Tori is also a big presence for fine. I feel that fine is now a lot of pulling on the image of Tori.

Each song pickup


Kimi Be Ambitious !! 

Kuwahara The theme is "the way ahead." Although it's a solo unit, I'm writing music because I think that “trickle spots” and “MaM” are different things. MaM thought that the aspect of "I would like to support someone who works hard" is strong, so I made it with the image that would make it a song of hope for the listener.
Kodama Since "Blooming World" was a song like a rooter song, I chose the lyrics to express my support for the song in a different way. Since MaM has an impressive impression, the title is "Kimushi", a word that accepts and accepts the "ness" of the other person. But I guess it's MaM-like that you don't want me to be in a world where you can be like me. I don't think it's any different, but I think MaM's support is that you're fine because you are fine.

Blown in the tsuji style with team Ushiwakamaru

Kuwahara The event is based on the image of the event "Hanabuki * Satsuki no Murasaki" with the theme "Mauve-colored Hanabuki. I was wondering if it would be nice to let the light sing because the melody was cool, but Mr. Ikeda (as Jun Hikari) sang in a different atmosphere than the usual Ra * bits. Was.
Kodama: I was a bit anomalous, so I was a little at a loss about singing. I'm worried about how you think about singing with spots ... (laughs). One rust and two rust in particular are the case, but if it is a regular unit song, the spots are drawn evenly, but the team Ushiwakamaru also has flowers, giving it the feeling of that stage.

RevolTrad -Ishin Denshin- with Kozuki

Kuwahara This event is based on the image of the event “Leap! I ordered you to draw the beliefs of both the reformer and the protector.
Matsui: This song is my hobby (laughs). I like Ryotaro Shiba and I read "Ryoma ga Yuku", but I wrote the image of the world view at the end of the Tokugawa period. The lyrics of the "closed place" are double-meaning "isolation" and "former Yume no Saki". In particular, Kozuki was a guardian of the system, so I put some thought into their reforms. So be sure to read Ryotaro Shiba sensei (laughs). Another point is that I made the lyrics in English. Kozuki doesn't have much image of singing in English, but I wanted to give MaM a black ship feeling, so I dared to put in English.

See You Again

Kuwahara: Since MaM has few stories, I decided to interpret it differently, so I tried competing the lyrics. I received a lot of lyrics, but for some reason an application came from an acquaintance ... (laughs).
Matsui (laughs). Because I received a competition! (Laughs) When thinking about the personality of the spots, I was interested and wrote what kind of lyrics it would be.
Kuwahara: Since he knows the work deeply, he is good at drawing “Matte” and “MaM”. The theme is "The distance between now and the past", and they have drawn their feelings before becoming MaM.
Matsui I think there are various ways of receiving the word "the distance between now and the past", but I feel that the spot itself is enjoying how the lyrics are received when they reach someone. This song is not all of the spots, and it may be too early to answer them all. That's why I changed the title to "See You Again" (laughs).


Tonight's moon house

Kuwahara The theme was "Halloween Party", and we had a Halloween song like Valkyrie. The image of my Valkyrie is like a teacher saying a grateful word, and Mika is saying sideways with a loudspeaker saying "Thank you for the high teacher!" What is it So, I applied a loudspeaker-like effect (laughs).
Kodama I wrote this and it was really fun! In "React Magical Halloween," you can leave the performances centered on Mika to your teacher. But if he writes his own song, he doesn't think he's going to be the main character, so let's take a position like a storyteller who advertises, "I'll show you how wonderful the teacher is!" Was. So, the intro has only Mika sing. In the lyrics of A Melo, the teacher sings human feelings, but Mika is dedicated to explaining the situation. Mr. Takahashi (who plays the role of Munei Samiya) also sang like a musical, and I think it was an unprecedented song.

Mémoire Antique

Kuwahara The theme is "antique memory". The keywords "melody of the golden border", "birds flying in the eternal sky", "songs from the past" were mentioned. Although it is not a song tailored to a specific event, the two have experienced dramatic narratives, so I imagined that there would be a story that was not drawn.
Matsui: The image of “Lament” was strong in Valkyrie's past, but there must have been delight. So I wanted to write a story of hope that Valkyrie sings right now. "Hymnal" was trying to write the art of Mune Samiya rather than the song of Valkyrie, so it may be from this song that Valkyrie became aware of the unit. In that sense, the singing balance is about the same for both. When the teacher made a song that tried to treat Mika-chan equally, I thought that it would be such a song.
Even in the Kuwahara recording, in the past, Osuka (Jun) (who plays Mika Kagekata) sang as if he was being pulled by a teacher, but this song is a story that I want you to give out I did it.

Cloth Waltz Mune Saimiya

Kuwahara: You may have thought that this song was surprising as a song by Mr. Kuwahara, but it is difficult to differentiate the song with a strong Valkyrie color, so it is a song depicting the aspect of Mune's original kindness and delicacy I did it. This is the only solo song currently on sale, but Yumenosaki's idol has many other songs as his own songs, and it is an image of one of them. There was talk that Mademoiselle could come out. The theme is "Cross Waltz".
Kodama I reread "Scout! Victoria" and wrote a loving side of Mune. Dolls and dresses that can give you life without compromising a stitch and say, "Let's enchant our arts" are the happiest. I draw a gentle, beautiful and warm stage.

Amber to Ruri no Rin Dance Mika Kagekata

Kuwahara The theme is "Ring Dance of Dolls". I wish I could see the ego sprouting in Mika, who was a doll of the sect. As for the way of singing, I tried to express the feeling that A melo was doll-like and light, and the ego gradually grew up with B melo and started moving by chorus.
Matsui: This lyrics wrote "Mika Kagekata" as if it were still boiled down and boiled down into ink, thinking about how beautifully it can sublimate the distortion of Mika. The nursery rhyme "I found a small autumn" has the lyrics "Empty eyes, melted milk," and it's a scary atmosphere even though it's a cute song. Even in this song, I wanted to express Mika-chan's cuteness with fear, so I included a lot of Mika's eye expressions, and even for a teacher, I would even throw it away. Finally, I was at a loss as to whether to include the word "love", but I thought I wouldn't complete Mika's crazy art without it, so I dared to include it.


Holy Angel's Carol

Kuwahara: For the song of the event "Noel * Angels' Starlight Festival", we asked for the theme at "Starlight Festival". I ordered, "I want you to write a Christmas song from an angel's point of view." However, until now Eiji thought he had to change the school with his own hands, after the main story, I think that it is now fun to see the environment and enjoy the Christmas casually, "Let's have fun together." In the anime, the scene where Eiji enjoyed watching the meteor squad live was drawn, but I think Eiji would just like that kind of fun.
Kodama: You said you would play a Christmas song from an angel's point of view, but it was surprisingly fresh because I never wrote a Christmas song from that perspective. Watching the people who spend Christmas happily is the image of their happiness. There is a lyrics that Echi and Wataru sing "Merry Christmas" in the second, but this is a sad scene where Echi dream of Wataru in the prologue of "STAFFES", thinking "How poor it is ..." I decided to make this allocation because I wanted both of them to say.

Little Little Prince Star Himemiya Tori

Kuwahara The theme is "small growth." At first it was mainly electronic sound, but I wanted to give a fine feeling and became a live band. Needless to say, the Himemiya family is rich, so if you don't spend a little more on it, you'll get angry (laughs).
Kodama It's a lyrics with the wish of Toh Li, who wants to be that kind of thing for you because there is something you long for. Tori looks very cute, but he has a younger sister, and when he's a freshman, he looks like his brother. I wanted to write about him not just cute. I have a feeling of being young because I am in fine, but I'm a hard worker and I'm a kid. It's amazing to just enter fine in the first grade, and it's great that you are confident in yourselves and don't neglect your efforts to reach heights. I was surprised that Echi's solo song was "SHINING STAR" (laughs).

Amazing ☆ World Wataru Hiki

Kuwahara The theme is "Amazing World". It's all you want to do (laughs).
Matsui The theme is "love"! What kind of lyrics should I write to Mr. Kiju every day? I heard a voice saying, "You can write me as you want!", So I wrote it exactly (laughs). I think I heard a voice saying “Amazing!” (Laughs). For Mika's heavy love for only one person, Wataru's love is for all people. Eros and Agape. Quoting Shakespeare's words, putting in the word "humorous" to make his past a little bit more, or beginning with "Your resonating" and ending with "I resonate" In fact, the details are stuck. ).

Genuine Revelation old fine

Kuwahara The theme is "White Revolution". Originally, Echi was a person who wanted to start a revolution, and in that sense it's the same as Trickstar. They are the people who have started the same revolution, only in the way they change and how they do it. Echi's revolution did not go well, but the future he envisioned would have been full of hope. I wanted to sing the future of hope, which Echi dreamed of before the revolution.
Matsui: The theme of "revolution" has a strong image of Trickstar, so I want to use an alternative word. So, what kind of song would you sing in the old fine era? Paradoxically think about how Eden, to which the old fine's double signage belongs, would have a mythical unit image like today, and call the word Revelation the title. Did. At the same time, it is a song that tells us that Yumenosaki is overwhelming justice. I guess Ibara-san wouldn't have used this song in Eden (laughs). Also, because I thought that I did the same thing with Trickstar, I also wanted to use words that sounded similar to "Rebellion" in "Rebellion Star". This song is also connected to "Neo Sanctuary". Kodama used the word "end" as a symbol of despair in "Neo Sanctuary", but in this song, as the lyrics of "Let's give relief to end", the end is still saved at this time That was it. I'm also particular about singing, and I wonder if these two will sing this word ... The lyrics, "Let's decorate at least at the splendid Cadenza" were written with the feeling of giving it to Wataru. I intend to blur the thoughts of Echi, who chose Wataru at the end of the defeat of the five strangers.

Interview / Sentence: Sachi Suzuki (c) Happy Elements KK 

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