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# 4 "Ansta! ] Album full-length review & interview by Saori Kodama & Yohei Matsui & Seiya Kuwahara will be released for one week only


In PASH! PLUS, from January 1 to 7, 2020, PASH! "Ensemble Stars!" Was published for the fourth consecutive issue from the October 2019 issue. ] Limited interviews with staff from the album series! Let's get over while listening to the album on the New Year 2020!

* This interview is from the PASH! January 2020 issue released in December 2019.

* Unauthorized reproduction and unauthorized use of text copies, screenshots, captures, etc. are strictly prohibited. Please do not reprint on SNS such as Twitter. I may call you as soon as you find it.

Lyricist, Saori Kodama & Lyricist, Yohei Matsui
& Producer, Seika Kuwahara

I think Subaru has natural idol talent

――Please tell us about the appeal of 2wink, Trickstar, and Eden as a unit.

Matsui 2wink is a unit where the image of private and idol is separated. The song is techno pop and bright, but what you have is big. However, on the contrary, I think that it is a unit that embodies the fact that people can become any shape with effort. They can pull us in the direction we want.

Kodama: You're getting closer to their ideal of two winks, despite the twists and turns.

Matsui: Perhaps the joy of the two at the moment of their birth was their goal. There is also an image that seems to be going back and forth. But they have good seniors, so I'm sure they'll be fine.

Kuwahara: In terms of music, I think that it is a unit that was able to describe the changes in their emotions throughout the year in the same musical genre over time.

Kodama Sure. I often wrote the lyrics for 2wink, but I think it often blurred my mind.

――How about Trickstar?

Matsui It's a hero, but not a hero.

Kuwahara The main character is Subaru, but the leader Hokuto is interesting.

Matsui: But I think his great strength is the ability of Subaru to pull and the last step he can take. In addition, other characters say that Subaru is a genius. It's probably the part that people who actually face Subaru feel.

Kodama: I think an idol is simply a person who can make others smile, but Subaru is a person who can do it with natural talent.

Matsui: That's right. Eiji realized the revolution by breaking the hearts of the geniuses, but I think that the genius of Subaru Akeboshi, who has achieved a further revolution by having an unbreakable heart, is a great contrast.

Kuwahara But such a Subaru is an exquisite member balance that makes us think that we couldn't have done this much without these four.

――How about Eden?

Kuwahara: When I first explained the unit, I couldn't forget the shock when I was told, "Eve and Adam will unite to become Eden." I didn't know the exact settings when creating the song, but I wanted to draw the overwhelming idolism of the four.

Kodama: Each character is not yet deeply digged, but it still has a great deal of information.

Matsui: When I came to clam-hunting casually, it seemed that the first scoop was full of buckets (laughs). Personally, I think that Ibaraki's presence is great. How far are you looking? Musically, it was written in the image of the Old Testament God as the unit name, so it was easy to write.

Each song pickup


Play “Tag”

The image sung at the Kuwahara Setsubun Festival, and asked for a theme called "Two Players".
Matsui: When I guessed what the tag was to say in English, I found the word "Play tag" and thought, "Is there such a miracle?" I thought that the word "play", which is to play a tag, would be perfect for the Aoi brothers, who are actually one and play two. They just acted, and they were actually "one of the two." If we became one demon, we would catch all of our fans, so this time everyone would follow us. It's a lyrics that means “Chase us”. Also, the word "oni" is an "oni" in the sense that his real father said he was uncomfortable and was treated as a non-human. But without thinking too deeply, I think you can think of the two wink's lyrics as realizing that happy moments can be shared. The two stories are still going on, and their worldview is not completely finished, but they said, "But we are happy enough and we can be happy." I have 2wink's desire to divide the happiness we felt into more people. I think it's like they've delighted a lot of people who eventually turn to their fans.

2wink Introduction

Kuwahara The theme is "2wink-like self-introduction." 2wink did not have a self-introduction song yet, so I decided to make it at this time for my first album.
There was an order of atmosphere like the opening of the Kodama Club, so at first I wrote the lyrics with the image that the song started from a place where it was dim and a little face could be seen. I think girls will dress up for the live, but the 2wink kids think that they can say "I can see it properly!" To that kind of girl, and the lyrics "Music Lover was fashionable" Has been put. There was an order to put the two names together, so I figured out how to put them in. I think you can find one soon, but please look for it.

SwEeT MeLlOw MeLoDy Hinata Aoi

Kuwahara: In fact, when I ordered this song, I forgot to write the theme (laughs). The keywords are "sweet", "mischief", "smile", and "fun".
Matsui: In this song, I really wanted to use the word "I like" to make the audience feel excited. People eat sweets and they become melodies, so I wanted to use the word "melody" by attaching "melody" and "mellow" to "MeLlOw MeLoDy". Hinata hates sweets, but I think she often looked at the facial expressions of people eating sweets in order to play sweet lovers. I thought that her expression was so wonderful that she gradually became fond of sweets, so she wrote the lyrics, "I like you who seem happy." But I didn't like to be 100% sweet, so I decided to make the title mixed up. Also, this title actually means that if you don't brush your teeth, you'll be decayed. Doesn't the rough character look like toothlessness? I think 2wink is going to be popular on toddler shows. I sang this song, and the image seemed to say, "You must do this if you brush your teeth."


Kuwahara The theme is "a stimulating adventure." Yuta is 2wink's spicy charge.
Kodama Until now, there were many songs of 2wink directed to each other, so in this song, it was an order of distance from idol to listener. The tune was like a royal road idol song, so the lyrics were straight. It is an image like a commercial of strong carbonic acid. I tried to add exciting words like royal road idols, kisses and winks. Matsui's "SwEeT MeLlOw MeLoDy" has the same intention, but it's a coincidence, but it's interesting. The lyrics of "Feel so free" are not so cramped about being in the sun, but rather an image that expresses a feeling of freedom more than usual.
Kuwahara 2wink is handled by Souma Saito, both of whom are very dexterous and use different throats and sing differently, so the recording equipment is changed as well. Regarding the song sung by the two, in the case of an ennui song, we record from energetic Hinata and add the ennui element to you. On the other hand, bright and cheerful songs are sung brightly by Yuuta-kun and do more by Hinata-kun. It is recorded like that.


Infinite Star

Kuwahara The theme is "The place where dreams bloom." This song was sung in SS. I composed this song.
Kodama: I thought a great melody came.
Kuwahara: I was glad that the casts said, "It's a really good song," but the hurdles are always high.
Kodama You win the SS with this song.
Kuwahara: Yes, it's a song that beats Eden's The Genesis. “THE GENESIS” was going to be the strongest song, but now I have to go further. It's a contradiction (laughs). It's like being told that the strongest contradictions and shields can be done by themselves.
Kodama: I felt the pressure to write a song for SS. I was worried from the first word of the lyrics, but in order to win the SS that is the culmination of the `` Kiseki series '', I thought that I had to include even the main story, so I decided to use the lyrics starting with `` separated '' did. Also, the last song, "The sun is so hazy," is the lyrics that I wanted Subaru to sing. There was such a line in the application. As with all songs, writing the lyrics while thinking about the child flashes the scene back into my head and often rereads the scenario in a hurry.

My Starry Point Akeboshi Subaru

Kuwahara The theme is "To sparkle tomorrow." This song has so many sections and it's difficult.
Even Kodama, Mr. Kakihara (Tetsuya) sang it wonderfully. The theme is "To sparkle tomorrow", so I want to make the lyrics so that people who are listening to it feel painful or regret. "Ansta! I wrote a lot of songs to support other children, but I want Subaru to sing with the stance of "I can love my excited people." I think Subaru is really encouraged by the fact that he likes himself because he has something too big.
Matsui: I see. When I heard that it was Subaru's solo song, I thought at first that I would push the glitter out to the front, but when I saw the lyrics, "Human, Akeboshi Subaru" appeared unexpectedly. I don't know if it's fresh, but I didn't think it would show me this much. But listening to Kodama's story right now, I thought it would be great to support everyone by exposing yourself. That may be his own growth.

Welcome to the Trickstar Night ☆

Kuwahara The theme is "How to start here" and is a self-introduction song by Trickstar. Trickstar hasn't had a clear introduction song so far, so I thought it would be better to have it as one of the songs I have.
Kodama It is an image of a fun song that will be lively. What I was most particular about was the introduction of the members, in which everyone sang one word at a time about their child instead of singing about themselves. This feels more like Trickstar.
Matsui: At the end, it's really interesting that they are throwing them in a circle (laughs).


Hokuto Kuwahara was struggling with whether to ride on the rails laid by his parents, so the theme was "the way he believed."
Matsui: The keywords "trip" and "rail" gave me the image of "train travel". You can travel by train and arrive at the destination in the shortest distance, but I thought it was a road prepared by Echi. But Hokuto chose to walk, although it may take some time. Take care of the people you can meet by walking. If you feel like walking, you can see the passing scenery in a moment. I wonder if Subaru stopped me to show the scenery. Another thing I think is good about Hokuto is the lyrics, "I can't tell you I'm not lost anymore." The journey will continue in the future, and I think it's a line that can only be said to be traveling with someone.


Kuwahara The theme is "Carefully cool."
Matsui: As you mentioned in "Welcome to the Trickstar Night ☆", when you think of Mao-kun who is being thrown round positively, it is a "chance to grow". I thought it would be okay if I told this as a message. Also, I really wanted to use the word magician, but it was difficult to avoid the switch. However, for the members of Trista, the magician is still true, so I decided to take care of it. By the way, the lyrics of "Because the back and front are me" are slightly conscious of playing cards. Magicians are playing cards.
Kuwahara: This song really has no sympathy (laughs). "I don't want to say" Sudden HELP CALL, No. It's a chance to grow more when someone relies on me. "I don't think it's so beautiful, but there are only" yes "or" yes " (Laughs) I really understand the true feelings.

Walking On My Sunny Road Makoto Yuuki

Kuwahara The theme is simple and “change”. He wrote the true desire to change.
I made the lyrics of Shinko Kodama's dedication full of lyrics. He is very obedient and hateful, and I think that is his greatest virtue. With the motif of sneakers and the lyrics of "Megeta Mitashitamono", I wonder if I could give a true sense of character. When you listen to Trickstar through the album, it feels like it's so complete. I think it is a hero unit. The direction of the solo is four-way, so I wonder if it will affect many people. The lyrics of "Last one step" of the last portrayed the feeling that Shin-kun was about to step forward with his own will.


Dance in the Apocalypse

Kuwahara The theme is usually "play of paradise."
Kodama What is normal? (Laughs)
Kuwahara: It's normal for Matsui-san.
Matsui: I'll just say this. Because the meaning of "play of paradise" was hard to separate! (Laughs) What is "play in paradise"?
Kuwahara (laughs). The keywords were different, and they told us the words "center stage," "stimulating," and "we want to collide."
Matsui: It's a song by Eden, so I wanted to give both Adam and Eve a feeling. The lyrics "I'll give you an excuse for taking an invitation" is like a trap unit called "I want you to say I didn't come to Eden (paradise) on my own?" "Represents Adam's overwhelming dominance over the people who come there. The lyrics of "Do you want to be fallen? Do you want to fly?" Says, "You can't fly because you are a human being, but if you want to fly, you fall and you feel like flying." That's… it's a complete god's view. Eden is such a tool, but for Eibar even Eden feels like a tool. I used the word "random reflection" in the lyrics, but if everyone shouted "ran", the audience would automatically watch (ran) Nagisuna. Maybe I will remove the camera too. This is 100% Ibaraki's calculation, and I think Eden is a very elaborate unit. Also, I'm trying to make it sexy according to the tune, so I dare use words not used by other idols. The title "Dance in the Apocalypse" has the meaning of "dancing at the end". I think it's a song that touches the roots of music, like dancing euphorically.

Sunlit Smile! Eve

Kuwahara The theme is "Summer Live, Summer Love". It is an image sung at summer live. The first song as Eve was "Trap For You", but the song that fought against Trickstar at the summer live is more like this song.
Matsui: You've done all you can to write an idol song. Maybe this is used for commercial songs. After singing the rust, the two of them seem to be "stimulating like this" in cosmetics commercials. There was also the word "Sister feeling", so I felt like I was expecting more from the boy, but I was also able to give a sense of expectation to Trickstar. I also gave a love song feeling, but it was just like the weather, and it wasn't a character aimed at any particular person outwardly, so it's not unnatural to write a love song. I hope it will be the song I want to listen to in the summer. At the same time, I wanted to give the trap unit a little bit of "Trap For You", so I blamed someone for saying, "I should blame the sun."

The Beast of the End Adam

Kuwahara The theme is "Inspire the battlefield champion."
Kodama: This is a stage facing the Autumn Live Trista, and I thought it would be nice to be able to express in a song that Subaru would stop suddenly when Nagisa started singing. There was also the keyword "commander of the army", so I used the word battlefield, which seemed like an idol.
Kuwahara The point of this song is the beast feeling of Ran Nagisa. No. 2 contains a cry of Nagisa called "Wow !!".
Kodama I was surprised that Nagisa could do it.
We asked Kuwahara to ask, "Is it okay to have a beast feeling?" 
It was amazing! 
Matsui: It's amazing that they are premised on winning. It's a good attitude to come, rather to come, but it's because they're scared because "the hope that we robbed is beautiful".

In this world where I was born

Kuwahara The theme was "The Story of Time," and he wrote it with the keywords "people's superiority" and "sadness and feasibility of competing." Nagisa is a person who does not know whether he has emotions or not, so it was very difficult to make a solo song in the first place.
Kodama: It was time for the information of Mr. Nagisa to come out, so while writing the story, I wrote to express his transcendental atmosphere. "People make mistakes with sad instinct, but they have the power to believe that they can start over each time." But I'm not trying to break it away, but trying to understand what I don't know.
Matsui: He doesn't really know humans. However, I wonder if there were parts that Trickstar noticed through the Kiseki series.

Poison Strategy Seven Kinds Thorn

Kuwahara The theme is "Strategy and Tactics". He gave me the lyrics for his elaborate strategy.
Matsui I was wondering whether to use honorifics, but since it was the first song, I thought it would be okay to use them. The lyrics "To deprive you of the gem of jewelry" sound like a love song, but for him it is a strategy. Just to give a sense of love song to bring out bruises, it has the meaning of "taking away your proud brightness". Are you scared? But, "Is it you who jumped in without hesitation?" You're blaming the other person. The relationship between a human being and a thorn is already determined the moment he recognizes the other person. However, I couldn't decide for Nagisa alone, which may be the reason why I have a strong interest and deep passion for him. But I think most people will follow this song. Everything is a strategy (laughs). But you said "Poison" in the title, but you misunderstood. I'm scared (laughs).

Fantastic Days ◎ Tomoe Weather

Kuwahara The theme is "sun-colored jewelry."
Kodama The title "Fantastic Days" comes directly from "Good weather". The weather is selfish but gentle, with the innocence and nurturing characteristics of the rich. So, I wrote the lyrics for "I just want to be myself" with the image I really think so. But it's like "I'm going to see the sunshine", not "I'm going". I think that "letting it come" is just a peaceful experience. It's very straightforward and straightforward, so I'm calling out with the feeling of “Why are you here? This is so much fun, come on!”
Matsui: Even with the same rich man, Eiji has a sickness, so there are things that are absolutely inaccessible from the moment he was born. That's the difference between weather and Eiji.

Back-alley Monologue Ren Jun

Kuwahara The theme is "one hyena" and the keywords are "your own value" and "flowers that bloom in the dark."
Kodama Now, this place is important, and I wrote the lyrics of Jun's feeling that he never wants to let go of it. The lyrics at the beginning, "If you can't cling, it's a fake," say that the point you don't want to cling to is already over. I wrote it with Jun's greed to do anything to get there.
Kuwahara Jun is very good at clinging to the current position he picked up by the weather.
Kodama: I don't think it's cool, but rather think that it's cool. I wonder if that's the only person who came from the bottom. Finally, return to the first song on the album, "True World at the End of a Lonely World" (laughs).
Matsui True World is Eden. The specification where you can listen to the album indefinitely after the loop starts (laughs).
The true world for Jun Kodama is the world where Eden is, where he is now.
Kuwahara Back-alley (the back of the alley) also has a sense of jun.
Kodama Jun has a back alley feeling, right? The light comes in from behind the alley, and when I look up, I can imagine the image of a sunny day.
Matsui: I understand. Jun may be the one who is most exposed to the greed that everyone has inside. "Ansta! 』Even the character of Tori is the greedy root, so I wonder if everyone has the same thoughts when naked.

Interview / Sentence: Sachi Suzuki (c) Happy Elements KK 

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