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# 1 "Ansta! ] Album full-length review & interview by Saori Kodama & Yohei Matsui & Seiya Kuwahara will be released for one week only


In PASH! PLUS, from January 1 to 7, 2020, PASH! "Ensemble Stars!" Was published for the fourth consecutive issue from the October 2019 issue. ] Limited interviews with staff from the album series! This is the first article. Let's get over while listening to the album on the New Year 2020!

* This interview is from the October issue of PASH! Released in September 2019.

* Unauthorized reproduction and unauthorized use of text copies, screenshots, captures, etc. are strictly prohibited. Please do not reprint on SNS such as Twitter. I may call you as soon as you find it.

Lyricist, Saori Kodama & Lyricist, Yohei Matsui
& Producer, Seika Kuwahara

Feeling of providing music to real idols

-"Ansta! This is the first album series, but what was the overall theme?

Kuwahara The theme is "thanks to fans and unit members throughout the year." So, the first limited edition of the album is a present box specification. A solo song is an image that was originally recorded as a song owned by the end of the school year.

-Tell us about the appeal of the meteor squad, Ra * bits, and Knights that appeared in the first to third albums!

Kodama: It has changed a lot since you first read the main story.

Matsui: That's right. However, it seems that only the meteor squad does not change much. Are they not good at changing? Though each person's thoughts are different, I think that the unshakableness of five people is the best.

Kodama It was very good to be a high school student because the first graders were fighting violently at the return festival.

Kuwahara: Sure. Since the characters are so deeply digged in the event story, for example, one of Chiaki's words, "protecting a smile," has become even deeper. Now, isn't it just a hero of justice that hates meteors?

Matsui: It's about an evil organization (laughs). Personally, I thought the first meteor squad was close to the current five. I guess I was called Meteor Corps because of the urge to become a hero.

Kuwahara I see. Meteor Corps is a unit that inherits what has been going on for generations, while Ra * bits seems to be guiding Nazuna in the direction that first graders want to do.

Matsui: That's right. Ra * bits has nothing to inherit, and because of Nazuna's Valkyrie era, I never try to force three freshmen in the direction I want. I think that it is a type that unexpectedly shows your back.

Kodama: That's true. Also, Ra * bits is surprisingly formulating their strategy. Let's become a bad child.

Matsui: I hate being cute, but I'm pretty cute (laughs). Knights are a tradition, a royal road, an innovation ... because they are confident, they are head-to-head.

Kodama I have a strong sense of professionalism and always have the image of a high quality live show.

Kuwahara: I think Knights is the most idol and fictional player. However, I once thought that fine was the royal road. Then I was told, "Fine is a king." At that time, I couldn't tell the difference between the music of “The King” and the music of “The Royal Road”, but as the story progressed and their direction became clear, they gradually became aware of their “Royal Road” feeling It is now

Matsui: An Star! Eiji says, "I'm Emperor I," and "King I'm Leo of Knights. Although the emperor was chosen by God, the image that the king has strong control over the nation and has a deep loyalty with the knight. And the image of the word "Royal road 釤 is really addictive. There was a time when I was cracking inside the unit, but it was even in the hands of Leo." I always come when I want to take my neck There is an atmosphere that seems to be saying.

――This is your first solo song. Could you tell us what you cherished when making your solo song?

Kuwahara: The actual idol group's solo song is written in such a way that the personal part of the person is replaced with fiction and made into lyrics, but it does exactly the same thing. We are conscious that there are real Yumenosaki idols and we are making songs for them.

Kodama: When you actually make idol solo songs, you often talk about "I'm thinking about these things, I want to sing these lyrics."

Matsui: The only thing that might be different from a real idol is that these kids are trying to put out their own characters. For example, I think that the 70's idol song is almost a “character song.” I create a character called “idol” and sing a song that fits it. I want to sing this kind of thing! "And write it down on paper and submit it (laughs). I want to convey my life-size words, such as Chiaki, Iron Tiger, and Light! I think that the child is especially obedient lyrics.

――Do you have any changes in the way you write lyrics depending on your character's grade?

Matsui Looking back at the finished lyrics, the first year students are generally straight and the third year students are mature, but the second year students may be the most twisted.

Kodama 17 years old. It's a subtle age between adults and children.

Matsui: It's a transition period. Earlier, Kuwahara mentioned that solo songs were images of existing songs recorded at the end of the year, but maybe they changed the lyrics and singing style at the time of recording. There may have been some expressions and lyrics that could be sung because it grew over the year.

Kuwahara: That may be true. I think that if you listen while imagining such a place, you will enjoy it more.

Each song pickup

Meteor Corps

Unlimited ☆ Power !!!!!

Kuwahara A live concert called “Return Festival” in which juniors give thanks to seniors who are preparing for graduation. This song was created based on the theme of "Telling Thanks to Everyone".
Matsui: However, I thought it was better to express my feelings to the fans than my relatives, so I paid much attention to the fans. Instead of the lyrics of "protecting you" up to now, he said, "You got the power to protect you." I thought it would be nice to be able to sing such a relationship for a single fan with a fan and a meteor squad.

ALWAYS HERO! Chiaki Morisawa

The lyrics of the hero image drawn by Kuwahara Morisawa Chiaki.
This is an image of Chiaki Matsui's lyrics as it is, "I want to sing such a song!" "Justice Blaze" in the lyrics is the name of the technique he thought (laughs). Chiaki would say, "I need a technique name because it's a hero song!" I think he is an idol hero, so it's a song that expresses them straight.

Marinburu / Lanbubu Deep Sea Souta

Kuwahara A song ordered under the theme of "Mother Sea". Kodama By using all hiragana for the lyrics, I think we can get a better performance. But I want to make it feel a bit sad. Somewhere in this sea, there is something we have forgotten about ... such a sadness is interwoven.
Matsui Kanata-kun longed for a different world when he was trapped as a god, so I think he has a strong feeling for the sea. The meteor squad may be like a sea to him. It seems that Hiragana's lyrics are sung on children's programs, so you can imagine a wide range of active idols.


Kuwahara The theme of this song is "Huss to polish the han!" (Laughs).
Matsui (laughs). I think he talked to someone when he made his solo song ... but that's one place to go (laughs). So I wonder if he said to him, "Don't think it's confusing. So I wrote "Okay! Ssu!"

Midday afterimage Midori Takamine

Kodama This song was ordered under the theme "I'm sorry ..." I wanted to portray melancholy with a slightly different image from "depression", and wrote it as a song provided by a male singer-songwriter to idols. At first, the title was "The Moon in the Sky", but I changed it to Rintsuki because the image was covered. At night, the image of the moon gradually becoming clearer is superimposed on the change of the green heart.
Kuwahara This song is recorded in "Ansta! It took the longest time in history. Midori is also the most mature character of the year, so it's difficult to decide when to draw. However, it should have been recorded at the end of the year, so the first one is a little lit from the second, and the last is a singing style that overflows with emotions.

Ra * bits

Ni-chan cheering party ☆

Kodama The theme of this song was "Leave it to Ni-chan ♪", but the lyrics were made for three first-year students and fans. Nazuna must have been nicknamed "Ni-chan" by the children of the fans. Nazuna himself is a hard-working person, so if she is told to do her best, she seems to be able to do her best.
Kuwahara: I don't think it's a type that I can afford. So, this song expresses his hard work by daringly setting the key higher and singing hard in the high range.

Higher ↑ Higher ↑ Tomoya Mashiro

Kuwahara The theme is "Dark everyday life on your own." It is Tomoya of the complex that it is normal, but I still put a message that it is growing little by little. But when you look at Tomoya, you can imagine what "normal" is. In a sense, I feel normal is the most incredible, and in the first place, Tomoya isn't so ordinary ... (laughs).
Kodama In an effort to defeat the ordinary, trying to draw a figure that is trying hard, I imagine a state where I can not understand the right or left in the first year of working people. There are times like that in your life. It is a cheering song for those who are working hard, but it is interesting that the same cheering is different from Nazuna's stance.

Start ♪ Dash dash!

Kuwahara The theme of this song is "dash dash". I think Hikari is really a superstar. I'm looking forward to my third grade.
Hikaru Matsui has no image of using difficult words, so he uses plain words as much as possible. I think it's the first solo song for a freshman, so it's an image I made with myself thinking about what he wants to sing. It's a positive, energetic, really light song. But somewhere I'm not happy with my present and I can get even better! His determination is also blurred.


Grateful allegiance

Kuwahara The theme is "the words you want to convey." Until now, Knights often sang their bonds with their friends, but this time they expressed their gratitude to the fans in a straightforward manner.
Matsui: So, we asked all five people to sing the phrase "With love." I am particular about the order of singing. However, I still want to leave a little sense of distance. The word "kiss" is used not for men and women but for the image of "fate gives kiss". Keep the crush of the word kiss, but don't let anybody imagine. It's a teasing play (laughs). Regarding this song, I think it was a song that was made after the current five people gathered.

Birthday of Music Tsukinaga Leo

Kuwahara The theme is "The moment a melody is born." It was an order for Leo's impulse to be lyrical, with inspiration not stopping.
Leo Matsui writes songs himself, but I'm just happy to make music. I thought what kind of lyrics would be if I released that pure joy. I know the fragment of joy, so I want to express it as much as possible. The lyrics "The words made by soft lips" express the joy of having someone sing your song. I think Leo is someone who knows the joy. Also, I want to put some play somewhere, and when I connect the initials of the English words at the beginning of the lyrics, I make it the English notation of "CDEFGAB".

Midnight Nocturne Rintsuki Sakuma

Kuwahara The theme is "Alone and the Piano." This song is like Knights.
Kodama This image replaces the loneliness of living at night with the loneliness of broken heart and long-distance love. I sang the scene of playing a piano for someone sleeping in a distant place, in a world where no one can mix.

With My Honesty Tsukasa Sakura

Kuwahara The theme is "always beside you." I wanted to include the elements that tickle the motherhood, though I was clean and correct, but sometimes I want to be a little sweet.
Kodama I want to use the word "honesty" and use it in the title. It is a lyrics that sang the feelings of Tsukasa-kun honestly. The second person's notation is changed depending on the song, but in this song, I think that you are a little spoiled Tsukasa-kun. Some songs change depending on who sings, such as "you" or "you", so I'd be glad if you could pay attention to such places.

Interview / Sentence: Sachi Suzuki (c) Happy Elements KK

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