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Comico's new serialization is about "scandals in the entertainment world" Young talent threatened by "cats"


Nakajima Mao's new series “Tyrant Cat Wants to Be Kept”, which has been serialized under the alias of “Sho Comi” and “Ribon,” has started with the comic app “comico”. It is a romantic comedy based on the theme of "scandals in the entertainment world".

[15 images] Naked woman when you wake up in the morning !? The trial image of

 the first three episodes is a 26-year-old Ryo Fukase, a young talent who is popular in the entertainment world. She sells it as a cool character, but she really loves cats, and she sometimes dresses up and goes to a cat cafe. One day, Ryo loses consciousness licking matatabi candy given to a female clerk at a cat cafe, and when she wakes up, Ryo is bed-in with the woman. The woman, called her cat, threatened Ryo with two-shot naked pictures and demanded a meal and a place to live. The crisis of a scandal that attacks Ryo and the mystery of a mysterious sleeping child are depicted.

 Regarding the new series, Nakajima said, "Why don't boys draw the hero's manga?" This was the first in this series. It's the first time that a man has been the main character, but I'm very happy to draw it. I hope you enjoy your life and read it. "

 The app also allows you to try reading up to the third episode.

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