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[2019 Anime Movie Box Office Revenue Ranking] 14 billion yen for "Kenoko no Uchi" Many over 1 billion titles such as "Uta Puri"


The domestic anime movie box office ranking in 2019, where the topical work was a mess, was as follows (according to the Anime Hack Editorial Department, as of December 24).

1, Weather Child 14.02 billion yen
2, Detective Conan Nao Blue Fist 9.37 billion yen
3, ONE PIECE STAMPEDE 5.53 billion yen
4, Movie Doraemon Nobita's lunar exploration 5.50 billion yen
5, Dragon Ball Super Broly 4 billion yen * 18 Published on December 14, 2012
6, Mewtwo's counterattack EVOLUTION 2.98 billion yen
7, Movie Crayon Shin-chan Honeymoon Hurricane Lost Hiroshi 2.80 billion yen
8, Movie version Uta no Prince Sama ♪ Maji LOVE Kingdom 1.8 billion yen
9, Theater Edition Fate / stay night [Heaven's Feel] ll.lost butterfly 1.68 billion yen
10, Theatrical version City Hunter Shinjuku Private Eyes 1.52 billion yen

First place is Makoto Shinkai's latest work, "The Weather Child". On the first day of the release, various measures are performed as the highlight of summer movies, such as the first simultaneous screening of all the theaters from 9 am, which is the first attempt of Toho, and the 4D version screening will also start from September The long-lasting performance continued.

2nd place “Detective Conan Nao Blue Fist” recorded box office revenue exceeding “Zero Enforcer” (9.18 billion yen), which caused the Conan whirlwind last year, and updated the series' highest income for seven consecutive titles are doing. "Scarlet Bullet" released in April 2008, featuring Shuichi Akai, who is extremely popular in the original manga, as the main character, is likely to attract further attention. The third place "ONE PIECE STAMPEDE" is a milestone festival of the 20th anniversary of TV anime broadcasting, where characters that have appeared so far at the "Pirate Expo" will exceed 51.8 billion yen of the previous work "ONE PIECE FILM GOLD" It became a movie.

8th place "Theatrical Version Uta Puri" is a "live movie" that draws live patterns by three groups in the works. The long run continued while entertaining fans with additional videos (encore songs) that changed every week, visitors' benefits, and “Maji LOVE Live Screening” (supporting screenings). 9th place "Theatrical version Fate [HF] ll.lost butterfly" is the second part of a trilogy of theater produced by ufotable that also talked about the TV anime "Devil's Blade", the last chapter is March 28, 20 Published on the day.

There are also a number of hits outside of the 10th genre that exceed 1 billion yen in box office revenue, with 1.43 billion feature-length original "Promare" directed by TRIGGER & Hiroyuki Imaishi, 1.5 billion in "Dragon Quest Your Story", and 1.5 billion in "Love Live! Sunshine !!" "The School Idol Movie Over the Rainbow" recorded 1.3 billion, and "Code Geass: Lelouch of the Resurrection" recorded 1.06 billion. In addition, the movie “Sumiko Gurashi Jumping Picture Books and Secrets” released in November spread to a wide range of people as “movies that adults can cry” and set a smash hit of 1.90 billion yen (as of December 19), a winter performance Is crowded.

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