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[New Year anime P talk] KADOKAWA Sho Tanaka × AbemaTV Manami Kabashima


Happy New Year. Please renew the logo and icon in October last year, and on July 9th, please enjoy this year's anime hack, which marks its 5th anniversary.

This year's New Year project will feature a dialogue between KADOKAWA anime producer Sho Tanaka, who has appeared for three consecutive years, and Manami Kabashima, director of the Internet TV station AbemaTV ( https://abema.tv/ ). Now that watching video on smartphones and tablets, distribution sites and SVOD (flat-rate video distribution) services has become commonplace, the roles of television broadcasting and online distribution are undergoing major changes. Mr. Kabashima who feels such a change in his daily work and Mr. Tanaka who does not usually watch TV at all, tell the distribution situation and future prospects of domestic animation, the TV animation `` We talked about topic of "blade". (Interview / Composition: Kotaro Gosho / Animation Hack Editor)

――Please tell us about your work.

Kabashima: About 5 years ago, the project started with one word from the representative, "Fujita (Shin)", "Let's launch a TV Asahi and video distribution platform." When he realized, he was the oldest producer on AbemaTV. As an animation manager, my job is to organize, procure and advertise, set up projects around the world, and contribute to the expansion of the anime domain.

――You've invested in the work, and you've also joined the production committee as a producer.

Kabashima: In June 2017, we launched a group Cygames and an anime fund. (* CA-Cygames Anime Fund). In order to develop IP as a cyber agent group, we invest in two works per cool and participate in the production committee. I was with KADOKAWA among them.

-Did you get to know Tanaka on the production committee?

Kabashima: No, that's not true. AbemaTV is a distribution platform, so the procurement side of the work is basically the distribution counter. However, I personally wanted to ask the producer directly about the intentions and intentions of the work, so I did my best to move freely and meet Mr. Tanaka (laughs). Before launching AbemaTV, we had been negotiating with various companies in order to have a complete lineup, and I met Tanaka about one year after the launch.

――AbemaTV has an original live broadcast program called “Voice Actors and Night Play”, and you are also the producer here. The content is well-crafted and gives the impression of a variety of TV.

Kabashima: Thank you. "Voice actor and night play" is a live broadcast band program that started from the second year of the station. At that time, AbemaTV had a basic premise of creating a firm viewing habit with linear broadcasting, animation was good at initial speed, and I started talking to Fujita about something new with live obi as a new challenge. .
 Actually, I didn't watch any animation before I was in charge of anime, and I was ashamed to say almost no voice actor. Now I have a lot of relationships with the offices, but I attended events, watched videos from all over, and studied while preparing for the opening of the station. Originally, I wasn't familiar with animation, so at the root, I'm strongly conscious of making the content more enjoyable for those who like anime and voice actors.

――Do you remember when you first met Kabashima-san?

Tanaka: Something really cute! I thought.

Kabashima: (laughs). When I first met, I felt like I was just talking about "Pre-Connect" (* "Princess Connect! Re: Dive"). After that, I feel like I'm studying a lot as a drinking friend.

Tanaka: Recently, I have had many opportunities to talk to distribution staff. The window revenue of distribution in the animation business is not so big, but many users are starting to have a habit of watching it in a way that suits their lifestyle, so there is still a lot of potential to sleep. I feel that it is an area that is. That's why we need to constantly think about what titles to develop in response to changes in users. I'm rather an anti-TV group, so I'd like to see more of a free viewing environment that isn't tied to TV. (Lol).

All: (laughs).

Tanaka: AbemaTV is looking forward to seeing the new television form and actively developing it, and I hope he will do his best to make the word “key station” a dead language.

Kabashima: AbemaTV is a joint venture with TV Asahi, but I hope AbemaTV can create a viewing experience that can reach painful places and become the only mass media.

――I'm still a TV group because I want to record, but when I talk to people around me, there is no option to watch on TV in the first place.

Kabashima: Many people watch TV via the Internet, and I think young children today are not so conscious of the border between TV and distribution. Many people think of it as a second screen larger than a smartphone, more like a monitor than a television.

――By the way, is Tanaka-san a television or distribution audience?

Tanaka: This looks angry too, but I don't watch TV for a second, so my annual viewing time is 0 minutes. In 2019, we thought it would be better to watch popular programs in the sense of preventing the alienation of thought, but just thinking about it and the end of 2019.

――I think many people don't watch TV at all these days.

Tanaka: Because we only watch anime, we often pass through titles that are not well-developed or that have exclusive distribution.

――How about Mr. Kabashima?

Kabashima: I almost distribute it, but I only watch the morning news on my TV program. In that sense, I also have a habit of watching TV, and when I watch it, things that are picked up on TV often enter the Internet trend. After all, the power of TV is great, and I realize that there is a certain number of viewers. In 19 years, "Ananaban" (drama "Your turn"), which you were playing on Sunday night, was a hit. The way of hitting is spreading almost instantaneously from young children to those in their 30s and 40s, and I think that way of spreading is unique to the power of television.

Tanaka: As a publisher, I just think that TV is really amazing. The scheme that sells books on TV has not changed. However, since it can explode from word-of-mouth on the Internet, I think how long that magical power will last. When it comes to TV, some people still complain on the net that "(a certain TV anime) is not being broadcast in my area", but I want to tell you that you can watch it if you want to watch it. When I see such a statement, I feel that distribution has not yet reached the world. I want Mr. Kabashima to do his best to make AbemaTV known to all of them!

――Mr. Kabashima, in your daily work, do you ever realize that the audience who usually watches TV is streaming?

Kabashima: I think the trend in 2019 was great. AbemaTV reached 45 million downloads, and in the field of animation, it felt like a milestone. Many people watched news and press conferences for masses that could be handled on TV on AbemaTV, and watched the animation as it was. In particular, the marriage between Ryota Yamazato and Yu Aoi and the live broadcast of the era announcement of Reiwa had an impact, and many people came to AbemaTV.

-Episode 0 "Initium Iter" of "Fate / Grand Order-Absolute Demon Beast Front Babylonia-" was watched on AbemaTV. If you actually experience it, I think it is okay to deliver it, and in "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Golden Wind", you delivered it with a secondary audio by cast. I felt that I was conscious not to just flow but to add a plus one.

Kabashima: That's right, you're not just procuring works, but always thinking about how you can convey those works in an interesting way, and whether you want them to see it! I don't want to lose if I can spend money on a big platform.

――What are the criteria for procuring and organizing anime works? I think there are various factors.

Kabashima: Of course we will see the compatibility with AbemaTV's users, and it is also an important factor whether it is being watched in the world. Also, by developing on AbemaTV, we determine whether the work has the potential to spread from light to mass.

――After seeing the response after the start, is there anything you want to increase on this route?

Kabashima: Yes. We sometimes change the organization, and in the case of a new work, we look at the response of the initial speed and decide the timing of retrospective broadcasting and the cut of special programs. In particular, in the case of a new work, we do not simply distribute it, but we work together with the advertising producers on the work side to enliven the work together.

――Guest voice actors related to the new program often appear in “Voice Actors and Night Play”.

Kabashima: I was glad to hear that "I want to appear" increased in 19 years. In 18 years, I often asked to come out and cast. In "Voice Actors and Night Play", I try to create a project that spreads the work, while at the same time making it a project that can be of interest to people who do not know the work.

――Mr. Tanaka, when planning anime, are you aware of what can be seen in the distribution? "Beyond Astra", which was created in 1919, felt like a title you would want to see at a glance.

Tanaka: I hope we can do that. However, it is very difficult for a single title to be developed in a way that can be unified with distribution as a measure. For example, if there is a “live another service” that runs continuously, such as a game for smartphones, it can be very effective because it can do various things in conjunction. The rest is a long-lasting title. At the moment, about 80% of the work is done in a single cool and the end is about 80%, and I also feel impatient to create such content and move away from the one-off work.

―― “Rezero” (* “Re: Life in a different world starting from zero”) is a long-lived series, and I think it has become a big trend by continuing with one-off works.

Tanaka: I am very grateful that it has become a popular work that can be continued in the series. However, "Rezero" was the first series in addition to the advance distribution, and some distribution destinations were said to be "competitive and difficult", so I was limited.

Kabashima: I want to leave it in the article. It may not be obvious to the user, but it can be understood by looking at the distribution status.

――I think users know somehow that there is an adult situation between titles that are distributed and titles that are not. It's the same as "XX exclusive distribution" that you often see recently.

Tanaka: In the early days, major distribution destinations of subscriptions were also NG. The number of cases where "○○ is different" has increased due to the power of money, but AbemaTV is still often restricted. Permission may be granted conditionally, such as after the broadcast ends or after a certain period of time from the broadcast, such as OK, but the audience rating is likely to decrease, and the services of competitors are a little ... The restriction is placed on the unacceptable part.
 The myth that "nobody will be watching (on TV) when it's broadcast" can still be whispered right now, but for those who use the delivery service, I think it has little to do with it. People who have the habit of watching TV will watch on the television from the beginning, and those who have the habit of watching on the distribution will watch on the distribution, so I think that it is not on the same basis in the first place. Increasing the number of distribution destinations means expanding the overall pie, and I do not think that it will be a disadvantage in the current midnight anime business style ... I think that this kind of feeling must always be fresher than the user, but it is forever tied to something like an old convention, without a change in consciousness, "Oh, I can spread more. In many cases. AbemaTV thinks it's a great service that will open a hole there.

What Mr. Tanaka said is that Mr. Kabashima was initially stuck with customs unique to the animation industry when it was launched.

Kabashima: When we started up, we thought that the key stations were paying in front of the gates and that the headwind was strong. Even though I could finally meet a great person, I was told, "I'm sorry, I can't." TV stations have a history of competing for audience ratings between stations, so I think it was a bit of a background to cooperate with services related to other stations. Especially for hit titles, the hurdles are higher if the bureau has invested in new titles. This is my desire to expand my work.

Tanaka: If you think about your work most, the wider the frontage, the better. I really want to broadcast it nationwide, but the waves are too high to be realistic. But distribution can be delivered to users nationwide at a fraction of the cost. I personally believe that there is no advance delivery, as well as simultaneous start of broadcast and delivery. It is obvious at a glance if you look at the penetration rate of the Internet and smartphones.
 Television is a passive medium where images can be played with a single switch, so there is nothing like a television that can be viewed with minimal effort. AbemaTV, who combines the convenience of such a television, is a distribution service, but has a different design philosophy. With the launch of 5G (Five G) and the strengthening of network infrastructure, the position of distribution services will change rapidly. In the future, when a world like “Television-like distribution service” like AbemaTV comes in, it's interesting.

--So that's it.

Tanaka: I imagine AbemaTV, who continues to innovate while working on various services in the surrounding area, will be running at the top, so I'd like to keep various works in the future ... I guess it looks like a bond (laughs).

All: (laughs).

--I think that it is all right.

Kabashima: Thank you! I will definitely spread the work.

――Review your work and tell us what year 19 was.

Tanaka: 19 years was a year of remorse that I felt like I was over when I realized that I couldn't do anything when I looked back.

――In last year's New Year interview ( https://anime.eiga.com/news/107708/ ), you mentioned that you had many works.

Tanaka: Everyone on the team we worked with worked hard and made it a lot easier. Thanks guys! Sorry for going to sleep when everyone is working hard! I just thank.


――Similarly, at the end of the New Year's interview, it was said that "KADOKAWA does what it does". ( Https://anime.eiga.com/news/107709/2/ ). What kind of initiative was that?

Tanaka: That's not the case from the side, but in fact, KADOKAWA has never before animated the originals of the three major publishers. I was able to get together with Shueisha in "Astra Beyond" and Shogakukan in "How many kilograms of dumbbells do you have?" This was one of the things I had wanted to do since I entered KADOKAWA, and 19 was the year that I realized it.

――Both are cool works in July.

Tanaka: "Astra" was a producer on his own, and "Dumbbell" was a planning and production site, and after a muscle training lover, a fine macho and a man from the team of Kikushima (Kenbun) Was left. Both were talked about in a good way, and the work was helped as a team.

――Mr. Tanaka, do you have a company that has surpassed what you haven't done before?

Tanaka: I've always talked about working with various publishers and authors in-house. KADOKAWA itself is also the original holder, so there's a trend that it's okay if you're doing an in-house original. Under such circumstances, we came to KADOKAWA from the Media Factory, and I wonder if that is where we can reform the most. While continuing to get along with Shueisha and Shogakukan, I would like to continue to associate with various companies and make an appeal that "KADOKAWA has such animations."

――October Cool's “Kandagawa JET GIRLS” is a media mix project where KADOKAWA, Marvelous, Bandai Namco Arts and several manufacturers are on the production committee, and the game is being developed at the same time. Last year, I thought that this was what Tanaka was saying.

Tanaka: That work was done by a different producer from Kikushima on my team. I'm just cheering, and I'd like him to play the role of the “gentleman slot” in the future.

――Mr. Tanaka is not deeply involved. Who is in charge?

Tanaka: Former Chief of Staff (Satoshi), he is a person who works on "KanColle" (* "Kantai Collection -KanColle-"), "Contractor of New Sister Demon King" and "Careful Hero". He is very famous in Germany as "Erotic P".

--Really. Why Germany?

Tanaka: “New Sister Demon King” is very popular in Germany, and when I went to an event called AnimagiC (* AnimagiC) as a producer, I was cheered by the audience (laughs).


Earlier, when I spoke to Mr. Tamura (Junichiro), a producer of the same KADOKAWA, I heard that KADOKAWA has a tendency to do sex appeal animations regularly ( https: //anime.eiga .com / news / 105639 / ).

Tanaka: The person who worked on the work that would have sparked the birth of the word gentleman's frame is my former boss, Shinsaku Tanaka. A word that was probably made when working with Jenko on works such as "Ikki Tousen", "Queen's Blade", "Hyakka Ryoran" (※ "Hyakka Ryoran Samurai Girls" series), "High School DxD" series, I hope to keep the inherited soul intact.
 Speaking of men's slots, the strongest men's slots are in January, and we do a ridiculous animation called "Heterogeneous Reviewers". I think that if this is broadcast, he will be despised by Mr. Kabashima (laughs).

Kabashima: I read the original. I'm cool and personally most fun in January. My subordinates were pulling a little (laughs).

――When you first wrote an article on the anime hack, there was a response saying, "Do you do that with TV animation?"

Tanaka: The opening and ending songs were so shocking that everyone was wondering if they should stop for a moment, but it was "No more. After doing only the planning and production of “Heterogeneous Reviewers”, Kikushima who did “Dumbbell” wants to do it, so while saying “I asked you”, what I want to say freely I'm involved in a fucking boss position that only says. Although it is a straight ball title, it is also a type of work that has never been seen before, so I would like you to see it by all means.

――How about Mr. Kabashima looking back on 19 years?

Kabashima: In terms of internal matters, the number of paying users for AbemaTV has also increased, reaching over 510,000 in September. On the other hand, the live broadcast of the news I just talked about has also become quite established, and I feel that it has been in the past year, like launching AbemaTV if there is any news. While both free users and paid members are increasingly motivated to grow further, I feel that it is also a year in which the hurdle as an operation has risen further as to how users will continue to use AbemaTV in the future. .
 In terms of organization, I was glad that big hits such as "Devil Blade" were born. For more than a year before the start, I talked about how to spread it with the people on the work side, and from that point on I absolutely wanted to do the fastest delivery on AbemaTV. I realized that it was a reality, and after the launch, I received more than I had imagined, and it was good that the original was sold that much and that I realized that I was able to play a part in the hit.

――AbemaTV had a special program called “Devil TV”, and you did a live broadcast on “Machi ★ Asobi”.

Kabashima: We did the relay, and we did everything we could, including the measures we hadn't done before. We started a commerce business with Aniplex in collaboration, and the first was the "Devil Blade". It has been a year that AbemaTV has been trying to increase the number of fans of the work while also encouraging the surroundings of the animation, and how much AbemaTV can increase the pie of the work.

――Have you heard any hits while “Devil Blade” was on air?

Kabashima: The response was much greater than usual, and from the middle I was always in a state of buzz if I sent a story about "Devil". As for the number of viewers, the number of viewers is about 1 in most new works, and it tends to decrease to 2, 3, 4 episodes, but the number of viewers in `` Devil '' will increase the number of viewers in the next week every time the topic is talked about A good cycle was created.

Tanaka: You were the "Devil's Blade" year in 2007. I think it was an explosive hit that is rarely seen in recent years in every way, because of the buzz of the net, the sales of the original book, the number of viewers of the distribution.

――I am looking forward to the movie version released this year as well. Please tell us if you have one of the 20-year-old works that Tanaka has been working on.

Tanaka: For the last few years, I've been trying to refrain from doing my own work as much as possible, but right now, "Rezero" is the title I'm doing most often.

-"Rezero", the first edition of the new edition starts on the night of the first day of this article is published, and the long-awaited two seasons will be changed from April ( https: //anime.eiga. com / news / 110072 / ). Please tell us the purpose of creating the new edition as far as you can talk.

Tanaka: The first two seasons are on air from January to March, and the second season begins as they are, linked in a way similar to a three-cool animation. Counting on the first season since April 2016, it took four years to count, and I think that I did my best without forgetting myself. Actually, we've been planning up to this point, and we've prepared a variety of tricks, so if you've seen it before, or if you're new to rezero, I hope you'll definitely see it.

――The new edition also includes new cuts.

Tanaka: The new edition will be broadcast as a one-hour program, so we will re-edit it for the one-hour program. We are also re-dubbing while adjusting the scale, such as where the lingering sound could not be created due to the limitation of the length. Not many new cuts are included, but the details have been fine-tuned, so I think that there are many places where you can just look at the conversation scene freshly. While adding new cuts, the expression is added to the lengthening of the scale and the way of expression is slightly changed.

Kabashima: Really amazing. Everything is designed.

――Are you participating in the production committee for “Rezero”? When you talked about this talk, you said you wanted to advertise "Rezero".

Kabashima: I'm not particularly involved in "Rezero" (laughs). From the beginning, I just keep saying, "I want to do it with AbemaTV." In the first period, there were circumstances that could not be distributed, but this time with the cooperation of various people, it seems that the wall can be cleared.

――Is it possible to pre-distribute with AbemaTV?

Kabashima: You can do it from one episode. Do you do that? (And asks Tanaka P)

Tanaka: I think it's OK!

Kabashima: That's fine (laughs). (* After the interview, AbemaTV announced that the terrestrial broadcast and free fastest delivery will be available from 11:00 pm on January 1)

――Finally, what are your 20-year resolutions?

Kabashima: Personally, I decided that 19 years would be a year of seeding as a business, so I want to do my best so that 20 years can sprout from there. This is the case with the investment that I mentioned at the beginning, not just a stake, but in the future, I want to create an anime that will be a hit as a cyber agent group and grow my own IP properly. I would like to increase my physical strength so that I can monetize firmly in total, such as by cooperating with games made by the group and expanding overseas.

Tanaka: Are you a resolution ...? There is nothing in particular, I would like to go to the Nintendo area of ​​USJ for 20 years (※ Universal Studios Japan "SUPER NINTENDO WORLD" will be opened in 20 years).

All: (laughs).

Tanaka: Well, as a video company, we are a company without geniuses, so we want to make a year where everyone will do their best by making the most of their individuality. I wish each of them would send a title with their own personality, and it would be a year to be able to beat the sober. Over the past year, I've been aiming for the past few years to give everyone the impression that they have seen KADOKAWA's work unexpectedly.

-Indeed, in 19 years, in addition to the titles that were talked about today, there were also many impressive works such as "Waste of high school girls".

Tanaka: Since 2016, I have realized that these goals have somehow shaped. If you get some interesting titles in a year, you will find a few KADOKAWA titles. In that way, I hope that I will continue to do my best this year without change.

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