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A New Year's card arrives from the original anime “Tenran Inma!” Presented by PA WORKS! Open an Instagram account !!


A new year's card has arrived from the main characters of the original animation "Tenshinran!"

"Tenran!" Is the original animation given by PAWORKS of "SHIROBAKO" and "Hanasaki Iroha".
Set in the United States where the 19th century is over and the 20th century is about to end. A genius but sociable 0 engineer `` Tenharu Sora '' and a terrible but cowardly samurai `` Ishiki Kosame '' drifted from Japan to the United States in an accident, Story to participate in "crossing race".

Directed by “TARI TARI” and “Crayon Shin-chan Honeymoon Hurricane-Lost Hiroshi- ” by Masakazu Hashimoto, character draft by cartoonist Anton Shik, character design and total drawing director by Yurie Daito, PAIMICS animation production Is in charge.
⇒ The teaser visuals released by PA WORKS's original anime "Tenran Inma!"

Until now, a new year's card has arrived from this work where animation planning is in progress, the first PV has been lifted, and animated teaser visuals have been released.
In addition, an official account has been opened on Instagram. A new version of the New Year's card is now available on the official Instagram account , so be sure to check it out.

[Work information]
■ "Sunny and intense"

<Introduction> The
era of the end of the 19th century and the end of the 20th century: The
genius but sociable zero engineer, "Tenharu Sora", and the brilliant but timid samurai, "Ishiki Shimure" Drifting from Japan to the United States in an accident. The way the penniless two men chose to return to Japan was to take part in the Trans-American Race.
The start is Los Angeles on the West Coast and the goal is New York. Ride through the wilderness with your own steam car, compete with crazy rivals, protect yourself from outlaws and nature ... Can you win the harsh race, get the prize money and return to your hometown! ?

Original: APPERRACING (Reading: Upper Racing)
Planning: Tsuyoshi Kikuchi /
Director Daisuke Kudo ・ Series Composition / Story Original draft: Masakazu Hashimoto
Character draft: Anton Shik
Character Design / Total Drawing Director: Yurie Daito
Mechanic Design: Shiho Takeuchi
Art Director : Miho Sugiura
Director of Photography : Tomoaki Namiki
Setting: Naomi Nakano
3D Director: Motonari Ichikawa
Editing: Ayumi Takahashi
Acoustic Director: Riki Iida
Music: Evan Call
Music Production: Lantis
Animation Production: PAWORKS Production: Amaharu
Production Committee

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