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Happy new year! <2019-2020> From male idol to personification! 12 Recommended Anime for Girls


Happy new year! Also 2020, please Thank you thank you !! Akiba Research Institute,
the fact that, soon start broadcasting in January cool new program in 2020. Currently, Akiba Research Institute has posted 49 (!) Information for winter 2020 anime, but here we will carefully select and introduce a total of 12 that we especially recommend to girls!

As works that I would especially like to pay attention to, I picked up four books: "If you go to Budokan, you'll die", "Hanako-kun, Jibashi", "pet", and "Laugh on the runway". In addition, we will introduce 8 pieces such as "A3!" And "Haikyu !!" series which are popular among girls!

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Particular attention! Four


■ If you push me to Budokan, you will die

Even if it is not "Budokan", everyone must have had some desire for "pushing" ... "I'm dying if the hero comes to Budokan," which finally sympathizes with the title of the work as an otaku!

The “3rd Next Manga Grand Prize” comic category in 2017, where the animated “Neverland of Promise” and “Dr. STONE” animated in 2019 won a prize. This work, which was ranked 11th, has finally come.

The protagonist is an enthusiastic otaku Eriyayo (CV. Files Ai) dedicated to a member of the minor underground idol "ChamJam". Eri Puyo's dolota friends, such as Kumasa (CV. Tomoaki Maeno) and Motoi (Motoi / CV. Yoshio Yamatani), also appeared. If you give me ... you can die! " Among them, you have to dislike it even if you do not like it, or it is difficult to deal with salt, you can not collect random raw photos of it, or every time you turn the original page, it is `` it '' There are a lot of empathy points that you can really understand.

ChamJam, the unit under construction, will be in charge of the OP theme, and the release of a character song mini-album has already been announced.


By the way, according to director Yusuke Yamamoto, the theme is "love" and "laugh". In the case of this work, the target to be pushed is an idol that exists in three dimensions, but surely something that is connected to everyone who loves something or who supports someone is here!



■ Hanako-kun

An occult girl who loves magic and fortune-telling, Nene Yahiro (CV. Akari Kito) has been rumored to be one of the Seven Wonders of the Gakuen School for fulfilling her love. Calling "Hanako-san" ... What appeared was a school run boy Hanako-kun (CV. Emi Ogata)!


This work is serialized in "Monthly G Fantasy". The title has words reminiscent of horror works, but there is only "Heartful Toilet Comedy", and it is a story of Nene, who is a ghost but is a little naughty Hanako-kun and swings her school life. His de S and ecstasy have been fully demonstrated in the original, even from the beginning, rather than from the cover under the cover.

It's a lie if you say "I'm not scared at all" because the school ghost story is the subject. However, the touch of the unique illustration is cute anyway, so horror is a work that I would like even those who are not good to check it out. There is also a monster called "Mokke," a small stealing or mischief near a person, but this is too cute ...!


Animation production has been in charge of Lerche, who has worked on “Given” and “Kuzu no Honbon”. It is sent out by the production staff who likes ghost stories, including director Masaomi Ando and animation producer Yuji Higa.

The opening theme is “No.7” by the Jihisa Shonen Band (Takashi Ikuta × Yoshiyoshi Oishishima × ZiNG), and the ending theme is “Tiny Light” by Akari Kito.


■ pet

Psychic human drama "pet", which was staged in 2018 and 2019 prior to animation, will also be broadcast from January 2020. Produced by Geno Studio who has written a solid world view such as "Genocide Organ" "Golden Kamui", director Takahiro Omori (director and director in the "Durarara !!" "Natsume Yujincho" series etc.) He seems to have been eager to visualize this work for more than 10 years.

The main character Hiroki is played by Keisuke Ueda, an actor who plays an active role in 2.5-dimensional works from the stage version to the next. And Kisho Taniyama who plays Tsukasa is a big fan of the original creator, Ranjo Miyake, and it will be a long-awaited animation for production fans as well as production fans.


In this article, "pet", the world view is a little complicated, and many words that are unfamiliar to the first time appear. Mr. Ueda also seemed to have difficulty inputting it when setting up the stage, but he said that `` absolutely it is easier to understand animation '', and it is an animation that I would like anyone who touches this world view for the first time to see it once .


Hiroki and Tsukasa are "pets" who have the ability to enter other people's memories by becoming "images" such as goldfish and water. People are afraid of having the ability to manipulate memories. For Hiroki, who can't shape his own memories, the scholar divided his memories into "Yama parents," but the two were tied together in a special bond ...

"I just want to be together"

The organization "company" of the back society uses such modest wishes without mercy and plays with them. What is the consequence of the distorted bond between the two? Please check their lives with your eyes!



■ Laugh on the runway

This is a work serialized in `` Weekly Shonen Magazine '', the story is also developed as a royal road boy's manga, but the figure of two people who dream of active in the fashion industry and continue running all the way is also a woman There must be a sting!

The heroine Chiyuki Fujito (CV. Yumiri Hanamori) is a high school girl with a height of 158cm who aims to be a Paris Collection model. Her style is good, but she is aiming for the Paris Collection, whose average height is about 179cm. Even though people are telling me to give up because she is short, she continues to follow her dreams. Chiyuki met such a classmate, Ikuto Miyakomura (CV. Natsuki Hanae), who was trying to give up the dream of a fashion designer to support his household. This encounter greatly moves the way they walk.

Can Chiyuki walk the Paris Colle runway? Can growers become fashion designers? …… I'm thrilled at their appearance as they continue to pursue their dreams while confronting adversity.


Both can be heard a little in the second PV that is being released, but as an artist singing anison, the two new songs are also worrisome!

The opening theme is "LION" by 18-year-old singer-songwriter Yuka Sakaguchi. The first anime tie-up was a bright and refreshing song, created with LiSA's Guren Hana and many other anime song creators, Ryo Eguchi. The ending theme is "Ray of Light" by Jaejoong who first challenged Anison in "Zoid Wild" in 2018. It is a ballad that gently pushes your back.




Classic & featured works for women! (8)



That twink actor training game "A3!" Is animated! Izumi Tachibana (CV. Kaori Nazuka) visited the theater company MANKAI Company launched by his father, but rushed as the president and general director of the MANKAI Company who had only one theater company member and no debt, and even had debts. story. "SEASON AUTUMN & WINTER" will be broadcast from July 2020.

■ ARP Backstage Pass

An AR dance and vocal group, ARP, made up of the latest AR technology. In live performances, in addition to singing and dancing, there are also talks involving the audience, and the feature is that the live composition changes with the support of the fans. These trajectories will be animated, and it will be the first documentary to faithfully portray the past until four people met and debuted.

■ Uchitama ?! Do you know our tama? ~

Neighborhood cat "Tama" that you may have seen once appears as an anthropomorphic personification! The cats and dogs on 3-chome run around in human form. Let's take a look at Tama and Friends Nyan and Wonderful Everyday. The ending theme is “Looking for Hidamari / Tama Okamoto (CV. Souma Saito)” in the first episode, and Tama & Friends are in charge every week!

■ Oda Cinnamon Nobunaga

Nobunaga Oda revived in modern Japan in the form of Shiba Inu, and all of the great generals who competed in the same era as Nobunaga were reincarnated as dogs !? A unique comedy that is healed by the gap. A wide variety of dogs are played by Inori Horiuchi, Toshio Inukawa, Tetsuaki Inuda, Naoji Sugita, and a mysterious super-large rookie voice actor that you may have heard of somewhere else.

■ number24

Natsusa Yuki (CV. Kengo Kasai), who entered college with the hope of being an ace in the rugby club, was unable to play rugby due to certain circumstances, but returned to the club six months later. It is an original animation in which Natsusa fights a league match between his former teammate and Kansai University Rugby. Natsusa and others play in a 15-person system, and the number of characters introduced on the official website is a whopping 27! A drama CD is also on sale.

■ Haikyu !! TO THE TOP

With the new cast, Natsuki Hanae (as Hoshiumi Korai) and Mamoru Miyano (as Miya Yu), the long-awaited fourth stage of the series has finally begun broadcasting! The main character is Shoyo Hinata (CV. Ayu Murase), who started volleyball after longing for Ace "Small Giant" of Karasuno High School Ball Club. The Karasuno High School Ball Club, who won a fierce fight in the Miyagi Prefectural Qualifiers in the spring high school valley and decided to participate in the long-awaited national tournament. Further challenges for the national competition, such as training camps for first-year students, are drawn.

■ A mystery appraisal of jeweler Richard

Masayoshi Nakata (CV. Yuma Uchida), a university student with a strong sense of justice, decided to work as a part-time job at a jewelry store where beautiful jeweler Richard (CV. Takahiro Sakurai) is the owner. As we unravel the various "mysteries" that are brought into jewelry stores every day, the relationship between them changes little by little, but each has a secret that no one will ever reveal ... Delicate jewel mystery is spun.

■ There is a dark destruction god next to me.

A popular work that is serialized in "Monthly Comic Gene", the main character is a high-school student with a disliked super tsukkomi who dislikes people waiting for tsukkomi, Seri Koyuki (CV. Jun Fukuyama), and everything is made of tsukkomi waiting elements The strongest junior high school student, Katori Kabuto (CV. Takahiro Sakurai). Unusual faces gather around them. "Laughing and laughing sometimes cute" boy high school comedy animated!

This is the 12 recommended anime for girls in January 2020. Did you have any interesting works? There are plenty of animes that are cool now. Please check it!


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