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Why is it said in China that Japanese novels and Internet novels are outdated?


My name is Hyakugen Kago sheep, which introduces the Chinese nerd situation.
Since this is the first article in 2020, I would like to summarize the changes in the image of Chinese geeks around Japan, which were noticed last year in China, with respect to light novels and Internet novels.

It has been several decades since Japanese content began to become popular in China, and more than 10 years have passed since the geek culture began to form in earnest. Information has increased dramatically, and the differences between Japan and China in terms of the popularity of popular works have shrunk considerably, but genres have emerged in which the differences between Japan and China are widespread.

In recent years, the biggest change in evaluation and recognition in China's geek area seems to be the work of light novels and net novels, and the genre that is roughly treated as "light novel" in China .

In China, there were Ranobe original animations such as `` The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya '' among the works that became the center of the process of the establishment of the nerd layer, and the work that became a big topic in China after that For a relatively long time, Ranobe in Japan has been regarded as important because of the large number of works.

However, in recent years, changes in works that Chinese geeks are in contact with, and comparisons with internet novels that are developing in China, etc., have caused Japanese lanoves and net novels, and animations based on them to be
`` only outdated ''.
It seems that the image has plummeted due to the spread of such evaluations.

China is a developed country for online novel commercialization

As a background to this story, I will first explain roughly “China's Internet novels”, which are often compared with Japanese novels and net novels.

Chinese internet novels are Chinese-language, domestically-produced content developed by Chinese people in the era when the mainstream of entertainment was pirated abroad. Many people have come. Its features are its large size and wide readership, and it has a very strong presence as mass content. Also, in China, so-called adult-oriented works, erotic contents are not expected to exist, so it seems that some areas have developed while responding to various demands as well as bad and bad vulnerable contents.

And what is driving China's online novels so far has been the character-based pricing platform, where popularity and browsing counts are directly linked to income.
In recent years, it seems that billing by unlimited monthly tickets as well as simple character count is noticeable, but in any case, if you are popular, the more you write the more you write, the more you will earn, not only simple content, but also active It is said that fierce competition is being carried out, including public relations activities and adjustments to the development of works in line with renewal of billing.

Chinese online novels have grown as a place where readers can read a lot of interesting content for a small fee, and survive and grow in an environment full of pirated content. In addition, the author has a dream of commercialization in other media such as visualization and gaming, as well as receiving fees from a huge number of users if it hits. It is a place for creative activities).
And it is said that it is a place where people without any background or assets can climb, and a dream of realizing China Dream.

Since the image of such a commercial place is also strong, from the Chinese perspective, conversely, many of the Japanese novels do not lead to income until commercial publication, and the hobbies and drama of Japanese online novels It seems that there are stories that seem a little strange about the typical part.

Intense competition due to direct revenue


In this way, Chinese internet novels are a place to make money and a place to make money, so competition of works is very fierce. And the important weapons in the competition of Chinese internet novels are "new story elements, template elements" and "text volume" .
Due to competition directly linked to income, every writer seems to be actively trying to imitate the method of `` winning '', and it seems that some questions remain in the area of ​​originality, but all works are greedy and trendy development and template It seems that the elements are thrown in, and the trend is changing at a very fast pace.

Furthermore, in Chinese internet novels, appealing by sentence volume seems to be very effective, and this is one of the billing forms that specifies works and allows unlimited reading, in which case it is advantageous to read a lot It's because you can appeal the feeling.
According to one theory, the current Chinese online novel novels are updated at a rate of 20,000 characters per day in Chinese (approximately 40,000 to 60,000 characters in Japanese, depending on proper nouns). It seems that there is a degree).

Indeed, it is difficult for individuals to respond to the pace of competition so far, and it seems that it is becoming common for current Chinese internet novels to be written by multiple people.
Forming a team and doing special tasks in charge of each specialty part, doing publicity activities to readers, etc. It is said that it is becoming a eating style.

By the way, regarding the style of this Chinese internet novel writer,
"You may be closer to YouTuber than the Internet novel writer if you compare it with the current Japanese sense. Both the way of playing and the direct relationship with income, The winner is not just one of the signboards, but the fact that it is actually a division of labor
. " And according to Chinese geeks, when comparing current Japanese Ranobe and Internet novels with Chinese Internet novels, there is no momentum of update pace, and
as for the story, `` It has always been the same story, different world transfer and reincarnation story.
It is said that " just" is also an element that tends to be considered "late".

Even in China's internet novels, different world transitions and reincarnation works are a popular genre called `` penetration '', but it is only one of the popular genres, and also `` Gengen '' which is also called a Chinese fantasy developed from martial arts and senkyo There are very popular genres, such as "tombs" that search for archeological sites, and "militants" who do military "I'm TUEEEEE". That it went down steadily.

However, while fierce competition directly related to income has led to continuing to produce various works, China's net novel seems to be in a situation where only `` genres that become business '' will develop, It seems that it is difficult to survive other than genres that can be earned or mass-produced by using templates, and that their annoyance in the entertainment field is getting worse.
Such genres include, for example, medium- and short-length works that do not have a large number of characters, and love genres that are difficult to apply in a genre to obtain a stable and stable evaluation and apply a template for everyone. By the way, it is said that there are stories that Japanese works have a low reputation for foreign worlds, but romantic comedy works have a high reputation in the geek area in China.

Changes in Japan's "light novel" framework in China

The size and liveliness of Chinese internet novels such as those described above are a major cause of the air that regards Japan's "light novels" as outdated in today's otaku area, but also in China. It seems that the influence of changes in the environment surrounding Ranobe's work in Japan and changes in Ranobe's original animation can be considered.

At one point in the mainland China, Ranobe's Japanese products were distributed at local stores through regular routes, such as Tenmon Kadokawa, at relatively high prices and affordable.
However, from around 2012, restrictions on Japanese content were created due to the deterioration of Japan-China relations, and the number of Ranobe works entering China dropped dramatically. Furthermore, even after that, even if the atmosphere of Japanese content changes, there is a change in the market environment and the change of generation of Chinese geeks, and it is said that the situation has continued with Ranobe without much recovery. .

In addition, it seems that changes in the neighborhood of Ranobe in Japan are difficult to grasp from China, and in recent years, both traditional light novel works and works from internet novels (and activities as net novels) are treated as “light novels” by unfolding both. It seems that they are getting confused when discussing. In this area, the boundary between Ranobe's works and works from internet novels is getting more and more in Japan, so it seems that there is a feeling that it is more jarring.

And it seems that the most influential is the Ranobe original animation, and in recent years Japanese Ranobe original animation that has been regularly distributed in China is only a different world thing, it is also "Ryuhouten" in China (" It's just stuff like "I'm a TUEEEEEE" slang). From a wide range of viewers,
it's a work of the same genre and the same content. to always incorporate a new story in the novel! "
that I seem so painful evaluation comes out. Furthermore, it is also a story that recent anime has increased the number of short works of one cool, which has led to a crude and random impression.

Of course, there is no new movement of Japanese Ranobe-related works entering China, for example, in recent years there has been an increase in the number of comicalized works based on internet novels, etc. And the number of people who understand the content in advance seems to be increasing. However, in terms of content, it is still only works of different worlds and reincarnations, so it seems that the evaluation in the geek area in China has not been very positive regardless of demand.

So, isn't Japanese light novel work popular in China?


However, it does not mean that Japanese novels and internet novels will not become popular in China.
There seems to be some demand for Japanese foreign-world works in China at present, and foreign-transferred and reincarnation-type works earn relatively stable views on Chinese video sites that distribute Japanese animation. It has become a genre.

In this regard,
"Chinese viewers are urgently looking for a refreshing experience, for better or worse.
There seems to be a view that such circumstances are affecting. The impression that comes from the genre and settings is subtle, but
"when you actually look at it, you can enjoy it somehow and talk about
it. "

What's even more interesting is that since the promises of transmigration and reincarnation works in Japan and classic stories have spread throughout the geek area of ​​China, works incorporating parody about such elements have become quite stabbed. Is that
In fact, in the new anime in the fall of 2019, different world works with strong parody elements such as "Careful hero-this hero is too cautious because I'm TUEEE" , "I said that the ability is an average!" It became a big topic, and the "Careful Hero" became a top-class popular work in the fall season.

Perhaps because the points of laughter are slightly different in Japan and China, it is difficult for a work with a strong gag element to become popular in China, but once it becomes popular because it is a `` laughable work '', it is more light It attracts fans from a wide range of people, centered around, and can be expected to be popular and talk for a relatively long period of time.
That's why, although negative treatment is noticeable for Japanese light novels and net novels, it is quite interesting that the common knowledge in the current Chinese otaku area and the knowledge of classic stories are accumulated. You can feel it.

Conversely, if you bring a Chinese work to Japan ...?


On the contrary, it seems that there are some difficulties in bringing Chinese novels to Japan.
In China's nerd neighborhood, it is said that if you bring the popular internet novel works in China that you know to Japan's nerd neighborhood, it will become very popular, it will become a hegemonic work at a reasonable frequency, but in fact it is At the moment, looking at the status of Chinese novels and original anime based on Chinese novels that have entered Japan, it seems to be difficult.

There may be Iloilo reasons for this, but there are a couple of things I think are personally large.
One is that the background knowledge and promises of Chinese internet novels are not well known in Japan. The other is that the composition of works based on "strategy", which was built in order for Chinese novels to survive in China, is difficult to pass in Japan.

Because online novels are close to readers and reflect the demands and popularity of readers at a fast pace, there is a strong preference for each country and culture, and they tend to be specialized in specific areas. It seems that most popular works in Chinese internet novels are based on knowledge and feeling shared among Chinese readers, such as "Gento", "Stolen", "Military" etc. All of the popular genres have strong elements related to Chinese history and social background.
Also, it seems that there are things that are slightly different from Japan in terms of tastes and motives of the characters in the work, other characters and feelings for society, and there are places where people withdraw or laugh with general knowledge and feelings of Japanese. There seem to be many cases that it is hard to understand.

As for the Chinese Internet novel "How to capture", as mentioned above, there are circumstances where the more characters the Chinese online novel has, the more the writer can earn, and the readers are also more profitable and happy. It seems that it is common practice to increase the number of characters and the number of stories by such means as the means, know-how, and world view that the hero can make a big contribution to in the work, but there is a problem that it is not very welcome in Japan.
Of course, even in Japanese internet novels, it is fundamental to grasp new by amount from the first move, and it is said that works that keep regular updates are strong, but if it is too long, fans will leave this time and worry about completion Will be viewed.

I have spoken with a person familiar with this Chinese strategy and the differences in how readers receive Japan and China.

"In Japanese online novels, readers should invest time as a resource because there is no charge. , So it tends to be hated more than China in terms of character counting. "

" In China, there is a strong tendency to put it in one piece of content, so the amount becomes an effective appeal as it is, but Japanese readers Most of the time, I'm also enjoying my hobbies in different genres in pursuit of multiple works in parallel, so it's sometimes negatively accepted that it's an inflated element.

" Even though it is old, it tends to be a subtle reputation, but in Japan the rut element is not immediately denied, but in some cases it has led to stable demand. La in Japan, because sometimes works such as or depth or the promise story of the classic to the parody is evaluated out, content that has been made in China in the capture method is not always as it is stuck in Japan "
, such as The point came out.

By the way, even if you do not consider bringing works to Japan, it seems that the current Chinese internet novel is at a difficult stage with Iloilo, especially `` works that are too specialized in the Chinese internet novel market '' It is a headache that the number of people is increasing.

Chinese internet novels can be profitable on their own, and as a result of emphasizing winning at the place first, as a result of a certain dinosaur evolution, the large amount of text and the speed of the trend change It seems that there are stories about using it in other media and making it difficult to use as an original.

In particular, as for "quantity", since it takes time to edit and compose when utilizing it as the original of other media, it is convenient for live-action drama with relatively abundant budget and staff, but for animation where budget and staff are apt to be short It seems that some people are aware that is bad.
And as for the speed of the trend, it seems that live-action and animation plans are moving, and a tragedy that the story becomes obsolete by the time the production is completed and distributed seems to be created.

In addition, in recent years, younger generations in China have been more interested in watching videos than reading online novels, and the `` amount '' of online novels becomes a barrier for new people, and repeating template development to earn money It seems that the line of sight for inflating the amount of water is becoming severer.

In addition, China's unique situation is that regulations from the top such as government relations on Internet novels, which have become a major presence in Chinese society, are becoming increasingly strict, and direct demands from readers Is also becoming intense, and the vertical pressure is increasing. There are now more and more artists focusing on works that can be earned in a commercial stance, and the width of the works has finally narrowed. It seems to be visible.

Premised on the distinction between `` light novels '' of Japanese novels and net novels and Chinese internet novels

As I wrote for a long time, it seems that there are already various differences between the `` light novel '' of Ranobe and net novels in Japan and the internet novel in China which are prerequisites for evaluation. .
At present, the direction and environment of the content are both unique during the daytime, and those who know both of them say,
"If you look at it as a rough genre, it will not overlap other than" novel "?"
The story comes out.

In this area, since the difference in perception that was shared in the early days of the game was small, it was difficult to recognize the unique changes between the two countries during the day. It seems to be a common situation.
In particular, net novels are likely to be in an important position in content for geeks in the future, but treating Japanese and Chinese `` net novels '' in the same category at that time could lead to confusion with Iloilo. not.

In the course of exchanges through works and bringing Japanese works to China, and vice versa, it is necessary to distinguish between both online novel content and what local “net novel fans” can do. If you are aware of the fact that you are having fun, you will be able to reduce mistakes and make it even more interesting.


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