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Japan anime "The rise of the shield brave"No.1 animation of 2019 selected by the editorial department


"The rise of the shield brave" has become a popular "incarnation of another world" these days.

"The rise of the shield brave" has become a popular "incarnation of another world" these days.

The main character in the anime version, Naofumi Iwatani, is summoned to Merlomark, a nation in a different world, as a "hero of the shield." At the same time, "The Hero of the Sword", "The Hero of the Bow", and "The Hero of the Spear" are summoned from different world lines, and I think that they will save the crisis of the national Merlomark together.

The common setting of "Incarnation in another world", "It doesn't feel right in the real world, but it is very strong in another world" is not applied, and you can not use any weapons other than shields as "Shield hero" (Sword Of course, you can't use spears, bows, or throwables.) I wondered if I had found a fellow woman who managed to fight together (instead), and in a few hours I met, I was easily betrayed, deprived of all my possessions, and at the end of my complaint I was charged with false accusations, as a hero You lose your reputation and credibility.
In this case, the hero no longer trusts any other person in another world, and decides to go on a journey alone, but because there is no means of attack, he bought a girl Raphtalia from a slave merchant, Start the journey.

The animation work on the theme of "Reincarnation in the Different Worlds" was released in large quantities every cool, and there were many such things as "This is really boring", but this work was completely no mark for the author. I started watching the honest story "This seems boring", but while watching the anime, I was worried about the next story! "What kind of story will be developed from here ..." I was swallowed up by the story as much as I read the novels and went ahead, since the Haruhi series and the Bakemonogatari series.
This work, which was held in two cools, became popular with the broadcast and caught many fans. Having said that the sequel has also been decided, it is a recommended work for the New Year's holiday.


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