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8 hidden Japanese anime classics you want to watch during the year-end and New Year holidays


In 2019, the number of theatrical animations increased dramatically, the animator became the main character in the NHK morning TV series `` Natsuzora '', and the anime industry in the early days was taken up was.

In 2019, the number of theatrical animations increased dramatically, the animator became the main character in the NHK morning TV series `` Natsuzora '', and the anime industry in the early days was taken up was.

Although the anime has been expanding its base year by year, many works have been created every year and have made the anime nerd entertained, but there are many "masterpieces known to those who know it" that have been buried.

Such a buried masterpiece is also an important foundation that has created a rich Japanese anime culture. In this article, I would like to introduce 8 such selected hidden masterpieces. Some of them are valuable because they are not known to everyone. Why don't you take these works and aim for a nerd one step ahead of the New Year holidays?

[MUNTO series] Kyoani's first original project and first theater animation

[MUNTO Series] "The Last Fight between Tenjin and Acts" (C) Kyoto Animation[MUNTO Series] "The Last Fight between Tenjin and Acts" (C) Kyoto Animation In the
2000s, games and novels such as "AIR", "CLANNAD", and "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" were carefully animated and flourished. An original project that Kyoto Animation first planned, produced and sold.

Not only the company's first original project, but also the first theater animation was born from this series. Through the encounter between Yumemi, a high school girl who has the ability to see the heavenly world, and Munt trying to save the heavenly world, the battle between the terrestrial and heavenly worlds is depicted.

The director was Masashi Kigami, the late soul of Kyoto Animation. At present, the company, which produces a lot of original projects centering on the work of its own label KA Esma Bunko, is the first step on the path to originality, and it is a valuable series that has also entered the movie.

[Blue No. 6] Pioneering digital animation

Full CG animation is not uncommon now, but the pioneering work is "Blue No. 6". At the time of the announcement, it was advertised as "the world's first full digital OVA", but the characters are hand-drawn and we are using digital tools such as airbrush to make it more compatible with digital backgrounds and effects.

A decadent and cool view of the world depicting the battle between members of the blue sea defender and the zonedike army of the mutant.
The director is Mahiro Maeda who also participated in `` Mad Max Anger's Death Road '', the character design was Renji Murata, the original picture was Isao Kaneda, Kazuya Tsurumaki, Mitsuo Iso, the mechanical design was Masaharu Kawamori, the member who went to Yamashita, etc. Is on staff.

[Portrait of Cosette] The origin of "Mado Magi" directed by Akiyuki Nifusa

“Magical Girl Madoka Magica” and the original OVA by director Akiyuki Nifusa, who is known for hiscrispproduction of “Monogatari Series” the work.
It is a full-fledged gothic horror that has been exposed to gorgeous writership in the same year as Director Shinbo's successful work "Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha".

An antique shop fantastically depicts the mysterious experience of falling in love with a blond girl trapped in a beautiful glass.
Director Shinbo's sense of unique insert cuts and composition has already been demonstrated here, and it is also a work that can find commonality with "Mado Magi" in some art.

It is also the first tag work with Yuki Kajiura of music. In addition, it is a debut work of popular voice actor, Marina Inoue, and she shows off her wonderful singing power in the ending song. One piece of Western painting of the ending is very beautiful and is sure to be admired.

[Serial experiments lain] Cult SF that still attracts fans

This is a somewhat contradictory term, but is it a super-famous work in the category of "Hidden Masterpiece Anime"?
Even after more than 20 years since TV broadcasting, club events are held and consideration is given among fans, and it is a work that boasts a strong popularity.

Through a girl living in the real world and a networked world called the "wired", it asks about the existence of human beings, and is a content that foresaw the Internet society, and it is a suggestive content even now.
The hit of `` Evangelion '' drastically increased the number of late-night animations in the late 90's, and a number of unique works were born, but this work remains a unique work that stands out among the animations made at that time Was.

[KEY THE METAL IDOL] A girl who thinks she is a robot aims to be an idol. Unique work of the OVA era

The first volume was announced in 1994, a total of 15 volumes of OVA the work. In this story, a nonexpressive girl who thinks she is a robot, "Ki", ​​believes in her grandfather's will to become a human if she makes 30,000 friends in order to become a human, and aims to become an idol.
There are many mysterious cases around the key who came to Tokyo, and behind this is a work that shows a multifaceted development such as involving a conspiracy of the military industry.

The opening video is reminiscent of `` Ghost in the Shell '', but it was announced one year earlier than `` GHOST IN THE SHELL '', and the main character's inorganic character reminds Rei Ayanami, but also from `` Evangelion '' It is a work that can be said to be ahead of the times when it was announced earlier. One episode is 25 minutes, but the last two episodes show a remarkable development in 95 minutes each.

[Eggplant Andalusia Summer] Japanese anime's first debut in Cannes, directed by Kotaro Kosaka

2018 Dark Horse-like topic work "Young wolf is an elementary school student! Is the director's debut film directed by Kotaro Kosaka.
Director Takasaka, the director of drawing at Studio Ghibli, is exploding the love of bicycles, and the screening time is 47 minutes, but with a short but stunning drawing and accurate scripting, an adult human drama that bites both sour and sweet Has been created.
This is the first Japanese anime film to be exhibited during the director's week of the Cannes International Film Festival.

This is a story of a hero who competes in a Spanish bicycle race, a former lover who has a wedding at the same time, and an older brother's episode intermingled, aiming for a champion as a professional racer with complicated thoughts.
The sequel "Eggplant Suitcase Migratory Birds" is made of OVA and this is also recommended.

[Princess Arite] The first film in a feature film directed by Sunao Katabuchi

A feature-length movie debut directed bySunao Katabuchi, with"(More) In The Corner". Katabuchi's writer's creativity has already appeared, such as finding one woman's self, the importance of imagination, and carefully describing Ichii's life, which also leads to the same work.

Princess Arite, trapped in the tower, is skillfully taken away by a wizard who lures the deceased ministry to marry her, but she is still impressed by her appearance without losing hope.
Like "in the corner of this world", this work gives you a deep insight into life, and gives the director a consistent and warm glance at humans.

[Angel's Egg] The most difficult movie to be directed by Mamoru Oshii

The first original project of Mamoru Oshii, a heavyweight in the Japanese animation world known for the `` GHOST IN THE SHELL '' and `` Patlabor '' series etc. It is the most avant-garde and esoteric work of the director, known for his profound style.

A girl who believes that a giant egg is an angel in a submerged ruin meets a boy looking for a bird she has dreamed of, but talks about a number of beautiful motifs that are more metaphorical than stories. His artistic perfection is extremely high, and his work is very popular with many enthusiastic supporters, such as detailed drawings with movements for each hair and a cool but beautiful background by Shichiro Kobayashi.
The work was a turning point for Oshii in many ways, such as the esoteric and poor sales performance, and the job offer was cut off after this.

By watching these buried masterpieces, you can feel the versatility and depth of Japanese anime. Please challenge this year-end and New Year holidays and enjoy the deeper anime life of 2020.

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