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Japan Anime"Conan" × NewDays collaboration in progress Conan, Heiji, Akai image food, New Year goods sale


A collaboration project between the TV anime "Detective Conan" and NewDays "Detective Conan x NewDays-Greetings for the New Year" is being rolled out at all NewDays and NewDays KIOSK stores until January 13, 2020. (Some stores do not handle products).

This project, which will be held in commemoration of the continuous episode of "Detective Conan" "Large Monster Gomera vs Kamen Yaiba" being broadcast continuously for four weeks from January 4, 2008, is a collaboration motif with character motifs and original goods Will be sold as well as a Twitter campaign for gifts, an in-store announcement broadcast by Conan Edogawa for NewDays, and a “store wrapping development” for NewDays Shinjuku.

The highlights of the collaboration food are `` Conan VS Heiji W egg sandwich '' where you can enjoy the taste of Kanto where Conan lives and Kansai where Heiji lives, and `` Heiji and Waha no Yakisoba wrapped in okonomiyaki dough using Kansai style sauce Okonomiyaki-style bread, Akai's spicy sausage rice balls expressing Akai's cool and dry character, and Kaito Kid's White Jewel Pie (with fresh caramel cream) inspired by Kaito Kid. In addition, "Conan's Rat Year Cheese Onigiri", "Toru Amuro Ham Sandwich", "Apotoxin Sand from Haibara", "Lemon Pie Made by Orchid", "Handmade Grilled Curry Bread by Okiya Subaru", "New Year's Greeting Red and White Macaron" Sold (the sales area is different for each product).

The original goods include items using new illustrations that are perfect for the New Year mood. "A mystery file (a mystery solving game with A5 size clear file included)" depicting Conan & Heiji in kimono, an acrylic stand, and "Trading acrylic key chain (12) Seeds) ”etc. are sold. In addition, if you purchase 800 yen or more including tax in the store, novelty goods will be presented on a first-come, first-served basis (it will end as soon as it is gone). The first novelty, "Petite Bags Set of 5", will be distributed on December 24, 19, and the second "A4 Clear File" will be distributed from January 6.

Details on the collaboration plan are announced on a special site ( https://www.j-retail.jp/special/nd-conan2020 ).



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