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2019 Japan Anime "Detective Conan" News Review


In 2019, we have only a few remaining, but did you detect "Detective Conan" fans? What we need to do before the New Year is to look back on Conan-related news for one year and look at Conan, who has been busy this year! "Without talking Conan, 2019 will not end!", Divided into the first half of January to June and the second half of July to December, 19 years of "Conan" news centering on animation material Recap Here are just a few of the vast news. Let's do the last "Conan activity" of the last 19 years together while reminiscing each of you's memories of Conan!

2019 began with the love of Shinichi and Ran

Shinichi & Ran who came to Kyoto on a school trip encountered an incident ...

“Crimson School Trip Edition” broadcasted for two weeks on January 5 and 12, is an animated episode produced to commemorate the 1000th episode of the original manga series. The highlight of this episode, which is said to be "Kamikai" by fans, is Shinichi and Orchid's love pattern after all! Orchid's bold action led to a rapid development of their love, and they were squeezed early in the New Year. By the way, the theme song that colored the love of the two was "I can't end up in love with you, always in a dream" by Mai Kuraki of the series "Regular".

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■ `` Detective Conan '' Special for 2 consecutive weeks for 1 hour `` Crimson school excursion '' broadcast in January
2019 https://anime.eiga.com/news/107082/

■ Mai Kuraki, appearing in the role of herself in "Detective Conan Crimson's School Trip"

■ Special tour of “Red School Trip” will be held on September 22

In December 2018, the production of the 23rd theatrical version "Detective Conan Nao Blue Fist" was announced. In February 19, guest voice actors Ikusaburo Yamazaki & Mayuko Kawakita, and the theme song of Hiroomi Tosaka's solo project " HIROOMI TOSAKA (Hiroomi Tosaka / J SOUL BROTHERS from EXILE TRIBE) ". The two guest voice actors challenge English lines. The theme song "BLUE SAPPHIRE" is a song that contains words that symbolize the work, such as "Blue Sapphire", "Mystery", "Secret", "Truth", and was supported by many Conan fans. * Photo is of guest voice actor and theme song announcement. (C) 2019 Gosho Aoyama / Detective Conan Production Committee

In addition, prior to the release of the movie, an event featuring one of the main characters of the "King of Blue Blue" Kid, the Phantom Thief, will also be held. A special screening of the episodes where Kid plays an active part, "The Jewel Night of the Thief Kid," will be held on February 9, 14, 21, and 28 on four nights. There was also a scene where he spilled "I do not want to fight" in response to the rematch of "Kid vs Kyogoku" and invited him to laugh.

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■ Ikusaburo Yamazaki & Mayuko Kawakita confront Conan & Kid Guest movie actor "Detective Conan" decided as guest voice actor

■ The theme song of the latest movie version of "Conan" is Hiroomi Tosaka

■ Katsuhei Yamaguchi, the role of the Kid of the Phantom Thief, reveals Kid & Conan's “delicate sense of distance”

April Conn Festival begins in earnest with the release of "Fist of the Dark Blue"

When `` Navy Blue Fist '' is released on April 12, the audience mobilization was 313,724 on the first day, the box office revenue recorded 422.465,000 yen, the first day results of the previous work `` Zero Executioner '' Rocket Starts! At the public commemorative stage greeting held on the following day 13, the voice actors challenged the surreal plan of praying hits with 92 tiles in order to exceed the box office revenue of 9.18 billion yen of `` zero executive officer '' Did.

In addition, as the anime hack editorial department, the first regular cast interview was realized. In the "Conan & Kid Interview" by Minami Takayama and Kappei Yamaguchi, he talked about the relationship between Conan and Kid, sometimes in a conversation like "Detective Conan Radio" (!). In an interview with Nobuyuki Hiyama, who played the Kyogoku Shin, which appeared for the first time in the theatrical version, when asked about the appeal of Kyogoku, he said, "It's clumsy, but he's still an" han "! A word that is too cool! Approximately 11,800 people applied for such a three-sided sign-colored paper present campaign (I'm thrilled by your love of Conan ...).

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■ Interview with “Detective Conan”: Conan & Kid the Phantom Thief

■ "Detective Conan" Interview: Shin Kyogoku "

■ Great start over “zero executives” The first day of the release of the movie “Conan”, the sales revenue exceeded 400 million yen

May-June Screening of guts, acceleration of “King Blue Fist” whirlwind at the moonlit birthday festival

One month has passed since the release of the “Navy Blue Fist,” and I was wondering if the fans would soon calm down, and the momentum accelerated further. The first “Guts Support Screening” held at 20 theaters in 13 cities nationwide from May 30 was well received, and on June 3-14, the second expanded theater was expanded to 121 theaters. . In addition, on June 21st, the birthday of Kid the Thief Kid, a special edition of the cheering screening “Kid the Thief Kid's Birthday” was held. By the way, at Anime Hack, the first support screening and the event report of "The Moon's Birthday Festival" are posted. There was a surprise that the voice actors were mixed in the audience at the moonlit birthday festival and participated in the support screening ... It was just the best overnight!

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■ Overnight burning up in love with Conan, Kid, and Kyogoku “Supporting guts” report

■ Kid's Birthday Party Report-The moment the heart is stolen by a magician under the moon

Here is the summary of the first half of 19 years! In the second half, which looks back from July to December, we will look back on the achievement of the "Naken Blue Fist" feat, a live broadcast of a new sense of support, and 19th year's "Amuro-san News" !!

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