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"Doraemon" adult fashionable glasses JINS collaboration glasses, all 47 items released


To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Doraemon's birth, the eyewear brand JINS Doraemon Model, which collaborated with the eyewear brand JINS, will be released on January 1, 2020.

"JINS Doraemon Model" glasses are a series of 47 items that incorporate the "Doraemon" worldview. The "FlagshipModel" series (3 types, 9 types, 12,000 yen each) is available in three models: Doraemon, Nobita, and Dorami, and is an "adult fashionable" design that expresses character elements using metal engraving, leather engraving, etc. The "Slim Airframe" series (16 types, total 4 types, 8000 yen each) is based on the popular lightweight frame of the brand and features coloring and image decoration of characters and secret tools and decoration of metal parts.

The "Bicolor Airframe" series (4 types, 16 types, 5000 yen each) is a lively design that uses comic illustrations, and creates a story by engraving impressive lines and sound effects in comics. ing. In addition, a model inspired by Doraemon and Dorami appeared in the popular series "JINS SCREEN" as blue light cut glasses. There are an adult frame and a kids frame, 3 types and a total of 6 types (2 types are limited to online shops / price is 5,000 yen each).

When you purchase a "Doraemon Model", you will receive an original glasses case and glasses wipes, and a "JINS Original Doraemon Daruma" will be won by lottery among 150 buyers. Details on products and campaigns are announced on the product site ( https://www.jins.com/jp/collabo/doraemon/ ).

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